What Goldwolf had in mind was the 'dog-leg countries' offense, which was, more than ever, an unexpected oddity.

It's Operation Goddess of War (Valkyrie), with the Holy Girl Primla as its main axis......!

Let the girl, only fourteen years old, attack all three countries...!

Besides, it's too bold a formation to attach a 17-year-old punk girl to that aide...!

The first thing that made a difference to this proposal was still......!

"You're kidding me, you jerk! I can't believe you're such a kid's assistant!

Until earlier, it was "Dear Primla" with all due respect, all at once called "Kid"......!

"Mr. Lang, please calm down. There are no seniority or status considerations for slam dog mart positions or roles"

"You're lying! This kid is the Holly Doll family Virgin Sama, so you're putting it on such an important post!?

"If so, Mother, the Grand Virgin, will not be able to explain that she is a part-time worker"

"Ugh, I did...!

"The same goes for age. There are only three different Mr. Run and Mr. Primla. Besides, because of her age, isn't the spiciness of not being entrusted with an important role something Mr. Lan has been savoring in" Gorgeous Smart "?


"I am going to ask Mr. Lan to be the head of the department on the aspect of Gankpuffle for slowness. But that's only if Mr. Primla's assistant serves properly.... Will you do it?

In a series of truthful arguments that don't even make a sound, the post "Aspect Manager".

With the candy and whip cleverly used apart, Run didn't want to snort in silence while eating up his teeth.

Then the rest is the will of Primla.

The girl was still lost, but when her sister, standing behind the couch, gently put her hand on her shoulder,

"If Primla doesn't do it, should Mom do it?"

I whispered mischievously in my ear.

The youngest child, who was clinging like a koala on his sister's back, also slipped his face,

"I'll take care of it!

Primla panicked as her sister and sister suddenly ran for office and started appealing to Goldwolf.

"Gol, what's a mom instead of Primura?

"Padan, let's do it instead -!

"... Huh? What? What's wrong, both of you!?

"Primla doesn't seem motivated, and in that regard, my mom is very motivated!

"Pampers, do it!

"Right, then......" and Goldwolf didn't seem more than satisfied either.

That ignites the girl's impatience.

Primla finally raised her hand high in the momentum of rising off the couch.

"Wah... I'll do it!

"" Go ahead ""

And so, Holy Girl Primla......

"Slam Dog Mart, General Head of Dog Leg Country Attacks," is now in office......!

She was the one who took it upon herself with momentum, but now a certain word was circling around her head.

"I hereby declare that I will crush Slumdog Mart without a trace! This, so to speak, is the Holly Doll family...... No, it's a declaration of war against Mr. Primla!!!

Primla stood in the face of a declaration of war from Fontine, even if she didn't want to.

Besides, the partner you can rely on is a girl of the opposite character to yourself, Run......!

Everything is different between two people, born and raised, their identities and their raised circumstances.

No, there was only one thing to do the same.

...... Unfamiliar thoughts on Osama......!

But even then, it's very handsome, very secretive.

Just the right girl duo to call a convex (decouple) is born here now......!

Can they stand up to the mighty 'Lady Virgin' and root for Slumdog Mart in New Heaven and Earth......!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The 'Evantaille countries' are made up of four countries.

It's called "The Land of the Wicked Wizard," "The Gunkpful Small Country".

Called 'The Land of the Virgin', 'The Little Killyland Country'.

It's called "The Land of the Spirit Soldier," "The Halbury Small Country."

It's called "Warrior Country," "Rondowski Small Country."

Of which, 'Hurlberry Small States' has a 100% share of slum dog marts, so the remaining three countries are targeted for the offensive.

After all, the hand of simultaneous deployment of the Three Kingdoms is also conceivable, but Primula, who was the first to take command, decided to concentrate on one country at a time.

Then from which country should we attack first...?

The General Manager, Primla, assembled the Directors-General, Wontorea, Ms. and Kulalalaka, and his assistant, Run, in the conference room, to declare.

It should be noted that Osama is not present here.

I didn't even attend the meeting because of my stance to leave it all to me.

This is the first time in Slumdog Mart that so many important decisions have been made without Osama.

And Primla made it, what is the decision......!?

"I would like to start with…" Gankpflu Small Country "and expand the store"

The Holy Girl set her aim in The Land of the Wizard......!

All my men react unexpectedly because they wondered if they were going to choose 'The Land of the Virgin'.

"Hey kid, you're the Virgin Sama. Then shouldn't it be from 'Killyland Small Country'?

"No, 'Killyland Small States' wants to be the last. Because if you didn't deploy well in the kingdom of the Virgin, sister... you'd be annoying your mother too"

If "Slumdog Mart" is to be deployed to "The Little Killeland Country," the image character will undoubtedly be a very popular mother in the country.

But at the same time, it means it's a battle you'll never lose.

Anyway, in the land of the Virgin, if there's anything like hiring the Holly Doll family, the prestigious Virgin, and losing to 'Gorgeous Smart'...

Because losing Zamar and finally regaining the credibility of the country could also bring him down......!