Talk, back to the Primla Legion.

As the first player in the 'Evantaille countries' offensive, Primla decided to deploy a slum dog mart to the 'Gunkpfr small country', the 'Land of the Wizard'.

This is for two reasons.

The first is that there is already image character visibility.

Speaking of the store's witch, she is the "Big Bang Love" of the high school girl charisma model.

The two had 'Hurlberry Small States' as the main venue for their activities, and their visibility in other countries was not so great.

But in the "Gocon" earlier, he did a great job of camouflaging great magic to the brave, and his name is known in the "Evantaille Nation".

He's a hot person among young witches, so he's impeccable as an image character.

And the second is that the target customer is primula same-sex.

Because I thought the demand was still understandable because the target was the same girl, although she had a different job title than the Virgin's Primla.

Incidentally, there are many male customers in the "Londowl Small Country," the "Warrior Country".

For these reasons, Primla decided to 'Gankpflu Small States'......

But this was a big mistake.

After all, she should have attacked from the 'Little Killyland Country', the 'Land of the Virgin'.

Because image characters have the most popular Holly Doll family in the country, and customers are the Virgin closer to Primla, so it's not hard to grasp demand.

And above all, the great Virgin of the enemy......

Because Fontine's visibility is not now rooted in the 'Killeland Small States'......!

Fontine was aware of that, of course, so she was embarking on gaining visibility in the 'Killeland Small States'.

Primla should have attacked the country before anything else, sent in a wild dog army before the opponent's ground hardened, and crushed them all at once.

Now that the country's brave stock is at its lowest with "Slumdog Land" and "Dog Leg Alliance," all the more so......!

Primla was tapping too many stone bridges.


Above all, he was afraid to fight the same Virgin, Fontine.

At Fontine's mansion, her potential as a Virgin and Primla, who was shown her 'form of love', were unknowingly lumped.

Fontine is full of confidence and has a strong belief in her own 'form of love'.

To realize that love, and to turn to the one you love, you are moving forward without turning your sides.

Primla was the opposite of that.

Worrying, I don't have my own 'form of love' yet.

There are people I love, but they can't even hold hands from me...

I was jealous and scared of Fontine, who had a bunch of things I didn't have...!

Primla herself was aware of that.

But I got lost.

I visited Fontine's mansion, since that day......

In the Labyrinth, named 'Love'......!

As a result, I mistook a look.

He was supposed to be a first-hand gunner and hit 'The Running Hand'......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Slumdog Mart" finally opened its store in "Gankpuffle Small Country".

In stores in major cities where Goldwolf was already pushing, use the clerks Goldwolf pulled out.

The state of the brave sage continued in the country, so much was welcomed by the people for opening the store.

The opening event hosts the Big Bang Love stage event.

In an effort to get a glimpse of the current Wizard, many Wizard Wizards grabbed it, and the opening merchandise can be sold to fly.

In addition, celebratory wreaths were also given to them by leading local figures who once fought with them in "Gocon," as well as by the Queen's Gold Bear, who initially showed a busy day in a row.

Usually, when opening a store in New Heaven and Earth, it is said to be a series of difficulties at the outset.

Simply because of the lack of visibility in the land.

'Slumdog Mart' is no exception.

Until now, Goldwolf had done it without difficulty, so it seemed to be going well, but there was actually an extraordinary struggle.

But all this time it was different.

Primla's command of Slumdog Mart was unparalleled...!

My men and clerks treated Primla as the goddess of business.

But behind this success is Osama's basement.

Rise the royal family of the 'anti-valiant' in the 'Joint Quest'......

Finish the royalty of "Brave Men" in "Gocon"......

I was grasping the hearts of the people in "Slam Doggland," because there was a glimpse of Osama, nothing else......!

But that's also why Osama could be at the mercy of Primla.

The basement is so tidy that it's impossible to fail without doing so much, I thought HR would be perfect this time to give Primla confidence.

But is Osama aware?

This time the opponent is not a bong cla brave......

No, indeed, the tiger at the stake is a bong cla, but behind that screen, the real tiger is holding back...!

Passion Fontine and calm sur boncos......!

Two tigers are about to be unleashed by the wild...!

Osama, do you realize......!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The tigers had an operational meeting at HQ following the invasion of 'Slumdog Mart'.

"At first, I thought I was going to open a store in a small Killyland country, but Ate is off the hook."

"Hum! I got it! I knew it would be wrong for a little girl like you to pinch her mouth! Women do what men are told, but everything works!

"Mr. Stented, my story is not over yet. Why don't you be quiet? Ate is off the hook, but we've already figured out what to do when we open a store in a small Gankpflu country."

"Shut up! When a woman talks, there's nothing wrong with her! Get the fuck out of here!

"No, I'm not leaving. Because I am a general producer. It was on the condition that you would take over the strategic planning of" Gorgeous Smart, "so I took on this offer."

"Hum! What a busy thing to do! A guy like you is a hundred years ahead of schedule! Dear Bonclano, let's get rid of these little girls and just think about them!

"Fushiyuru, calm down, Mr. Stented. Master Fontine seems to have something on his mind, so why don't we ask him that first, Shrub, Fushi"

"Master Stented! My little girl and Srl Boncos, the next time you call me that, I'll slash you off with bravery disrespect!

"Well, Stented, Srl Boncos is right, Bon. I'll ask Bon what Fontine has in mind."


"Just shut up, Bon. Come on, Fontine, talk to me and make me listen to you, Bon."

"I understand, Master Boncrano. The idea I've come up with is a novel and bold, unmistakable calculation conspiracy (Shinji Boo). It...!

... I'm the image character and I'm going to hit it out!!!