------------------------Other Person

● Chesna

A Wild Tail girl, who was an indigenous of Greysky Island.

As young as junior year in elementary school, he held out a witch.

From the standpoint of witches, they are taken hostage by the brave men and used to seal the resistance of the Wild Tails.

Hostages were not taken care of, and when Goldwolf, dressed as a wild dog mask, rescued him, he had lost his sight as a result of weapons experiments.

But with the power of Goldwolf, he regains his eyesight, and at that time he becomes admirer of the first wild dog mask he sees called 'Kamisama'.

Character is pure and honest.

Since Goldwolf helped me, I've regained my childish innocence.

On the brink of acting together during Gorkon, he now belongs to the 'Wow Knights' as an apprentice.

● Strongtanisi

Living on the island of Greysky, a young man of wild tail.

The Wild Tails believe in a god called 'Silanosinyi', and they are faithful, but he is the only one who doesn't believe in God at all.

It was the childhood experience that led me to that idea, and I dream of being a real brave man to reunite with my separated brother.

An overconfident and belligerent personality who calls himself "the mightiest brave man" and sells and walks in fights regardless of who he is.

In order to sell himself into the Shinsengumi group, he was on his own to guide the assassins to the wild dog mask.

I don't choose the means to be a brave man, but when Chesna is about to be stripped by the hands of the Divine Spike, there are aspects such as standing up and helping.

At the end of the day, he could no longer take the wild dog mask and was to be worshipped as a god instead of Goldwolf.

● Glassstone Short Site

Coming to Grey Sky Island to cover the enlistment ceremony for the Divine Spirit group, the "Daily Rondo" female reporter.

Since the outbreak of "Gocon," coverage was given exclusively to popcorn chasers, but when the brave men were petrified and fled at SinItomrau, they stumble upon the Basilis and stay in action with them.

A career woman dressed in a business suit, charm points with small round glasses that fit like part of her face.

Calm deposition that does no job without doing it and never disturbs it at any time.

That's exactly the perfect woman to be able to reproduce just one look at the protective technique that Basilis did.

I'm Glass Paleen's sister, but she has nothing in common except her big breasts wearing glasses.

● Burning Love

One of the charisma model units "Big Bang Love", making it a high school girl magician attending "The Great School of Magic Instructors".

Dynamite body, specializing in flaming magic.

It's a gal casual personality, and you can get along with anyone.

But after a good addition to everything and proper, and then forgetful, I am always helped by Blizzard Love, my twin sisters.

Still, I hold my core firmly and support Blizzard Love at times of need.

In this chapter he was called to the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit Group to visit Greysky Island.

He was pioneering in a resort of gold hobbies, but when he found out that the Holly Doll family was involved in "Gocon," he joined the Wild Dog Army as a witch.

● Blizzard Love

One of the charisma model units "Big Bang Love", making it a high school girl magician attending "The Great School of Magic Instructors".

Slender body, specializes in ice magic.

It's a gal-like cool personality and basically doesn't open my mind except for Burning Love.

I'm always worried about Burning Love and I'm a parent, but when we're alone, it makes me sweet.

In this chapter, just like Burning Love, he wielded the icing magic he was good at in "Gocon," turning the disadvantages of the Wild Dog Army upside down all at once.

● Gunhound

Detective in the Halbury Small States Gendarmerie Bureau and the Section Against Demon King Believers (Sanitast).

They determine the death or disappearance of the brave men to be the work of the devil, and they are after Goldwolf whether he is its true culprit or not.

In this chapter, after guarding the Congregation for the Virgin Mary, we try to make our way to Greysky Island after hearing rumors of 'Gocon'.

But I'm stuck on an invisible wall offshore.

When I couldn't help being jittery, I was enjoying the vacation as it was.

After receiving a mysterious throw-in on board, Gordwolf perceives himself as an opponent with powers that he cannot even control, and is determined to head to a certain place.

● Saucony

He is a detective with the Halbury Small States Gendarmerie Bureau and the Defender of the Demon King (Sanitast) Division, and a subordinate of Gunhound.

Boasting strength with a giant over two metres. I see hottie Goldwolf as my enemy to a woman.

He's an ex-military and has a pretty good arm.

Though his personality has a strong sense of justice, he is honest and simple.

When I was stuck offshore with the gunhound, I was about to swim to the island and head for it.

● Basilis Hobaris Halberry

Princess of Halbury Small Country, daughter of one of the kings who is her father.

He has refrained from the crowning ceremony, and while he is a young man, he has already become a queen.

Because I grew up spoiled, I was quite a wagga mom, but I develop a sense of being royal as I engage with Goldwolf.

In this chapter, we are visiting the island of Greysky to participate in the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit as a representative of the Hurlberry Small States.

When "Gocon" was issued, a request for cooperation was made by Rivolve, but only her country among the neighboring countries refused and became a wild dog army.

At the end of the day, he confronts a popcorn chaser who has long been a cause.

He bestowed an extra victory in the Queen's Piercing Lock on his opponent, who used cowardly hands such as taking him hostage.

● Popcorn Chaser Sevenlux

One of the sons of the king of the kingdom of Sevenlux.

He held a key ministerial position in the Hurlberry small country, but due to repeated scandals, he was forcibly deported to Sevenlux.

In this chapter, as a representative of the Kingdom of Sevenlux, I participate in the enlistment ceremony of the Divine Spirit.

When "Gocon" is issued, it will be the number two of the Brave Army, wielding the position of representative of the great powers.

But while an overwhelming fighter of 3600 to 1, he lost to Goldwolf.

On the way to defeat, taking Basilis hostage to regenerate his death will also be lightly repelled.

At the end of the day he was supposed to be executed as a disgrace to Sevenlux, but he slipped on the skin of a banana and fell and died during the convoy.

● Charles Lunlot Nights of the Round Seven

A student of Glass Paleen's class, the lady of the knight's prestigious Knights of the Round Seven.

"Wow Knights" is formed and named "No. 1 of Power" as a leader.

It has become a slum dog mart sunshine and flashfully supports the store.

In this chapter I left a message in the Halbury small country, but stumbled upon the fact that something crappy was happening to Goldwolf, sneaking into a load of slum dog marts and heading to Greyskay Island.

He had become a guerrilla squad for the Wild Dog Army, but was out on the way and on a big adventure for a girl.

● Glass Palin Short Site

New American teacher at junior elementary school in the city of Antrea.

I work part-time as a lecturer at "Slam Dog School," but treat it exactly the same as elementary school students.

It's not as handy as it's called "Three of Luck," but its luck is powerful, and thanks to her Doji, "Wow Knights" got the impetus to head to Greysky Island.

My income isn't bad because I like my part-time salary, but I'm almost eaten by the goats my apartment landlord lives in, so my life is always critical.

He said he was always hungry for it and had tried to eat brick walls.

● Midnight Sugar Gorgeous

A girl who goes to Slam Dog School and aspires to be a champion.

He's wearing a cute redneck but no expression, he always talks to Boss.

In "Wow Knights," as "No. 2 of moves," he overwhelms the adults with crossing intelligence.