This is how Slumdog Mart was defeated, said one executive of Slumdog Mart.

In the Dog Leg countries, female customers are to be targeted first.

Because the Killyland small country has many Virgins and the Gankpflu small country has many Wizards.

In those two countries, it's important to get the support of female customers.

Slumdog Mart has the Holly Doll family and Big Bang Love, so it's impeccable as each image character.

All you have to do is serve a product tailored to your unfolding national needs, and your customers will eat it every second.

If you get ahead of yourself with that, it would be quite painful.

"... shrug, shrug... Slumdog Mart turns out to be after female customers."

"Well... that's about it, you don't have to bother to ask me out. I can tell! What's important is to take it and see what you do!? Damn, the guy named you, the stuffing is sweet......! So it's ten years early to steal Master Boncrano's right arm!

"Fushiyuru. Shiru's story is not over yet. I got that information and I thought about it... It also surpasses the Holly Doll family and Big Bang Love, the hiring of the best,"

"Well, do you have Ate, Bon?

"Shroom, shhroom. Yes, I am the Great Virgin of the Passion Flower Family, Dear Fontine Passion Flower. Lady Fontine is a world-famous Virgin who traveled the world to train for the Virgin and has performed well everywhere."

"World-renowned!? I've never heard of you!

"Fushiyuru. Lady Fontine has not yet gained visibility in neighbouring countries, as she has recently moved to the Hurlberry small country. But that would also be a matter of time. Because they say her abilities as a Virgin are comparable to those of the Holly Dolls."

"That's awesome bong. But the Passion Flower family......? I've heard it somewhere, Bon. Ah!? Could it be that my dad slashed me, um...!?

"Fushiyuru, it's the left. That's why I chose Shiru. Because Master Fontine wants to return to Puget, the home of the Passion Flower family. In order to do so, we must enter the brave and dispel the stigma."

"I see......! I'm trying to draw forgiveness into Bon, the son of a brave man who was once slaughtered, Bon!

"Shroom, shhroom......! As you can guess. Then Lady Fontine will work powdered herself as a horse tricked by a picturesque carrot......! I've already talked to you personally. I have an unparalleled grudge against the Holly Dolls, and I ask you to accept it without one or two."

Shrubonkos here, with his bright red tongue tying in and out of his mouth.

All I'm saying is that what I'm about to say is the fate of this operation.

"Moreover, this one can also take the story like a dispute between the Holly Dolls and the Passion Flowers by employing the Virgin. If you win, the Holly Dolls go down to the military gates of the brave...... Dear Godsmile's favorite Virgins, that means you get them too. Shroom, shhroom......!

"Oh... no, no, no, no! Put a woman in Gorgeous Smart, a brave man's shop, and so on! The woman in" Gorgeous Smart "is a part-time job in Mina...... As a man's downwork, let him take care of him and keep him just to entertain him! Don't women know that they've never even been hired by image characters!

"Shut up Bon, Stented! Best bong, sur boncos! I'll go with that operation. Bong! Bon's dad is a big favorite Bon with a pine pack! If I could dedicate it to my dad......! I'm sure you'll get a compliment, Bong!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Time is, again, present.

Return to the Passion Flower family study.

The Lord of that room, the Lady Virgin, spoke eloquently with her hands spread like wings.

... Mr. Primla, it is very promising that you are the secretary at Slumdog Mart.

That is why I have accepted the offer of 'Gorgeous Smart', 'General Producer' in the Dog Leg countries.

If so, this is not a shopping dispute.

The Passion Flower family and the Holly Doll family, a total war......!

I wanted to disagree with Mr. Reincarnation's proposed form of love.

Mr. Reinkernation said, 'Love is something that we all share equally' and so on, but that's a big mistake.

Love is' something that flows low '......!

Because love is what those who can afford it give to those who can't afford it more than themselves!

Mr. Primla, even think about it.

The "mother's love", which is the root of love, will also be poured on the child because of the height of parenthood, right?

And a king ruling his country will never receive love from his subjects or from his people, even if he may give love to his subjects or his people.

As you can see from this, it is the love that is given from the one above to the one below that is true love......!

Yes, like a gushing fountain (Fontine)......!

I want to give a lot of love to something less than myself.

To do this I must also receive a lot of love from above......!

But it doesn't mean that whatever love you receive is fine.

There is only one love I deserve...!

Yes, "Smile of God," that one...!

That's why I decided to become the Virgin who guides Gorgeous Smart and crush Slam Dogmart with all my might!

That would surely clear up the stigma of the Passion Flower family I had in Puget......!

I can get one step closer to that 'smile of God'...!

This room is filled with my portrait for a reason.

That's because the culmination of my love pyramid is myself.

That 'smile of God' in the dawn I could have singled out...!

That one stood at the top of the pyramid, and I became second...!

All the portraits in here are going to be yours...!

As long as there is a 'smile of God' and a love that flows through the portrait...!

I can be the best Virgin in the world!

Ooh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!


Lady's specialty, 'I put the back of my hand on my mouth, high laugh'......!

By the way, when the Holly Doll family Virgin laughs, she puts her palm side to her mouth.

Both houses were front and back, to the way they perceived love and laughed.

And here we are now, even in the growing shops, dividing up...!