Goldwolf finished off the Genocide family to take the Halbury small country away from the hands of the brave.

Summarizing Osama's actions after that, this is what it looks like.

Behind the brave men and the Sevenlux, who were pulling threads behind them in the Joint Quest, pulling more threads.

He exposed the princes of the great powers to ugliness, assisted the princesses of the small nations, and leaped the 'anti-valiant'.

Then head to Greyskay Island and confront Rivolve.

Let 'Gocon' be triggered to involve the 'brave' royals of the nations, put together and end to it.

The new princesses who became kings proclaimed the 'Dog Leg Alliance' gained the foothold to advance to the Four Kingdoms at once.

Needless to say, all this is not a coincidence anymore.

Yes, for that (●) Osama, it's all planned harmony......

Everything was' as it were '......!

But for one thing, there was a miscalculation.

It is the existence of the King of the Kingdom of Sevenlux, the 'Bitzrabitz'.

The Kingdom of Sevenlux, like any other small country, should have been sent to the island of Greyskay by a person who would be the next king.

Osama also intended to destroy the person and bring down the Sevenlux kingdom as well.

But 'crisis aversion'......!

Bitzrabbitz was just a minute ago and was supposed to send him to Greysky Island to change the next king to 'useless (popcorn)'......!

Originally, the 'Evantaille countries' were so badly injured that they lost their entire bodies….

A deadly blow, like a dump truck coming in......

We had to dodge it with criticism and just lose half our body......!

It looks like nothing much at first glance, but it's actually amazing.

Because Goldwolf's ploy, so called 'Shadow Sew', is impossible to escape.

The brave men targeted, with dark needles and threads, when they realize......

No, it's stitched up without even noticing the needle and thread.

As a pattern of outfits, worn by the Great King of Hell...!

But Bitzrabbitz let him escape the thread for the first time.

It was painful to lose a small country that had ruled until then, but miraculously only retained one life.

... This was the first 'yarn flake' for Osama.

But Goldwolf doesn't even let that happen every time, and he embarks on the next plan.

Needless to say, it is' Slumdog Mart Entry into Dog Leg Countries'.

The obstacles to entry were removed as far as possible, but it is a different story whether the store opens and works.

Basilis and others were trying to declare in the 'Dog Leg Alliance' the preference of 'Slam Dog Mart' and the forced eviction of 'Gorgeous Smart', but that was stopped by Goldwolf.

In the end, what was actually proclaimed was to the extent of 'ceasing preference for the brave'.

Because the world is still stained with brave colors.

Because if I hadn't kept it to that extent, I could have been criticized by other countries for being an unjust exclusion.

Just by ceasing to treat the brave, so much so that many countries have already declared a national cut off from the 'Dog Leg Alliance'.

If that's what you start to get rid of the brave, it could develop into a world war.

This is what Goldwolf was telling the new queens.

Even if the state supported Slumdog Mart, a chain of individuals, the opponents of Preference for the Brave just changed.

That's why don't you also stop putting pressure on 'gorgeous smart'.

They are for the people, because they are reflected in 'inequality'.

I want everyone who stands up there to maintain an attitude of 'equality for all'.

I want you to ensure that by birth and status, you are not treated favourably or unfairly.

We want all humans to aim for a country where they can be equally educated, given equal opportunities and challenged.

What I want is' equal treatment with gorgeous smarts'.

Because I think it's not the state that decides the luxury and decline of a store, it's only the customer that has to be.

As I would like you all to make it a country that will gain the 'faith of the people' rather than the 'faith of the brave'......

I don't want to be a "country letter," I want to get a "customer letter," and run a store.

To Osama's determination, the queens fell back in love...

There was no one in that heart who knew the truth.

- And...

Removing the brave ones...

Because this is my 'role'.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In his entry into the 'dog leg countries', Goldwolf began with employment in each country.

He used the connections he developed during his time as a "gorgeous smart" clerk to pull talented people out of the store.

Was Osama's repeated 'Sage the Brave' operation working here as well, with massive departures from 'Gorgeous Smart'?

I was able to secure a good quality clerk at once.

You can rent the store without any problems, and even though it is local only, it will be ready to open soon.

This was also, to be honest with you as Osama, a clap out.

I was wondering if there was any obstruction from "Gorgeous Smart," because it wasn't in anything.

'Slumdog Mart' invades the Dog Leg countries even though any asshole brave man can tell...

I didn't hit anything, the top brave tuner...

How own or how fraternal...?

Or how bonkers......!?

"Wow!? Why, Bon!? Why, Bon!? How come the number of clerks is so down, Bon!? Your explanation makes no sense, Bon! Speaking of which, I haven't seen Srl Boncos in a long time, Bon! Where'd he go, Bon!? I'll bring you here right now, Bon! Bong! Bong! Bourne!!"

"Gorgeous Smart Evantaille National Headquarters" in the capital of "Kingdom of Seven Lux".

By the way, Sevenlux does not recognise the Dog Leg countries, so the distinction between the Evantaille countries is still rooted in the same country.

Forget that......

The "Office of the Director-General of the Great Powers" in the "National Headquarters of Evantaille" was rough and rough.

A young man in a flashy checked suit, a bluffing face mowed like a helmet, was rolling around on the carpet, allowancing and gradually destroying the conditioning around and throwing it at his men.

The assembled men are all executive officers much older than him, and their opponents are as young as their grandchildren...

Eating a vase or clock on a head like a barcode, without stopping or cleaning, just rubbing hands.

"I... Dear Bonclano! The lapse of this drastic drop in clerks is all in Srl Boncos! It's the result of his absence and inviting him, so put him in the pay box now......!

And he was obsessed with impersonating the faults into absenteeism.

But so, out of the door of the room left open, I looked like a snake,

"... Shiru, Furu. Shiru, to this."

A somewhat unbalanced face: a saggy head and threads on a pierced cheek.

He was a middle-aged man with a creepy smile, like adding frogs, snakes and bodhisattva, multiplied by peace and disturbance.

Bad boy, who was called Bonclano by his men, gets up with Gabba.

"Ahhh!? Where have you been before, Bon!? Because of you, you're in big trouble, Bon!

"Shrew, I'm sorry. I was walking across Sevenlux to calm down some trouble. Fushiyururu"

Srl Boncos bowing his head to the ceiling.

But in its heart, it was burning.

- Fushi, fushi, fushi, fushi! This, you fucking prick!

Have you forgotten that I put Shiru on the newspaper leg to get rid of your crap scandal!?

If you're not the son of Master Buttaftotta, I'm throwing you out the window right now!

Fushi Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru!!