Primla was making important decisions when she gathered the directors of the Slam Dog Mart...

What was Goldwolf, president of the store, doing......

It seemed like a hell of a lot.

Faces and bodies are tinned and dirty and black.

The outfit doesn't even look like a rag. Looks like it's broken.

He looked like if Mother or Primla saw him, he was going to graduate, but that's not all.

Both hands and feet are fitted with wooden shackles and connected by chains...

And on my forehead, what a...!

The 'Slave' burn marks......!

Yesterday, the opposite of the way you were making the Virgin peel at the temple, it's full of fallen......

Osama had become such a 'bottom line' person in this world that he was rocked by a carriage.

Among them, covered in an iron lattice, are other swollen men hissing.

The carriage, which was donating the rampaging cows without calves, stopped at the border of the Seven-Lux kingdom.

The men dragged like luggage from the carrier are treated exactly like cows.

Soldiers from the Kingdom of Sevenlux undergo a physical examination of inhuman treatment.

The soldiers were laughing at the Guerraggera.

"You guys are going to be straight to 'Arena', aren't you?

"The harshness of this country's 'arena' is one of the best in the world, for God's sake, the brave are the ones against you!

"You're going to be executed tonight, aren't you? I'll go check it out! Celebrate where you guys get killed in more humiliating ways than this physical exam while you drink!

... Bitzrabbitz, king of Sevenlux, had declared a national cut off because of sanctions against independent nations in the Dog Leg countries.

Measures include import and export to and from dog leg countries and a total ban on travel.

He was trying to block the path of exchange of human resources, supplies and information to countries and isolate them from the world.

Commons and merchants, of course, were not allowed to come and go, even nobles and royalties.

Among them, exceptionally allowed in and out were 'some privileged, for criminal investigations and so forth'.

And it was' Caught Falling Brave 'and' Slave '.

"The Fallen Brave Caught", as the one who drew a bow to the Brave Men's Organization, is punished by a crucifixion in the name of gladiator while being cursed by the audience in the "Arena".

"Slave" is simply made to fight as well as "Fall Brave" as a killing factor when there is no spare for "Fall Brave".

Finally, "Arena" was a place of gas drainage for the people of the Seven-Lux kingdom.

Let's get back to it.

After the physical examination, the carriage is allowed to pass and enter the Kingdom of Sevenlux.

Within the Seven-Lux kingdom, a sticker was affixed everywhere.

Oh, my God.

Gold-kun posters......!

But it looked like a demon, far from the adorability of the real Gordo.

There's a bat mark on his face and a noisy copy on top.

"Wild dogs are the enemies of the brave! '' Kill the wild dogs, Butch! '' Give a society where you can say no to wild dogs!

Osama is as the landscape of his shop's image characters being altered, tarnished and burned by people's hands as they please, flows across the iron plaid......

One, he was laughing bitterly.

- As I thought, Mr. Bitzrabitz was hitting his hand.

In anticipation of the opening of the 'Slumdog Mart' in this country, we are naming the country and tailoring Gordon to the bad guys......

It would have been too late if we had focused exclusively on the Dog Leg countries because national traffic was cut off.


Osama was up to slavery because of the 'hostile inspection'......!

To find out the truth about Bitzrabbits doing 'Wild Dog Sage' all you want to do, good for cutting off national traffic......!

And even more so, to crush that ambition...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

That night.

The 'Arena' in the King's Capital of the Kingdom of Sevenlux was wrapped up in enthusiasm.

Magically loud MC voices sweep through the venue.

"Saaah! The Feast of Gladiator is about to begin! Tonight's dishes are some pretty wild dogs that have just been suppressed on Greysky Island! Now, welcome with cheer!

The slaves on the carriage earlier come out so that they are pushed out of the athlete's entrance.

Everyone was wearing the patchy stuff from "Gold Kun Kiriki Mask," with a crude sword and a wooden shield on their hands.

... By the way, in the Kingdom of Sevenlux, press regulations were laid after 'Gocon'.

The press in this country is perfect for the brave, so newspapers also drain the announcement of the main business of lies, even as the truth.

The people of this country believed that the rebellion of the wild dogs on Greysky Island had ended in failure and that the island was still under the rule of the brave.

It should also be noted that they do not know the existence of 'Slumdog Land'.

The 'Slam Dog Land Restraint Order' issued by the upper brave men was also conveyed in a reshaped fashion.

Therefore, in this country, wild dogs are….

Not "Freed Greysky Island from the Brave, Heroic Army" etc...

It was an "unknown revolution failed, dumb bunch"......!

And in the arena, except when the faceted "Falling Brave" appeared, it was customary to wear a "fake Gold-kun mask" to allow him to participate in the gladiatorial battle as a "failed idiot of the revolution".

Because it is better for the audience.

Osama, too, was wearing a poor quality mask tonight and was being cursed by the audience.

"Be special to surviving wild dogs, be free! But there is no one who once survived! That would be so! Because there can't be anyone in this world who can fight and win against the brave!

To mc claws, wow!! and boiling guest seats.

'Come on, then, let's call you tonight's hero! This is my first appearance in this arena, but such a brave man that there is no longer a stranger! I'm Zangan Zion, familiar with "Slashing Rock Sword"!

In the spotlight, he emerged from the entrance of the brave...

He was a dread-haired young man who prioritized showing off his tight muscles and dressed himself in perforated armor like he'd thrown away his defense.

He drags a horse-slashing knife bigger than his own body as it drifts, leaving a string of lines in the sand of the arena.

"Master Zangan was once a brave warrior of the rank of" Shiten ", but what a man who offered to demote himself for training and became a" Datian "! I didn't know you would abandon your position to train yourself and dare to demote......! That's brave, too noble and terrifying!

How exciting the audience is to explain MC.

Brave Cole doesn't stop ringing.

"The battle is as usual, Death Match by one brave man and ten wild dog armies! But as usual, I guess it's decided in one blow! Dear Zangan, if you will, give the poor wild dogs a break! Give us their screams, who crawl wretched and beg for their lives! So... Let the game begin!

...... dowwwwwwwww!!

The artillery of the signal of the killing rings.

Xangan took the horse-slashing knife on his shoulder and began to say something bumpy.

"Awwwwww!?" Slashing Rock Sword "setup at the same time as the match starts! Master Zangan doesn't seem to have a piece of mercy on the wild dogs! If you get that move, you'll be worn out like a sand statue, like ten wild dogs!

The slaves of the fake Gold-kun mask, in front of the great sword moves of the brave, said, "Hi-yay!?" and begins to run away like scattering spider children.

'Ahhh, the Wild Dog Army is just running away! I'm running away! Even in the battle on Grey Sky Island, oh I guess I just did and ran away! But the Range of Attack of the Slashing Rock Sword will span this Arena! They say there's no escape anywhere, but it's dumb, it's stupid!... Is that it?

MC noticed a certain wild dog, not moving from the spot.

'There is a scratchy wild dog who has not made only one, only one, slightly mobile! I'm sure your feet are dull with fear and you can't move! On the contrary, I'm dropping my sword and shield at my feet too! Your hands and feet look gaggly! One of these days, I might take a leak! It's the most embarrassing way to die when a big Osama leaks! But as someone who defied the brave, I'd say it's the last thing that suits you!

...... Bishung!!

The wind was crying.