"Welcome to my new home, Mr. Primura."

Golden curly hair, brown skin, belligerently suspended eyes.

An elegant way to put your hands on the back and talk with your mouth hidden.

She is a good friend of the Holy Doll family, head of the Virgin Gate......

It was a Fontine Passion Flower.

"Passion Flower" is the blood of Sentirus, who was the mother of Kulalalaka.

Fontine is fifteen years old and is only one thing different from Primla.

Yet he was competent enough to be in the same position of the Grand Virgin as Mother.

If Primla's standing behavior is' Chu ', she is' graceful '.

Instead of being a famous house of the Virgin, putting together an aura like that of a noble house of fame, she deserved to be described as the 'Lady Virgin'.

Besides, it was' My Loved (Narcissist) Lady 'enough to fill my room with my portrait...!

"Oh... it's been a long time. Mr. Fontine."

Primla is overwhelmed, but with her hands in front of her, she lowers her head with pepper.

Fontine nodded, um, as if she were a person in the upper position.

"Leave out the hard greeting and sit on the couch. I'll make you a special cup of tea today. A rare cup of tea that you can never speak of in the Holly Doll style, obtained in an exotic land."

It would have been if I didn't like it since then, but Primla, who knows she is this kind of person, doesn't particularly care.

"Thank you, Mr Fontine"

Something much more bothered me than that.

It stands directly beside itself, like a statue of the armor of a curse, unattached and unassociated, the presence of a chick knight.

She never left the room after guiding Primla, and for some reason she stared at Primla with a horrible face like her parents' enemies.

Fontine realizes it does the trick of paying dust.

"Burnap, that's enough, you can go back"

"No. This woman may work a wolf on Master Fontine. No, I'm sure it works. So here I am..."

"You can go back because I don't know!?

The girl, called Burnap, had until then persisted in a killer-like attitude.

But as soon as my husband drinks it, I get the look of a abandoned jean dog.

He seemed so depressed that Primla followed him in a hurry.

"Oh, you know, I wouldn't mind if I were you..."

"It's okay. We have to talk about today. That's why even among the Holly Dolls, only Mr. Primura was called. Wait outside, burnup."

Burnap dropped his shoulder disappointingly and left the room with a bump.

... Pathan.

Leaving the sound of a lonely door, the room suddenly became quiet.

The only thing Fontine does is pour tea into teacups.

Primla got somewhat awkward and fixed it.

"Oh, um... It was, wasn't it, Mr. Burnap? You seem like a very reliable knight."

Fontine then looks back and answers as she turns her back on the tea wagon.

"It's rightly called Burn Apple. I call it burnup because it's hard to call it. That child is my exclusive Holy Sabre. Primla's house was defaced by a major repainting of the records of the youngest Virgin's Ride (Holy Sabre), and she became a Holy Sabre at the age of nine."

"Mr. Primla's house defilement" refers to Kulalalaka.

Kulalalaka was once picked up in Pujeto by Sentirus, the great Virgin of the Passion Flower family, and served as the Virgin's submissive (Holy Sabre).

But Kulalalaka gets furious and slaughtered one day by a brave man who was working a wolf on Sentirus.

Though it ended in an attempt, it caused a major incident in which it slashed the sheltered Sentirus.

Even though it was a great sin to be slaughtered by a brave man, he slashed the great Virgin he was serving, and the wound left him to die.

The Passion Flower family is exposed to fierce criticism, even though it was done by those who were no good.

And the whole clan was driven out of Puget, and it was scattered.

At the time, Fontine was still young but forced to struggle considerably with her parents.

That's why I still resent Kulalalaka.

Plus, I don't really think about the Holly Doll family that picked up that coolaraka.

The interaction between the two families was still ongoing, as Riglas, who was the Grand Virgin of the Holydoll family, and Sentirus, who was the Grand Virgin of the Passion Flower family, were best friends to each other......

That can be a stronger degree of rivalry than intimacy.

If Fontine did it against Primla, it would be disgusting, too, for that reason.

She put the tea on the tray on the table with sophisticated modus operandi and sank her hips on the couch opposite Primla.

"There are many reasons why you called Mr. Primura to this mansion today. The first is the greeting of the move"

Moving greetings are usually what the moving side goes out to......

But the pride of "The Lady Virgin" did not allow rivals, the Holly Dolls, to go and say hello.

The lady laughs, huffy.

"Now the distance between the two houses is much closer. This means that the difference between the two households as Virgin will be clearer. Are you ready? Mr. Primla."

The questioned primula is bewildered for a moment.

Because I didn't know what they said.

Shortly afterwards, I was able to perceive Fontine's intentions, but this time it got awkward.

"Um... Could it be that Mr. Fontine... Didn't you know the Holly Dolls moved in...?

To that one word, Fontine gives a barbaric voice.

"Ha!? Moving!? What the fuck!? That's my first ear!?

"Excuse me. To your previous address, I sent you a letter...... Didn't you read it?

"I've been away for a long time on an errand! I moved here right after that. Wow! Do you think I have such a busy time reading letters?!? What the hell, which way did you go?!?

Fontine is told the name of an isolated island in the far south and drops her shoulders so much that her robe is about to fall apart.

She was dodgy.