------------------------Other Person

● Miglare Dirty Sud

One of the daughters of the illustrious Dirty Sud family of the Wizard.

He was active as a charisma teacher at the "School of the Great Demon Guided Women" run by his parents, but after he was badly injured, he disappeared from the tabular stage.

I have a debt of gratitude to Goldwolf, who once saved my life many times, and I would like to meet and thank him one day, but I really don't have the courage to go before Goldwolf.

She is also the producer of "Big Bang Love," a high school girl charisma model.

"Big Bang Love" also has numerous pulls from the brave, but Miglare was shutting it all out with producer authority.

However, in this chapter, we have accepted an invitation from the Shinsengumi group for an enlistment ceremony and dispatched two of the Big Bang Loves to Grey Sky Island.

Miglare was aware in advance that Goldwolf was on Greysky Island and was turning them over for when something happened.

It was also at her mercy that the students of the "School of the Great Devil's Guide" rushed to support her during "Gocon".

● Coolaraca Passion Flower

A woman who worked as a maid at the Holly Doll family but, on the recommendation of Goldwolf, held the position of manager of the 'Slumdog Mart'. Nowadays he is in the position of General Manager on the other hand.

He is an intuitive, challenging, gambling lover with a dangerous personality, but draws on his background as a 'Holy Sabre' and contributes to the store.

In this chapter I accompany Goldwolf for an inspection of the island of Greysky.

But the fact that I gave a hand to the Divine Spirit set kept me away from Goldwolf, and I was arranged to be nominated as an associate of the Wild Dog Mask.

In the midst of his escape life, he is caught by Champagne Akemakri dressed as a janjanjaweed.

"Narrow Roulette" gives him an item that is given by Goldwolf's family, "Sky Wreck", and he uses it to escape again.

Thereafter, he reunited with Janjan Bali, the same as the fire scene thief.

The last thing I want to do to protect Chesna is pull out the Chalkan Blade, the sword of the Virgin's Concubine (Holy Sabre), which I have not been able to pull out.

The Chalkan Blade was home to Sentirus, the mother she once slashed.

With the power of Sentirus, Kulalalaka is fully revived.

To wipe out the brave from Greysky Island, he formed a rebel called 'Wow Crusaders'.

It led to beeping up the Wild Tails.

● Sentious Passion Flower

The Great Virgin who lived in Puget, a country in the northeast.

He picked up Kulalalaka, who was a deemed child, and raised him like my daughter.

Originally, the Virgin has a decision not to take over the deemed Son.

Sentirus raised Kulalalalaka lazily, despite his worse position as the Virgin.

To give back, Coolaraka, who grew up, chooses the path of 'Holy Sabre', the knight who protects the Virgin.

He slipped through the tough exams and became the youngest knight.

Then the activity of Kulalalaka begins, but ironically it results in the hustle and bustle that she is a deemed child.

Sentirus was threatened by a certain brave man, who was dedicating his body to stopping him.

When he learns about it, Kulalalaka rages and breaks into his bedroom, attacking the brave, but Sentirus is sheltered and slaughtered.

The wounds received were deep, and after laying low on the hospital bed for a while, the rest of the world.

She held the chalkan blade that Kulalalaka threw away, and until the last moment, she said, she cared about Kulalaka.

● Ms.

A woman who worked under a gorgeous smart, genocidal knuckle but was unable to cope with repeated power harassment and transferred to a slam dog mart.

She was a Hillah clerk for 10,000 years because of her gender when she was at Gorgeous Smart, but Goldwolf discerns and reuses her abilities.

Now he holds the key position of head of department on the side.

I'm not at all aware of the person, but Nice Buddy for his colourful appearance.

Plus, she talks sweet exhales all the time, so all the men she serves say they're mojimorous.

I have an elementary school daughter named Maselia.

There is no noticeable activity in this chapter, but at the last beach he showed off his slingshot bold swimsuit.

● Zamar Termination Strawdor

The Grand Virgin of the Virgin's prestigious House of Strawdor, where there are no strangers in the small Killyland countries.

I have been familiarized with many people with a smile as gentle as my mother's and a heart full of mercy.

But it's only a superficial face, and the reality is the queen of jealousy.

Behind him, he conspired with his sisters to wield the bad reviews of other rival Virgins, sometimes kicking them off in the exercise of strength.

That and this was for wanting to get into Godsmile's Harlem, but no matter how hard I tried, I never heard from you.

Yet the Holly Dolls find out over and over again that they have turned down the invitation to enter the harem from Godsmile and become unilaterally hostile.

I know that the Holly Dolls are visiting Greysky Island. No, I've joined the Brave Army by pulling the Virgins under my command.

Use every dirty hand to overwhelm the Wild Dog Army and succeed in inflicting wounds on your face that will never heal in your life to reincarnation and primula.

It was thought to be a complete victory, but it is continually befallen and reversed by impossible things like God's miracle.

Plus, on the contrary, we left wounds on our faces that would never heal for the rest of our lives.

When they returned home from Greyskay Island to their homeland, the Killyland Small Country, their evil had already been known all over the country.

All the statues glorifying the Strawdor family had been removed and replaced with those of the Hollydor family, leaving nowhere for them to be found.

● Brigilla Strawdor

Make it Zamar's sister and call yourself "The Strodor Family Conscience".

The Virgin boasts a clear and pathetic look, polite language and high preference for whom.

But the reality is that Money Geba demands a donation every time something happens, and when he says no, he threatens to "go to hell" and so on.

He looks like he can't even kill a bug, but he's a knife famous.

She is also good at horseback riding and says her wild ride technique will be demonstrated when fleeing, etc.

● Bainback Strawdor

Make yourself the youngest son of the Strawdor family and call yourself 'Angel of the Strawdor family'.

I have captivated many adults with their childish innocent looks and naive personalities.

But the reality is cunning and cruel, like a doll possessed by the soul of a death row inmate.

He is also an undercover and trap professional.

Leveraging his small body, he crawls around like a spider, steals and tries to grip his weakness.

If there were no weakness, I would set a trap and create it, and I wouldn't mind fabricating it.

● Bitch the Matchless

The Virgin once belonged to the same brave party as Goldwolf.

He's trying to get into the brave and into the harem and send his own children into the brave organization.

But the brave man with whom she was involved was doomed to collapse and fall, and his ambitions have yet to be achieved.

With her semi-long dark hair and unusual face, she behaves as an honorary student who knows nothing but about school.

Though they look clear and quiet and grow up looking good because of their elegant tone, they are only poses for men to like.

It stands for its nature in front of a man with a cut off, but everyone says it will be stunned.

This chapter revealed her unexpected birth.