Around noon early in the week, Lan headed to port with a hangover head.

I knew it there, I thought the goldwolf in the work clothes would welcome me...

The figure of Goldwolf was neither shady nor shapely.

Instead, the yellow working clothes of Slumdog Mart came and surrounded her with shubbs.

"Master Lan, right? I am open to talking from the president. Please come this way."

Run frowned when he heard about the president, but he immediately understands.

"Oh, apart from Oyaji, you have an interview with the president, you're stubborn and painful."

Gold, I will be guided by your painted big cruiser.

Inside, it seemed like a reception room for the mansion, and it was a separate place for the kind of runs that still lived in Slam Street.

"Heh, you suck at the little store, you have an awesome boat! It's gonna take you a while to get here with the president, right? It's here. Can I have a drink?

"Yes, enjoy as much as you like. But we'll be there in about three minutes."

"Is the president coming in three minutes? Minutes carved. He's a much better president."

"No, in three minutes, the ship will arrive on Greysky Island."

"Huh? Greysky Island? What are you doing out there? I've never been to that, but wouldn't a ship take three hours?

"No, it's three minutes. We've already arrived. Look out the window."

"What, was the ship moving? It didn't shake at all...... that's serious!?

"From here, we'll show you by carriage"

"Isn't that an interview on the boat? Now where are you going to take me? Well, it's only been three minutes."

"You can see it over there, it's the top of the mountain"

"That's not a temple!?!? Is the president a mountain god or something?!?

"No, it's Mr. Goldwolf."


From the port of Greyskay Island, a run put on a white, luxurious carriage, like a princess riding.

I wondered if there was still yesterday's booze, and the main temple of Shiraki was ahead of me as I held my cheeks together again and again.

It was a floating, secluded setting, just like the dwelling of God.

There are rabbits, deer, and other animals inside, not just outside the temple.

On the beam of the ceiling were the little birds, chirping beautiful harmonies to welcome.

Moreover, surprisingly, some animals are considered fierce, such as bears and wolves, but they are friendly without attacking other animals.

Plus, if this is all the wildlife there is, the Temple Ju is going to be a big deal with hun, but one hair loss hasn't fallen off.

It must be the goddess to wait ahead, such as the wildlife being so heavily domesticated...

And Lan was sure.

Upon climbing the large stairs, there were no more animals from there.

Apparently, this is where God lives.

It was like a cozy living room that was put through, and I waited there...

"Oh, well, there you are! You're Lan!? I'm your mom!

Along with the sudden declaration of her mother, she was a beautiful girl in a white dress, with her hands spreading and rushing over......!

So Lan's drunkenness woke him all at once.

"Gahhhhhhhh!? Stop... you...! Yes, no, you are, Mother Reinkernation, the great Virgin of the Holly Doll family!?

The store's visibility was zero, as' Slumdog Mart 'has not yet been deployed to the Gankpflu small country.

For this reason, it was inevitable that Lan misunderstood the store as a small personal store.

But what Mother manages about Greysky Island is that if you read a newspaper or something like that, you'll know.

Yet let's this surprise......

Actually, Lan can't read or write.

And once again, I misunderstand.

"Shh... the president of 'Slumdog Mart' stays, no way...!?

Mother, exposed with a pull and trembling finger, hands on her big chest and waves her neck left and right as she sifts.

"Yeah, my mom's a part-timer. The president is there, Gol."


I came out of the next room, what a...

Yesterday, I couldn't imagine I was in a cheap tavern at the end of the place, I kicked it with a crisp tuxedo, it was Osama......!

"I've been waiting for you, Mr. Lang"

"Oh, jerk......!? Nah, what the hell!?

Runs that look incredible about everything already.

It was also incredible that the Grand Virgin welcomed me, but this space is so much for the miracle experience.

Is that Osama the president?

Besides, enough to be with the Grand Virgin......!?

That's a new fact about the amazing zoo, like the player you were close to turns out to be actually a general.

Run was cranky because he didn't know much about the impact, the sense of equilibrium.

I was about to break my knee unintentionally, but I hear from Goldwolf before I do.

"Are you tired, Mr. Lang? Or do you still have yesterday's liquor? In the meantime, sit over there. Today, I wanted to introduce you to my secretary, Mr. Primura, who was out for a bit of a sudden use. They'll be back by evening, so stay put until then."

Lan was listening to the voice, like a heaven coming down from the sky.

"Oh, um... give me that Primla... hi... to my secretary...?

Just repeat what went into your ear, like every wow, to the fullest.

"Yes, you've worked very well."

"Well, my mom's gonna make you some tea."

"Ma... mama... mama, tea...? Ri... I can't believe you use Li 'in Carnation as a maid instead of a part-time job... Ugh... uh-huh."

"Ah, hold on, Lan!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Run is being embraced, around that time......

Primla was in the city of Antrea, in the territory of Lutanvesta in the Hurlberry small country.

And he was visiting a certain mansion, close to the mansion where the Holly Dolls once lived.

There were a lot of maids and knights in the mansion, but it was the Chick Knights about the same age as the Wow Knights who bought the guide and left.

She had shortcut, brown skin, had a bad eye when she did it, and had been staring at the primula she was supposed to be a guest like an intruder.

When I was put through the study, behind a heavy study desk, a girl with the same white robe as myself turned her chair back and fluttered.

But more than that, Primla gets her eyes on something different.

It's a portrait hung to fill everything but the floor, from the walls all over the room to the ceiling.

They vary in size and size.

The portrait on the wall behind the study desk was super huge enough to reach from floor to ceiling, especially blinded.

And they are all portrayed with the same person.

The model person slowly turned the luxurious leather chair and looked back.

"Welcome to my new home, Mr. Primura."