Fontine dares to move into the neighborhood of the house to make a difference to the Holly Doll family.

But the rival was no longer the difference in touch.

Primla isn't anything wrong, but I try to apologize because Fontine was visibly discouraged.

But the lady was quick to get back on her feet. Block the apology and continue further.

"Huh... Huh! So you ran away for fear of being compared to our Passion Flower family. It's like the Holly Dolls, who are shy and cowardly."

"No, I didn't mean to..."

"Shut up. My story is not over yet. This is the second purpose I've come here for!

Out of nowhere, Fontine takes out a beautiful town.

It doesn't have time to breathe, and it jumps from next to next like a trick.

The towns that are lined up on the table are not the same as one.

It is colorful, made of corals, crystals, and stones of unusual materials like never seen before.

They come in many shapes, ranging from the simplicity of circles and squares to miniatures of humans, animals, buildings and ruins, etc.

Primla had her eyes rounded before them in a thousand different colors and shapes.

"Um, what the hell is this...?

"Huhun, you said earlier that I had been away for a long time. It was on a national comic journey to enhance her character as a Virgin! The Holly Dolls, especially Mr. Primla! To make a difference to you.

Fontine had the Holly Doll family as her eyewitness, but the wind was particularly strong against Primla.

From a standpoint, we should be targeting Reincarnation, the same Grand Virgin...

Whether Mother thinks she's tough, or because she's closer to her age, she was stuck with Primla if she did it alone.

Primla asks back in confusion.

"Really? So, this town...?

"That's a souvenir I bought in various countries. Mr. Primura, you must like Literary Town, don't you?

The literary towns placed on the table were a frightening number, more like an exhibition than a souvenir.

Besides, I can't help but get the town so much, but the gentle Primla doesn't think so much.

"Oh, you were a souvenir. Thank you for taking the time to be polite. I'm so glad you remember what I like."

Primla joins her fingers like white fish in front of her chest and smiles like flowers.

But the lady just says, "That's sweet," and she kicks it with her nose.

"Huhun, I hope you're happy with a lot of it right now. Because what we are waiting for after this, Mr. Primla, is a series of misfortunes. So this is a souvenir to the underworld."

The lady looked down at Primla with her gaze from further up as her curly hair rose in momentum bouncing like a spring.

"Yes... what happened all of a sudden? Fontine…"

"And this is why I summoned Mr. Primla, the greatest reason...!

White fish of comparable beauty to primula are swayed with bouncing suppleness and poked with such momentum that they sound.

...... Bishyyyyyyyy!!

"I hereby declare that I will crush Slumdog Mart without a trace! This, so to speak, is the Holly Doll family...... No, it's a declaration of war against Mr. Primla!!!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Time goes back a little.

The location is the Office of the Director-General of the "Gorgeous Smart Evantaille National Headquarters".

"Shrew, shrug. As soon as we announced the new HR, the brain drain to Slumdog Mart stopped perfectly."

"On the contrary, Bon is even coming out to those who say they want to go back! You just stopped the clerk from decreasing, I didn't know you'd get it back...! Besides, guys, I'm starting to work by changing the color of my eyes, Bon! That's sur boncos, boncos!

"Gorgeous Smart New Personnel System", proposed by Srl Boncos and presented by Boncrano.

This was a bold thing to elevate those who were 'false braves' until then, all at once.

The reality is nothing more than a picturesque carrot.

But it worked better for the escaped carriages, and when I came back, I started working for Gumshara more than ever.

It was none other stented that jumped from its barbarians to Cinderella at once.

Stented had already worked with Srl Boncos as a side of Bonclano.

Still rubbing hands, I don't have any spare time to earn points.

"Hey, it's no big deal, such as Srl Boncos! If that's the extent of it, you'll come up with it too! The hardest part is transferring that to execution! Such a bold HR. What a crane voice. Hey, Master Boncrano is really great! I'm risking my life to serve Lord Boncrano!

The next thing Stented, greedy to emerge, was Boncrano's right-hand seat.

Srl Bonkos is there now, but he was just about to kick it off.

Looks like he's been jerked off and not even full of bonclano.

"Yeah, I knew this time, too, Bon had the power. Bon! Stented has the power to identify something called the nature of things, Bon!

To the bonkers laughing at the brain weather, Srl Boncos has a headache.

"... Shrew. I think it would be better to hit the next hand sooner than that, than 'Slumdog Mart' is advancing. Shrew."

"Well, I have an idea, Bon?

"Fushiyuru. Of course it is. We recently held a meeting with one of Slumdog Mart's executives."

"What!? Have a meeting with a rival store executive!? That's an outrageous act of disloyalty, Srl Boncos! Dear Bonclano, I'm here for you...!

"Stented, don't panic so much, Bon. That's how Srl Boncos specializes in how to get into their nostalgia, Bon. Srl Boncos, keep talking Bon"

"Fushiyuru, yes, I did. Slumdog Mart executives were gambling lovers, so they let them get drunk with booze first, where they lost their thinking skills, and they heard about future strategies while playing cards. This is what he said."

"Ahem? Expansion to dog leg countries? What are you gonna do when you hear that!?

"Shrew, so how about this? If you win the next battle, I'll write you off your previous losses. Instead, if Shiru wins... '

"I'm on it! If you win, I'll give you anything, whether it's a dog leg or a chicken leg!

"... yes, you win Shiru"

'Damn it...! It's a promise, I can't help it. Let me tell you......!

Oh my...!

An executive of Slumdog Mart...

Sometimes it's embedded in an Inch Card and it's a light leak of information......!

"How to Defeat a Slam Dog Mart" had just been released...!