The Brave Creator (Yusha) Death Dealer Rivolve was corrupted and the island of Greysky, which he ruled, was placed under the control of Mother Reincarnation.

In it, the magnificent Sage of the Brave is said to be taking place.

If so, no matter how much Godsmile's favorite Grand Virgin, it can't be forgiven.

To capture the evidence, the brave men sent in breathtaking reporters and ordinary people to try to get them to fit in their true photographs.

However, even the "Slam Dog Land" on the island can be filmed, but the "Yushi-Jakunkin" memorial of the Evil Expulsion of the Brave "in its deepest depths was stretched with a magical junction to disable the recording balls, preventing any filming.

But what was more mysterious than that......

Keep your mouths shut when the men who sent you in as spies return.

"There was no such facility. More than that, brave man, I'd be ashamed if they saw us together... no, I'm afraid so from now on, I'll keep my distance."

Until then, it was absolute obedience, and they left in a nasty, negative manner...!

The brave men, who found they couldn't count on, now try to get on Greysky Island themselves.

The result, it goes without saying.

The ships of the brave are neither rough nor close to the island of Greyskay.

The ships of the brave are destroyed like they were drunk by a storm, even though the sea is not rough.

The sight of a 'Slam Doggland' transfer ship crossing beside the brave men seeking help by up and drowning became routine.

Then, in this' Evantaille Nation ', it was seen that the brave men's status was visibly lowered.

Just because the other person was a person named Reincarnation, the brave upper management wanted to grab the evidence and then move, but they couldn't say so anymore.

They change their targets, put pressure on the kings of the 'Evantilles' to enact a bill.

Its name is also 'Slam Dog Land Ban Order'......!

There is a total ban on travel to Greyskay Island and those who violate it are severely punished......!

It is the operation of blocking every hole in the wall if you cannot get your hands inside the rat's nest.

No matter how many osans, all the rest when such evil laws are enforced......!?

How good a re-education facility I've tried to build, no matter how banned the route to that place is, the closing crap......!?

But it was the difference in touch.

The "crowning ceremony" was held.

Basilis, Princess of the Hurlberry Small Country, finished Gorkon and took the Queen's throne.

Besides, that wasn't all.

Oh my...!

The new queens continue to be born in the "Evantailles" and other small countries, the "Killeland Small States", the "Gankpflu Small States" and the "Rondowl Small States" …!

In this world, there has been an unprecedented "Coronation of the Four Kingdoms"...!

It was a coincidence that some misfortunes had overlapped.

First, in the earlier 'Gocon', those in the King's class who governed the 'Killeland Small States', 'Gankpflu Small States' and 'Rondowl Small States' lost their legs, both public and physical, as those who participated in the rebellion of the brave.

For these emergencies, countries are provided with something called 'order of succession to the throne'.

This ranked the next person who should be king if the king retires or dies.

This' Evantaille Nation 'is essentially dominated by the great power,' Seven Lux ', to which the breathtaking people of King Seven Lux are sent as key positions.

The Kingdom of Sevenlux itself is perfect for a brave organization, so the heads of state also had a large number of 'brave' people......

In recent years, however, the 'brave opposition' was rapidly expanding its forces.

There are two reasons for this, but the first would go without saying.


The Presence of 'Slumdog Land'......!

Interest-based people from different countries who visited the same land turned to the 'Sage of the Brave' one by one, thus fostering public opinion that pushed the 'Opposition of the Brave'.

And the other is the existence of the Joint Quest, which was done before Goldwolf visited Greysky Island.

This is a regular event of state exchanges where the royal children of the 'Evantaille countries' come together to challenge one quest.

But the fact was that only the dra son of the 'Kingdom of Sevenlux' was active, subduing those of the other small nations to spread the difference in power to the nations, just a yarase.

Incidentally, one of the following princes and four princesses were participating in that 'joint quest':

Seven lux kingdom, prince bon bon boy.

Princess Basilis, Halbury Small Country

Princess Jangarian, a small country in Killeland

Princess Roborov, Gunkpfr Small Country

Princess Gold Bear, Rondowl Small Country

Sevenlux had chosen those in the order of succession to the throne, but the other smaller nations had chosen those in the order of succession to the throne because they knew they would be helped anyway.

As for the Halbury small country, another was going, but Basilis, with the highest order of succession to the throne, ran for it.

Her father, the kings and ministers, stopped "it just makes me laugh," but Basilis was half-forced to be the representative of the country for reasons I don't know, "because a certain Osama recommended it.

That 'joint quest' is one of a kind that a bonbong boy throws when it's broken, and one that throws when it's broken.

The other princesses even pulled their legs and wanted to end up in the harem of a bong boy crying.

Bon Bon Boy lets the princesses make horseback riding, and the cross triumphs over it.

It was only by following the great powers that the people were informed of the message that true world peace could be achieved.

... was supposed to be a scenario.

But if you open the lid, it all ends the opposite way.

Bon Bon Boy keeps exposed to hectic all the time, and the princesses, including Basilis, make a huge leap forward in pleasure knife mess...!

Plus, a Sevenlux associate even finds out about the inkling that he was doing some shit back there.

And it was broadcast nationwide by way of example, so I bought the people's huge...!

This prompts Jangarian, Roborov and Gold Bear to jump to the top at once, when 'order of succession to the throne' was originally lower.

Three more declare 'The Brave Opponent' all three......!

These 'coincidences' mesh guttingly as if they were gear......

In the four small countries, the young queens explode......!

It is a new power to eliminate the braves and sprouted...!

Under such a system, it goes without saying that the bill of the Slumdog Prohibition Order cannot go up in the air.