Goldwolf secured stores and personnel as he rolled out 'Slam Dogmart' to 'Dog Leg Countries'.

At the same time, a review of the system will be conducted.

Until then, he promoted Coolaraca, Wontorea and Ms. Mistress, who had been heads of the Halbury Small States, to head each small State.

To the Hurlbury small country, which is a country of spikes, Wontorea.

To the small nation of Killeland, which is the kingdom of the Virgin, Miss.

A warrior country, in the Rondowl small country, Kulalalaka.

As for the Gunkpfr small country, which is a country of witchcraft, it was intended to recruit well-known talent from among the 'gorgeous smarts' active locally.

Goldwolf had summoned two people one weekend, his candidate.

The location is in the 'Gankpflu Small Country', a certain liquor store.

The store is full of adventurers who have finished their day's adventure.

Among the bustling noises of laughter, singing and cooking….

Osama was at the table in the corner, overlooking the situation.

Face to face, one man and one girl.

The man strokes his nearly thinned hair into a tekateka with a hair conditioner, and his face is also tekateka with fat.

If we get the fire close, it's going to burn well, how energetic middle-aged men like work and stuff.

The other girl is skinny, on red-dyed tungtung hair, and a flaming tattoo on her neck.

A really punky girl who pierces her ears and nose, and that's connected by a chain.

Osama cut out, looking at the two targets alternately.

"Mr. Stented, Mr. Run, it's been a while. You two haven't changed at all."

Both Stented and Run were once Goldwolf's men.

Stented was seventeen at the time, and Run was seven.

Though Goldwolf said 'not at all different', Stented, who was a youth, told Osama a lot and Run, who was a child, felt a lot more grown up.

"Has it been about a decade since I left the 'gorgeous smart' of the Gankpflu small country? Both of you..."

"Mr. Goldwolf, I know what you think. You came here to pull this shit out, didn't you?

It was a middle-aged man called Stented who had blocked the foreground and poked at the core.

Goldwolf laughs bitterly.

"Yeah, that's right. Still, Mr. Stented is a good guess."

Stented is more right about not being able to afford it than to guess.

I had a habit of blocking people's stories without listening to them to the end, and as a clerk, Goldwolf paid constant attention to them, but they didn't heal in the end.

"It's already in my ear that you're going to open a store in this Gankpuffle small country," Mart manages to work. Anyway, I have the best adventurer's shop in the world, Gorgeous Smart. I don't know what to expect from a small shop like yours. "

"Then you talk fast, if..."

"Anyway, you managed to get told by Mart's president. He said to pull a lot out of Gorgeous Smart by himself."

"No, if I were the president of Slumdog Mart, I would..."

"You don't have to hide it in a basket. You're gonna use your face when you were in the old nest to make the president look good, aren't you? Well, unfortunately, I'm not willing to move to a flying store if I blow like that. You're wasting your feet."

The lack of listening to Stented was worse in circles than when I was a young man working with Goldwolf.

Besides, there, they were starting to weave the kind of nuances that looked down on people, so a regular person wouldn't have hidden the discomfort at this point anymore.

But Goldwolf was quickly discerning the reason for Stented's dignity.

"... Mr. Stented, whom I know, was not someone who spoke that way. There was a flaw in blocking people's stories, but it came from passion. I don't have it, they were grabbing the customer's heart with the strength of the push, right? I was appreciating that..."

"Evaluate? Why do I have to be appreciated by you? Better than you, I'm a brave man... No, it was appreciated by the brave. That I just became someone worthy of that position. You don't live in the same world anymore."

"... you've been tempted to advance to the rank of Great Heaven."

"I knew you were shallow. I wasn't tempted, the executives called me in today and asked me to do it. It's not until next week that the decree will be issued, but instead of the Great Heavenly Grade, what a Seating Grade...! You've become Deputy Director of the Great Powers at once!

"That's unnatural. Until now, the Brave Men's Organization has never promoted anyone but Mr. Godsmile's blood. That's now, suddenly promotion etc...... Besides, there must be something behind the promotion of the sixth class."

Goldwolf worried, but Stented kicked his ass with a nasty oyster laugh.

"No, no, no, no! I'm sure you said that! You quit 'Gorgeous Smart' with Hira, so I envy the birth of this eagle! You're so jealous! Something tells me, I'm totally looking forward to stopping you! hahahahahahahaha!!

Stented's smooth turning tongue won't stop.

"But I'm not a ghost either! I used to be just a little bit, but you took care of me! If you stand up for yourself and honor Master Stented, who is a brave man of the Seaheavens, there is nothing you can do about it so you can return to Gorgeous Smart!

He was so heavenly that he could see his long stretching nose.

"Look, if you know what I mean, I'll even give you one of my favorites! And don't be so sure about this muddy liquor and the restaurants that serve leftovers! The second one leads you to the store you deserve as a brave man!

His sideliness extends to the run that was sitting next to him.

"If it's a booze seat, you're the youngest of the women, and you have to give it a shot, at all...! You can't even take that for granted, so you'll always be a warehouse number and you won't be able to stand in the store! If I don't take care of him, I'll be in Kappalai by now..."

It was an instant event, albeit reflexive.

Run grabbed the liquor bottle that was at the table and was about to crack Stented's forehead open.

... Shh.

and Osama's fingers slipped in on the verge, stopping perfectly.

Eyes open to surprise, Run and Stented.

Run, never stopped by anyone before, because he stopped a special blow...

Stented approached the brink to feel the cold, due to the blunt instrument......

Osama was laughing again.

"Sounds like the same blood on your head right now, Mr. Lang,"