Stented left angrily.

All that remained was one bad girl, who wouldn't be evil enough to wield violence.

She turned away from Goldwolf looking all the time grumpy and stared inside the store.

Goldwolf also looks at the other guests for a while before crushing softly.

"Really, you're watching"

Then Lan pointed his mouth like a duck.

"... Oyaji taught me, so it's obvious. Even if it's private, when you're in another store, look inside the store, not out the window... Don't feel how other shoppers are enjoying the store…"

Run is about the end of the word or not, and when the piercing of the chain turns around in the momentum of making noises with Sharan,

"If you moved to another store, why didn't you speak to Atai first? Yikes!?

Goldwolf eats because the reason for his grump was unexpected.

"It is...... 'Slumdog Mart', because at first it was only the Hurlberry Small States. I was wondering if you could come and speak to Mr. Lan, who works in the Gankpflu small country, two neighboring countries..."

"Is that why!? If it was for a jerk, Atai would fly in hell!

"You were. Then I should have called you sooner."

"And why are you with such a piece of shit? Yikes!? Is Atai on the same level as that!?

"No, because we both had virtues that I didn't have. I wanted you to do that at Slumdog Mart."

Goldwolf set a white feather arrow on Stented and Run because they were both powerful and passionate.

As a clerk, Stented doesn't listen to people, and Run is quick to fight, there are some shortcomings that disqualify him...

When it comes to customer service, unlike polite and logical goldwolf, it feels good in a good way.

The Gankpflu small country is only called the Land of Wizards, and there are many Wizards.

Magical guidance is the opposite of sobriety, prudence and the Virgin of choice, preferring something flashy and energetic.

For this reason, Stented and Run were considered the best way to deploy in Gankpflu small countries.

But Stented had changed.

In a long Hillah clerk's life, he would have continued to be molested by his younger boss, the Brave Complex.


As a new brave man, he stood before Goldwolf.


● Seating Grade (Deputy Director of the Great Powers)

NEW: Stented (tentative)



Contrary to that, the run remained the same.

Though it is the body that has grown, the mind continues to have the Goldwolf Spirits.

I was in a mood at the tavern, and even if I turned my back, I still kept what Goldwolf taught me.

I didn't see the windows outside the store, I was observing the guests in the store.

That's all, I thought Goldwolf was passing.

"Mr. Lang, would you mind lending your powers to 'Slumdog Mart'?

Then Run snuggled, slapping the table with both fists Dan.

"So that's what Atai's been saying to you just now! If you can work with a jerk again, 'Gorgeous Smart' is bullshit!

"Speaking of which, Mr. Stented said earlier, do you have a warehouse number in 'Gorgeous Smart'?

A run that pins and plays the chain of piercings with fingers all over the ring.

"Oh. Atai is such a narcissist, isn't he? When I was with Oyaji, Oyaji sheltered me, but come on... When he was gone, he kicked me out of the store."

He's biting his lips so he can bite off the humiliation.

But just because I don't care about that, when I brighten up my face,

"That's right! Atai was able to follow in the warehouse, can I take my men with me?!? He's got a lot of confidence in his arm! Oyaji would have had a weak fight for a long time!? Perfect for the store keeper, too!

"Okay. If Mr. Lang is the prospective person, he'll be fine. So, since when...?

"It's the beginning of the week! I'm gonna knock your resignation out early in the week! With that leg, I'm going to the store where the jerk works!

"Okay. Then come to the port of this country at noon early in the week."

It was even a simple meeting promise.

"Oh, my God, you were the harbor warehouse number, too! I can't tell you about Atai! Well, if it's for a jerk, I'll do a warehouse number or whatever!

But Lan misunderstood.

I assumed that Goldwolf was a Slumdog Mart clerk, just like Stented.

She doesn't know yet.

I don't know if I'm going to be so surprised that my liver will jump out of my mouth and roll somewhere next week......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Meanwhile, around that time, Stented said...

I didn't feel like going home as it was, and after I had hashied the tavern, I was back home with a thousand feet of birds.

"Ugh, I'm home now!"

"Welcome back, you. You were unusually late today."

"Dad, welcome back! Wow, what's wrong, you're so drunk!

"I've been seeing the Goldwolf guy!

"Well, to Mr. Goldwolf? Long time no see, Mr. Goldwolf. How are you?

"Nice, if I were to meet Mr. Goldwolf, I would have liked to go, too!

"The guy from Goldwolf, he came to the store where he works and asked me to help him, crying to me!

"Mr. Goldwolf, you're in so much trouble. So, naturally, you're going, right? Thank you for your help when you and I were Mr. Goldwolf's men."

"Wow, Dad! Are you working with Mr. Goldwolf again!? Yay!

"Who works with and so forth! Because I tried to listen to you so that I could go back to Gorgeous Smart, and when he did, I said no! Because of this, I tried to be merciful...!

"I can't believe I pity you... Without Mr. Goldwolf, you would be by now..."

"Shut up! I don't care about him! More than that, I got promoted! Don't be surprised, too! What a deputy director of the Great Powers! Starting next week, I'm a brave man!

"What, really!?

"Daddy, wow!

"Still in the form of a probationary promotion, but my title as a brave man is not real! Plus, your salary is up a lot! It was 1.5 million yuan (ender), which is 3 million yuan (ender)!

"Yes, how exactly double!?

"And don't be surprised, it's not 1.5 million a year, it's 3 million a month!

Stented's previous salary has been $1.5 million (ender) in annual earnings.

Considering an annual income of 1.5 million yen, you can see how low monthly wages are.

As a result, the houses inhabited were also dilapidated rentals close to the Glades.

I had a really fine life where I couldn't even go out for a drink after work...

Instead of being the executive director of a large company, which earns 36 million yen a year at once, it goes to the income of the presidential class......!

Moreover, it is surprising because this is still less than half of the true brave men.

Stented grinned at his wife and son who turned their eyes as if they had won the lottery.

"Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I've put a lot of hard work on you, but you don't even have to work inside anymore! My son will be able to send me to a first-rate brave school! Thanks to good luck with this and everything! Gordowulf, who escaped on the way here, was so crummy, he was so brave as a grape!

"Well, Mr. Goldwolf did that...?

"I thought Mr. Goldwolf was on the side of the brave, but I missed him!

"You, too, remember! In this world, all the brave......! Only those who can be brave are winners, and the rest are losers! The" Mart "that Goldwolf works for will crumble in no time, and he will get lost in the streets...! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"