● Goldwolf Slumdog

Osama in his forties, secretly and sometimes boldly, works to destroy the Gorgeous Clan of Braves who rule the world.

It is against the brave, with the 'Slumdog Mart', the shop of the adventurers set up by the recommendation of the Virgin Primla.

This chapter expands' Slumdog Mart 'to other countries.

Its first stepping stone was the island, 'Grey Sky Island', south of the Hurlberry Small States.

It was a peaceful island where the natives called 'Wild Tail' lived, but the braves came aboard and oppressed them as wicked people.

The island had been replaced as a resort for the celebrities, and the Wild Tails had been treated as guinea pigs for 'gorgeous smart' weapons experiments.

Goldwolf protects Chesna, the witches of the Wild Tails.

Escaping the chase of the brave men, he stands in the depths of 'Sin Itmulau', a mountain where God is supposed to dwell, in the middle of Greyskay Island.

In order to hide his identity, Goldwolf began his activities wearing the 'Mr. Gold Mask' he had.

Initiate the Wild Dog Mask Hunt by directing Shinsengumi, the ruler of Grey Sky Island, Chuang Brave (Yusha) and Livolve, an army owned by Godsmile.

Send the assassin braves one after the other to Sinyitmulau.

But Goldwolf repelled them all, and sent down to the brave men a disposition regarded as' Silanosinyi ', the god of the island.

The Wild Tails, at the foot of the mountain who saw it, begin to worship the 'Wild Dog Mask' as Silanosinyi.

Having been defeated by all of his assassins, and having suffered no less than himself, Rivolve issued a declaration of emergency called 'Gocon'.

Wild dog hunting develops to a scale involving the island.

My goldwolf companions have also come aboard the island of Greysky and the final war of 'Wild Dog vs Brave' has finally broken out.

With the struggle of his companions and the power of angels and demons, the 'Wild Dog Army' triumphs completely without causing any casualties.

From Greyskay Island, the brave men were swept away and once again became a land where the Wild Tails could live happily ever after.

Goldwolf further built the 'Slam Dog Land' on this island.

It was reborn as a resort that conveyed the virtues of "Slumdog Mart" and the outrage of the brave men.

● Luke

Goldwolf obeyed in Purgatory: The One Who Needs to Be.

Girl who lends immense power to and helps the Lord, Goldwolf.

In this chapter he showed the dreaded activity of turning more than 3,000 brave men into stones, along with their opponent, Pull.

But the power is also still 'degree of appetite', so what if you take it seriously?

● Pull

"The One Who Needs Men," which he could follow in Purgatory, as did Luke.

Different in nature, but powerful enough to shoulder with Luc, he cooperates with Goldwolf.

In this chapter, like Luc, he turned as many as 3,000 brave men into stone in a blinking moment.

He said he was always hungry and had eaten brick walls.

I preferred toothy ones, but lately I've been hooked on soft foods like marshmallows.

● Rusty wind

Goldwolf followed in Purgatory, an asparagus horse called Melba.

It boasts such a giant body that it's okay to have ten children on board, and so fast as a wind and as strong as a fort.

In the Holly Doll family, it's called "rust" and it's familiar.

In this chapter, he took advantage of his instant legs to help Goldwolf escape and serve as a Kulalalaka military horse.

● Cloud wreckage

An owl called the Death Carrier, which Goldwolf was able to follow in Purgatory.

He is the only one in the demon kingdom who can carry the soul of Satan.

In the Holly Doll family, it's called "Muku" and it's familiar.

In this chapter we use the strength of being able to fly through the sky and act as a 'haulier'.

He helped rescue Kulalalaka, who was captured by Janjan Baribali, and Kulalalaka helped him where he was caught by a pet store again.

But it would still be about providing the Wild Dog Army, during Gocon, with air force strength when it came to its greatest work.

Mother said she couldn't forget what she felt then and still has her lifted occasionally and walks in the air through the sky of Greysky Island.

● Small sun in water

A family member of Goldwolf, newly introduced in this chapter.

Terrible sea monster that shines like the sun in the ocean and swallows all that passes over it.

In the human world it has been called the 'Sun God of Water Heaven' by Tai Ancient, and seaside countries and others have been worshipped as sea gods.

Past records say what an island you've swallowed.

If he cares about it, it would be plain enough to acquis, such as Greysky Island, to disappear from the map.

But moving to 'Purgatory' had also eliminated that threat, and a long history had transformed him into a legendary being.

The encounter and subordination of Goldwolf brings us back to the sea of the human world.

But it was my husband's influence, or it was completely secular, and I loved human girls.

The reason you look like a dolphin is because you can make a girl adore you.

And he didn't leak to the other family members either, he completely missed the Holly Doll girls, and became known and familiar with them as "Me".

This chapter supports the Goldwolf and Holly Doll families in the shadows until the end.

After the battle, he is the sea guard and leader of the Dolphin Show for 'Slumdog Land'.

----------------------Holly Doll Family People

● Primla Hollydoll

The second daughter of the Holy Doll family, a prestigious Virgin in the city of Antrea.

In this chapter, accompany your sister after Goldwolf to Greysky Island.

In Gorkon, as a health guard, he supported the Wild Dog Army along with his sister.

I have secret feelings for Goldwolf in my chest, but lately my delusions have been rampant and my teeth have stopped working.

In this chapter, that finally took shape, and in the form of attractions, it became better until I brainwashed my visitors.

Extremely shy, but pretty unscrupulous if it's to please Goldwolf.

But the fact that he has shown off his seashell swimsuit has become black history, and he says he's stuffy on the bed at night in remembrance.

● Reincarnation Holy Doll

Be the eldest daughter of the Holly Doll family and head of the family.

The head of the Virgin family is determined to be called 'Mother', so everyone calls her Mother.

I had broken up with Goldwolf, who traveled to Greysky Island, to attend the Congregation of the Virgin, but I want to see Goldwolf, but I get a lot of withdrawal symptoms.

Finally, the momentum to crush the Virgin's throne led him to Greyskay Island.

During "Gocon," the Wild Tails were spared the power of healing and even worshipped with the Goddess.

And at some point, he became the leader who led the 'Wild Dog Army' and stopped the treason of the brave on the water, adding his name as the Virgin.

But she wasn't interested in that herself and was busy building her way.

To lead all the way to Gol...!

● Pine Pack Holly Doll

Three women in the Holly Doll family. Mascot presence of the family.

Even in this chapter, its adorability was alive and well, and the Wild Tails captivated it, despite the sheer familiarity of the person.

And finally, I'll have a gallery in "Slumdog Land".

Her power as a Virgin is unknown, but she took a steady step forward as an artist.

● Liglas Hollydoll

She is the mother of the Holly Doll three sisters and the predecessor mother of the Holly Doll family.

One of the few people who was discerning the qualities of Goldwolf.

Already in other worlds, he has left a will for his daughters, distancing himself from the brave clan and instructing him to rely on Goldwolf.

As a result of this will, the Goldwolf and Holly Doll sisters are becoming more than a family relationship.

This chapter appears in the Kulalalaka recap.

He took the abandoned Kulalalaka and assumed the role of handing over the baton of his mother, received from Sentirus, to Sentirus again over time.