It was not uncommon for the brave men who had stopped for the island of Greysky to turn the Virgin into a consolation object.

Because the Virgins and Wizards who serve the brave in the first place were commonly used as' hippocampus' at these times.

And here's another one, young purity......

I was about to be scattered with half the play and suffer a deep wound that would stay in my heart for the rest of my life...

On the brink, something that could only be a miracle happened.

A brave man was about to ramble on the ship to the Virgin Sisters, but crushed every ship by a protrusion from the bottom of the water.

The Virgin Sisters are taken by a soft fountain as if made by the mermaids.

The brave man was turned into a cross shaped fountain, no, by shavings like "Angry Water."

The colleagues on the ships around them, as well as the media, had lost their words to the sight.

Exploding a ship cannot be done by itself using the great magic of fire.

You can't manipulate water locally and let it erupt, or you can do it using the great magic of water.

But after doing them at the same time, even the brave ones are turned into braves, etc...!

It was a place where only God could, fearless of God...!

In the beginning, the reporters were thrilled that it was a special dane, but such a shocking sight that they accidentally dropped the true-photography machine.

Seeing moments that are hard to exhaust to the brush tongue,

Offshore seas in the Evantaille countries were dominated by a different atmosphere.

The only thing that roars across is the pitiful brave mourning of the poor brave man, who is not allowed to hide his lower body, which has been made to round out...!

"What the fuck!? What the heck is this?! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

The only time I shake my free-facing face violently, left and right, the tail-like protrusion of the jean dog shakes in conjunction with it.

The tension was relaxed by the lack of that much, and more and more bursts of laughter broke out of the surroundings.

But the laugh froze in an instant.

...... zahhhhhhhh!

With the new blisters, black shadows that seem as likely as people pop up.

With that characteristic tone (like this), I knew immediately who it was.

"Mechagiki" eh......!

its spear-like cutting-edge,

... doh...!

And pierced the flank of the brave...!


Besides, not long before it was stuffy, by the megaziki that jumped out of the water, from next to next......!

... Dossssssss! Gussa! Bass! Gushhhhhhhh!

All over the body, rarely stabbed......!!

In the blink of an eye, a sinner who passed through a bloodbath and turned it into a bloodborne rag.

When the last mechanic leaves the tail of the jewel dog like a strawberry hunt, his groin turns into a marlion in the bathroom.

And the water that was spraying up like a platform,

...... Poop.

He threw away the sinner, as if to sprinkle even the living bait on the sea.

It was too sudden, too crippling a period.

Damn, I wonder what evil deeds in this world would cause me to die like this, so much so.

But the thought of fusi, maybe.

"Hih......!? Yikes!? Hii, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good!?!?

A certain brave man jumps into the steering seat without fear and tries to turn the ship around.

Offshore panicked as the brave men who had been inspired tried to escape before us.

... From there, it was no longer 'total ravage'.

The devil inexorably slams the crystal balls.

As if he had made the fallen goddess a thing.

Explosions occur everywhere, as if a sleeping lightning bolt had suddenly woken up.

Iron cannon water like a gatoring cannon is bathed from all directions, making every human ship on board a hive.

A giant octopus or squid emerging from the bottom of the sea tangles the ship with giant legs like the roots of a divine tree and grips it all at once.

Some of them escaped restraint and seemed to be able to flee.

You shouldn't have been able to proceed as if the algae had been entangled all along, but you get a rate like you were unleashed.

"Ya... Yay! It's moving! It's moving! I couldn't move on forever! Besides, so fast......!? Ha, fast!? Stop, stop, stop, stop!? Stop! Huh!?

But in an instant, it reaches the ultra-fast zone, and the ship breaks down sailing without withstanding its much speed.

The brave man on board jumped off the water, like a stone in the river's drainage play.

It was a strange sight.

If you have touched the wrath of the God of the sea, it would be strange if every ship off the coast had not been judged by every man...

For some reason, only some media vessels were intact.

On the contrary, some of the Virgins and the Wizards, who were on board the ships of the brave men, were safe when they were exposed to water like tentacles.

True to the contrary, the more prestigious brave men with sold faces, the more they were intercepted into their minds.

As if to consider sin in this world......!

Besides, if the opponent is also a supernatural force, no matter how prestigious and brave he is, he can't be fat......!

Just like just a sinner, only to be judged without refusal......!

By the 'New Order' which was first born in this world......!

One after the other, the braves became like fish bait...!


Unnamed Warrior (Shinyusha) 3375 ⇒ 3801

62 Unnamed Challengers ⇒ 334

316 Unnamed Braves ⇒ 527

170 Unnamed Guided Braves ⇒ 306


After a while the sea regains its tranquility as if nothing had happened.

Those saved by the fountain had been gently transferred on several ships that remained at sea.

The state of the sea was very different.

There it was, stained like a red tide, with countless debris floating, revealing marks of death.

Those who are left, without words, just stare at it.


The devil looked at them like that.

And he was crushing.

... this, if you have the power...

The 'Evantaille countries' is the same as they got it.