Along with the signal to start the game, the brave Zangan activated the Great Sword move.

"Heh! No one can escape my slaughtered rock sword! My sword crushes rocks too...! Heaven, earth! And Master Godsmile! Give me the power of justice! Whoa, whoa...! The power is all too much......! Get ready, motherfucker! If I take thee as a rock, I will break it both ways and return it to dust! White sand looks great on burnt skin! Anyway, rotten outsiders, at the end of the day..."

...... Gatsung!!

But then something hit me in the face and I glanced.

"Ha!? What the fuck, chicken!?

Zangan pressing his reddened nose.

When you get back on your mind and get back on your feet,

"Heh! No one can escape my slaughtered rock sword! My sword crushes rocks too...! Heaven, earth!

...... Bishung!!...... Gatsung!!


Again the invisible shock blocks the Great Sword moves and makes them lag behind.

To Zangan like a single play, both the audience and MC seemed strange.

"Dear Zangan, what the hell is wrong with you? For some reason, my nose is turning bright red!

...... Bishung!!...... Gatsung!!


'Ahhh, I'm finally down! What the hell is going on......!?

Zangan was holding his nose down while lying on the ground.

On its head, it hits the tip and something.

It was a small pebble, falling anywhere in this arena, that rolled in front of Zangan.

"Ma...... no way!?

Ha!? I gave him a face. It was there before...

He was the figure of one fake wild dog mask, holding both hands around his waist, while remaining upright immovable......!

"No way, he did, and he gave me a finger...!?

I get the stone flying in place of the reply decently on my nose tip and the blood blows out.

"Oh my goodness!? Dear Zangan, you have a nosebleed! Is this your first sword fight and you got excited!?

'The Rifle' is a technique in which stone crushes, small iron balls, etc. are played with your fingers and used as a flying tool.

But of a fake wild dog mask. It boasted such speed and precision that it could not have been released from a human finger.

Even after you find out it's a missile, you can't see the flying stone.

It couldn't even be seen pebbles or anything from a distant audience seat, so it looked like Zangan was being hit alone.

The next thing I noticed the existence of the missile were the slaves who had fled.

They probably came next to Osama and whispered to his mouth.

"Oh, come on, seriously!? From here to the Zangan bastards, they say 100 meters away......!

"I've never seen such an awesome rocket...! Besides, I've never seen a brave man crawl so wretched...!

Osama responded to them, keeping his face forward.

"All the great sword moves of the brave require the same and lengthy activation preparation as the great magic. You get in the way, you're not scared."

"I can't believe you're not scared to slay even a dragon with a single blow, brave sword moves...!

"Who the hell are you...!?

"It's just a wild dog."

That just wild dog didn't even allow the brave to wake up.

Every time Zangan tries to get up, he hits the stone exactly where it can be called a human steeple, bringing it down again.

It had been a complete vendetta to give priority to boasting of muscles about what would have been prevented with proper armor.

Xangan exclaimed in stuffiness,

"Ooh, escort! Bring the escort here! Protect me!!

Along with his proclamation, soldiers with great shields emerge from the entrance of the brave man with a zorro.

And to protect Zangan, I turned my back and surrounded him.

"Oh, whoa! Dear Zangan, this is a declaration of escort! This has been since the beginning of this arena, but the brave have rules that allow them to summon the same number of escorts as the Wild Dog Army!

MC has a lot to do with unexpected events.

Booing happens from the audience.

"What the fuck!? You've heard the rules.

"Wasn't it this arena that the brave man defeated ten wild dogs by himself?!?

"You have a much better escort, no weapons, no protective equipment!

Zangan gets up, even though he's wrapped up in a boo-boo yaj.

"Shut up! I'm not feeling well today! But it's okay now! With this wall, you can't get in the way of any number of missiles! Now it's our turn! Heh! No one can escape my slaughtered rock sword! My sword crushes rocks too...!

But it was also for a moment that it was thought that the situation was reversed.

...... Bishung!!


The stone released from Goldwolf's fingers, after making a tall sound, like it was coming and going among the soldiers of armor.

...... Gatsung!!

It was an even more intense blow, snapping Zangan's nose column.

"Grrr!? Ha!? Knock!? hahhhhhhhhhhh!?!?

What an Osama's missile, even in a bounce, is unparalleled...!

From there on forward, it was a completely one-sided game.

Zangan tried to make the escort attack him, but ordered the escort to defend himself completely, because his defense would be thin when the escort was gone.

But no matter how shielded the escorts were and how small they became around Zangan, the missile continued to relentlessly strike Zangan's body.

The slaves are intoxicated by Osama's awesomeness and go out and buy themselves a stone hauler.

After Osama, the stone piling up beside him, turned into an infinite number of shells, the audience finally realized it too.

"Ah... it's him! The wild dog mask over there is hitting Zangan with a stone!

"You're lying!? I can't believe you can catch up with the brave guys that far just by throwing stones...!

"Look at Master Zangan. Yikes! You were so grand, and now in the escort, you're round and shrunk... what a pity you look!

"You're not that brave! You look like a bully!

"Just kidding! Tamae, this is the face of the brave man!

"That doesn't make you any different than 'fallen brave'! Die!"

"Ahhh... ahh!? Spectators! Stop throwing things at the brave! The only good thing about throwing things in this arena is the wild dog side!

Yaji and the escorts finally abandoned Zangan and pulled in after receiving an increased stone throw.

Exactly like a bully, the brave man who has been left alone...

Finally, I broke it.

"Ugh...! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!

Finally he begins to cry for help.

But what he was calling was neither the father of the brave nor the brother of the brave.

That's, what...!

"Ya... help me! Help! Help! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!