Time goes back a little.

Srl Boncos was in a newspaper within the Kingdom of Sevenlux.

He sits on a leather sofa across a heavy reception table and confronts a certain person.

The opponent was a magnificent man who was as dusty as a soldier.

"It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Boncrano's hipster, who went out of his way to a place like this, and not the director of the bureau, but this deputy director. So, what can I do for you today?

So Srl Boncos tried to open his mouth, but as the man controlled the tip of the plane,

"If it's about your owner's scandal, you're not going to make an injunction."

I'll say pizza.

Early on when we met, it was too rude a thing to say, but Srl Boncos wouldn't move a single frown.

When I stuck my hand in my nose, I silently placed the envelope on my desk.

"Ha! A bribe is! You won't have to look at me like the rest of the newspaper!

Towards a man who sighs heavily, Srl Boncos exhales.

"Shrub. Well, if you try inside again, you won't hit a bee. Fushiru, Fushiru"

"Well, fine."

But the man didn't put his hands on the envelope, and when he got up and headed to the window of the room, he shut the curtain shrugged.

"You can't hide me in an envelope and make it up like I'm taking a bribe."

"Fushiru, fushiru...! I won't do that."

The man back on the couch answering "What do you think," takes the envelope.

When I opened it inside, it was true.

What was pictured was the moment I pushed the scene of the Second Deputy Director's infidelity, who is now fighting with the man for his birth.

The man, the first deputy director, frowned.

If this true picture becomes public, the birth dispute will have an end.

A man will be promoted to director of the bureau, and the second deputy director will be spoiled by his current seat.

Thinking about it like that, I can't even take it as a bribe, but it was crazy.

Because the Second Deputy Director is a 'brave' man and patron of Bonclano.

If a man who is an 'anti-valiant' becomes director of the bureau, this newspaper will write an increasingly valiant scandal.

Because it was too much to pay for just one scandal.

There was a slight change in the man's expression.

But Srl Boncos don't miss it.

"Shroom, fussy......! If you think of it as a gift of a" weapon. "


"Fushiru, fushiru...! Yeah. With that weapon, you can always let the new director lose his leg."

"... oh, we finally know what that means. You want me to tell you to refrain from Boncrano's scandal until Master Boncrano is born and out of this country? You're only trying to protect Master Boncrano, and you think it doesn't matter how much other brave men are exposed to our newspaper scandal?

The man continues early in the arrow.

"But you didn't seem to be in much of a hurry to think about the owner. I thought I would use only this' weapon 'to make an article about Boncrano's scandal…"

On the way, ha-ha breathtaking.

Srl Boncos' grin deepened even deeper.

"Shroom, fussy......! Looks like they took a lot of roundabout, but you finally figured it out. Give me this idea......!

The man guessed.

That this true picture is not a bribe or anything.

Rather, this is a warning…!

Poisoned, salt......!

The two deputy directors paid close attention to the scandal because it affects the birth feud.

As I did to Srl Boncos, when someone who doesn't know what to do is given something, enough to be alert to theft.

Still, however, the fact that there is a true picture of the 'Second Deputy Director' scandal......

Besides, giving it to your rival anti-valiant self means one thing...

A silent message that this one is holding your scandal worth more than that......!

Otherwise, there's no way you're going to pass on something that would cause a dissident person to rise.

It was clear that Srl Boncos was using two scandals and was also trying to take in the first deputy director of the opposition.

And what we're both trying to pawn...!

Even if the second deputy commissioner takes over as director, when he's done, he's about to lose his leg by the scandal he just gave this man, and set up in the cauldron.

There was a full spin in the man's head. How should I behave?

And to what extent is the scandal that I have been pushed?

To avoid being enlightened by the upset, the man kept his poker face,

"Oh, my God, what's going on? Sweat or something...... shrug, shrug...!

He points out, rushes to wipe, and realizes that his forehead is dry.

Shit! Thought it was too late.

"Shroom, shhroom, shhroom...! Well, then, if you'll excuse me at this. Oh, you can drop me off."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Srl Boncos, who had left the newspaper behind, was crushing his feet in his heart as he pointed them at his owner.

- Shrew.

It's a good idea for a smart, self-assured man to dare jump into their nostalgia.

And show it in your hand......

That, too, is to be retained to show only half, not all.

Even if that was the only thing that had '2', you only show '1' to them.

That way, you get me wrong that even if the rest is only '1', the other person is on '50' or '100' on their own......!

Even if it's the needle in your hand......

If it is a shadow painting, it means it will be a stick......!

Shroom, shhroom......!

... Actually, the only thing that was on Srl Boncos' side was a true picture of the second director's scandal.

But he was tailoring "1" to "100" by daring to expose it to the enemy.

If I were to analogize, what would they do if they gave me a knife when they were about to fight?

And what would they think if they had gotten their hands on their nostalgia "because it wouldn't be funny if they won easily"?

Even if what's in that nostalgia was just a cigarette...

It wouldn't be strange to mistake it for having the same knife inside or a pistol that is more than a weapon.

The same thing Srl Boncos did.

With skillful language and an eerily calm attitude......

I showed you the whole thing through...!

This sum prevented the Bonclano scandal.

All that or the only remaining 'anti-valiant' newspaper within Sevenlux turned to 'valiant' at the same time.

Srl Boncos has saved Boncrano's predicament many times in this way of manipulation.

Bonclano is the same sarabred who was promised the future: the son of Butafutta, number two of the brave.

Yet, because of all the bonkers I can't help it, I've been coming off the birth course more than once...

It was all thanks to Srl Boncos that it didn't.

It makes no difference that the brave men who stand by Osama this time are, as always, bonkers.

Behind it, however, is an intelligent and fearful person to refrain from…!


Follow who was called "The Grey Brain Cells of the Boncos Family," and here and now, join the fight......!


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