Then Primla and Fontine talked a lot.

Even so, all I talk about is Fontine, and Primla is a listener.

But Primla liked to listen to people, so it's not particularly bitter.

The two of them, in no time, passed.

By the time the light that plugs through the window becomes orange, Primla finally realizes.

"Oh, this is already the time. I'm sorry, I've been staying long. May I now excuse myself?

"I won't be."


"I've only talked about half the martial arts of my journey. Until that's over, Mr. Primura has to be here."

"Really? But I had an appointment with your uncle this evening... When you're late for that, your sister... your mother will be worried."

"... Uncle? Who is it?

"Oh, I'm sorry, you haven't talked to me yet"

Primla tells Fontine about Goldwolf.

The girl who talks about Osama was exactly like a maiden in love, but the lady's face became as rugged as a rocky mountain.

"If that's the case, you can't even go home."


"Because there is no need to compare the continuation of my martial arts with my promises to such a son!


"To tell you the truth, I already sent a messenger to Greysky Island. Mr. Rincarnation is already aware that Mr. Primla is staying at this mansion today."


"Now, don't worry, you can continue my martial arts tradition. Before I do, I'll make you a new cup of tea."

"Oh, um..."

Primla ended up being framed for an overnight stay at Fontine's mansion in the form of a pushover.

The next morning, Primla was pompous.

Fontine's martial arts tradition, heard all night long, was too awesome to be a dream.

Primla gets enough souvenirs to flood the carriage carriage carriage carriage and is dropped off by Fontine and Burnap to leave the Fontine mansion behind.

Primla looked out the window as the carriage proceeded along the main road leading to the outer gate.

The gardens of the Fontine mansion are so vast as to have lakes and forests that the animals that Fontine has caught them on national caricatures play in flocks.

A primula that shows exotic animals in the eyes.

The girl was still, like, in a dream.

- Mr. Fontine is a really amazing person.

You're only one thing different from me, but you work all over the world...

And then, like your sister, she was a fine Grand Virgin...

Very strong, believe...

You have your own 'form of love' ….

The prestigious Grand Virgin all has her own 'form of love'.

At last, it is like a doctrine (dogma) in the first gate of the Virgin, and the Great Virgin, the head of the first gate, operates under that belief.

Around it will be obvious if you look at Mother's life.

She calls herself 'Everybody's Mom'.

Like a knife, everything I touch is made my child.

And Fontine signs' Love Flows Low 'and loves those below herself.

By the way, the Strawdor family motto is, 'Love cannot be bought with gold'.

seemingly splendid, but the words followed,

"Love can't be bought with gold...... But you can buy money with love, Chu!

... Regardless of their correctness, all the Virgins who become 'the Grand Virgin' have their own answers clearly: 'What is love'?

But Primla still didn't have it.

- Mine...

'Love' to me means….

What the hell...?

Looking up at the sky, more and more clouds stood up.

And on the windowsill, pounding, and the rain grain hits.

The rain eventually came down and wrapped the carriage around it like a gray vale.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Excuse me! My conversation with Mr. Fontine has been exciting..."

Primla, who returns to her home on Greyskay Island for the first time in a day, bows her head in the momentum of knowing that she was keeping her guests waiting.

I welcomed her, Osama or Mother didn't care.

"I don't mind. You haven't seen a friend in a long time, have you?

"Fontine, how have you been? Oh, my mom missed you, too. Wow."

But the run was plugged.

"You... no, are you Master Primla? I just thought I'd leave because I'm keeping you waiting too long."

"Yes, I am the primula. Nice to meet you, Mr. Lang. And I'm really sorry."

"Enough said. Time won't come back to apologize to your great Virgin Sama. More than that, Master Primura is back, so let me talk to you and tell you something."

"Right. Shall we sit down and talk?"

Osama sits on a couch in his living room with a primula and a run.

First I headed for Primla and cut it out like this.

"Mr. Primla, in fact, I would like to entrust Mr. Primla with the deployment of 'Slam Dogmart' to 'Dog Leg Countries'"

"... Huh? What does that mean?

"I want Mr. Primura to do what I always did, the attack on New Heaven and Earth."

"Huh? What my uncle was doing that I...!?

"Yes. As my secretary, Mr. Primla was by my side more than anyone else at work. You know my way of doing business better than anyone."

Then, Lan struck his tongue.

"Atai, too, I've seen the way a jerk does it more than anyone since he was a kid. It's a lot more serious than being here, Sama the Virgin."

"Yeah. But in seriousness, Mr. Primla didn't lose either. That's why I'm asking you to do this."

"Um... why didn't your uncle do it?

"I intend to prepare to attack the Kingdom of Seven Luxes, which I refrain from after attacking the 'Dog Leg Nations'"

Osama had turned the royal system of the Evantaille countries from 'brave' to 'anti-brave' at once in one case of 'gocon' on Greyskay Island.

Originally, the 'Kingdom of Seven Lux' was also subject to it......

Bitzrabbitz, king of Sevenlux, had sensed this or had sent miscellaneous fish to Greyskay Island, not the head of the royal family.

For that reason, only the Kingdom of Sevenlux had escaped Osama's devil's hand.

That's the first 'miscalculation' for Osama...

Don't even let that happen every time, keep talking.

"The Kingdom of Sevenlux is only called the 'kingdom of the brave', and the brave are very privileged. 'Gorgeous Smart' has also benefited considerably, enough that it can no longer be called state-owned. Mr. Bitzrabitz, the king, is also quite a cutter, so attacking that country is going to break a bone. I want to focus on that preparation."

"But now the Kingdom of Sevenlux and the Dog Leg countries are in a state of tension. The borders of Sevenlux are sealed off and you cannot enter the country. Then wouldn't it be better to focus on the Dog Leg countries' offense until the tension is resolved?

"No, then it's too late. Besides, we're already ready under the Dog Leg Country Strategy. Countries favor 'Slumdog Mart', as well as securing stores and talent, necessary for initial opening. All you have to do is open a store and let customers from all over the country accept it."

But Primla still seemed anxious.

Osama spins even more gentle words to unravel.

"Of course, Mr. Primla, just one person, I'm not going to push everything. As directors of national aspects, I have Mr Wontorea, Ms Mrs Mrs Mrs and Mr Kulalalaka. And... I'll give you an assistant."

"Assistant, is...?

"Yes, this is Mr. Run, who's next door."

Then the two girls who were in front of Osama peeled their eyes off at the same time.

"What, give me Mr. Run!?" "What!? Damn you!?