Srl Boncos returned to the 'Gorgeous Smart Evantaille National Headquarters', where the Lord Boncrano waits, after crossing newspapers within Sevenlux.

He was a hero who repainted all the 'anti-valiant' newspapers, but what he waited for was a curse.

"Ahhh!? Where have you been before, Bon!? Because of you, you're in big trouble, Bon! With pulls from Slumdog Mart, the clerks are missing one after another from Gorgeous Mart! As it is, Bon sounds like Bon's birth! If we don't do something soon, I don't know, Bong!

Bonclano yells and scatters his face bright red like a bomb about to explode.

Srl Boncos wondered how much better it would be to burst me like this.

But that kind of thing falls behind my chest and gives me the usual serene grin.

He is skinny and deeply carved in the face.

And the shadow was shadowed, and he looked like the face of the shadow of darkness.

"Shroom, fussy......! If that's the case, I have a good idea."

He said he was suddenly thrown into this predicament, but let the countermeasures pop up instantly.

"To stop the brain drain, all you have to do is promote the fake brave, shrug, shrug...!

'Pseudo-brave' is the so-called 'brave' of the general public, not the bloodline of Godsmile.

The concept of 'brave man' in this world seems, at first glance, to be a well-ventilated, but not so, as long as it has the ability to be anyone.

Without the blood of Godsmile, you will never be promoted to the lowest rank, Koten.

At last, to make the brave men do the dirty work they do not want to do, they are physically named 'brave men' and are only recruiting slaves widely from the general public.

The sons of Godsmile are grinning at them for calling them 'fake braves' like that.

But the 'false braves', when they join the real braves only at one time or another, diminish their innocent minds and continue to be exploited today.

Incidentally, all gorgeous smart clerks are also treated like brave men, but they cannot be store managers unless they are of the rank of Great Heaven or above, so "Fake Brave Men" has been a Hillah clerk for 10,000 years.

Of course I have no power whatsoever, and my salary is a lot cheaper than working normally.

It was a complete 'rewarding exploitation', with only the pale expectation that 'one day you could be a real brave man'.

Every day, when I say 'press work', it's like being made newspaper deliveries.

Every day when I say 'Broadcasting Relationship Job', I just wrap the box around with wrapper paper all the time.

It doesn't seem strange that anyone is attracted to solicitation from Goldwolf.

So what Srl Boncos created as a counter-proposal was that it would really make the 'fake brave' into the 'brave'.

"Shrew, of course I wouldn't say everyone. You can have just one, just one. That way, many will return, assuming that if you hang in there, you can truly be a brave man. And then you'll put your mind to it and do what you can for Gorgeous Smart."

To this proposal, Boncrano's men, the executive braves, spoke out against it.

"You can't even be forgiven for making the lower bitches brave, like that!

"Yes, I intend to denigrate a family of brave men who have been cultivated by tradition and lineage!?

"Besides, you say that, and you're trying to be brave yourself all the time, too!

"We can't let them into our bloodline, such as those who don't know what every horsebone is! What are you going to do if you make a mistake!?

But Srl Boncos laughs, shrugging.

"That's exactly where it is. Leaving it to be 'tentative promotion', it puts you in a position where your authority as a brave man has been suppressed. For example, if we suppress the authority of 'Absolute Truth in Speech', whatever the failures, it can all be the responsibility of that person......! On the contrary, irrelevant lapses and everything can push everything......!

"Absolute truth of speech" means that there is no lie or falsehood in what the brave man says.

It is also because of this authority that the brave are not guilty if they cannot push decisive evidence or make confessions.

"Even if that person is active, you can embezzle all the handles. All you have to do is, by the time you crush 'Slumdog Mart', give him a good reason to corrupt him. I'm sure those who descend will think,"

Because of this, the brave men have shown mercy and taken him up as a brave man...

When I came with that one, I just pulled my legs and sanded them with my hind legs to take care of the brave man...!

Apparently, we misunderstood......

A brave man doesn't become a brave man because he is the blood of Godsmile...!

He was a brave man because he was a truly brilliant man...

This time, being able to compare it to that useless made me recognise the greatness of the brave......!


Srl Boncos was the man who pursued the two rabbits and laid down the three rabbits.

We just retain the brain drain from Gorgeous Smart or we secure the push point for Bonclano's failures that will continue......

In the meantime, let's improve the image of the entire organization of the brave...!

It was a proposal of three birds with one stone.

But there's only one problem.

If we're actually going to do this, we have to move the upper echelons of the brave men's organization.

Even so, it was so important to incorporate the general public into the organization.

Of course Srl Boncos thought it right around there.

As he approaches by Bonclano, he whispers as the snake enters and exits his tongue with a tyrosis.

… This bold and novel system will be impossible for most brave men to do without.

But if it's Boncrano, it's easy......

He is the head of the brave man, Father...

If you treat Master Buttaftotta, it's just a good story......!

Imagine that.

Once Master Boncrano announces this new system, the people will know what their reaction will be......

Without a doubt, you will greatly admire Master Boncrano......!

Use the gateway of the brave as a revolutionary child with a big twist......!


Bonclano then said, "Revolutionary child......!?" and faded.

This boy was hungry for his own merits, even his boy.

After that, there was no one or two.

"Bong! Bong is going to be a revolutionary child. Bong! The executives! Even now, I'm going to announce that I'm going to have a fake brave man! And from among the clerks, I'll see what's appropriate. Bong!