Measures against 'Slumdog Mart' in 'Small Gunkpfr States', announced by Fontine….

What a hell of a maneuver it was to be an image character myself......!

The leaders who heard this disagreed.

"No, no, no, no, no! Weren't you listening to me?" Gorgeous Smart "has never seen a woman's image character before! There's no way I'm allowed to sign a woman inferior to a man in a warrior's shop!

"Shroom, shhroom......! No, I'm surprised. No way, such as making yourself an image character... Full of surprises and interesting proposals, Lady Fontine is the Virgin. Regardless if you are going to be running for an image character in the Virgin Nation, where you came out in the Land of the Wizard, it seems thin as an advertising effect. Fushiyururu"

"That's right, Bon! Srl Boncos is right, Bon! No matter how famous you were in the world, in the Virgin and the Wizard, it's called a different field, Bon!

But Fontine took the men who disagreed...

By doing something, I literally shut him up in one shot.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Primla has launched a new robe for the Magic Lady to maintain the momentum of the Gankpuffle store opening.

It is the new colour of the pastel-colored robe, which was also popular in Halbury.

Minor changes were made to the design as well as functionality to make it even easier to use.

Something that the students of Big Bang Love and The School of the Great Demon Mentor also tried on and repeated the prototype over and over.

Thanks to this, it has become a top-notch quality for ease of use, so much so that Big Bang Love also pushed his heartbeat.

To sell the robe to a large extent, Primla gathered reporters and witches for a stage event to present her new product.

"I love this robe, uh, with bees! Look, I see this! I can give you two canes on my back, and I can get a cane in my sleeve! This way, I can take it out sassy! This ease of use, that's impossible!?

"Hmm, that's convenient."

Big Bang Love stood on the stage and appealed to me if this was still a good part of the new product.

The audience's reaction was also listed.

At the end of the day, we will use the great magic in a number of vacant spaces (yagura) to receive the press.

Burning Love's flaming magic explodes flashly on flames, just creating a beautiful ice column with Blizzard Love's icing magic, making a decision dialogue for the audience.

"With this robe, we'll all be able to use great magic. Shit!

As for performance, there was nothing more.

The most popular, charismatic model witches unleashed great magic in front of them and said they owed it to the new product.

The hearts of the gathered wizards are completely in my grasp...

Out of stock for the new product was no longer more obvious than seeing fire.

But that, by a certain high laugh, turns it into a light before the wind.

"Ooh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

Suddenly the carriage broke into the promotional stage.

Lady, colored full of faces, on that decorative carriage......

With a sense of miracle balance, Jen was royal...

Fontine Passion Flower............!

Besides, the outfit is not that of the usual Grand Virgin.

It was a fiercely flashy bibit-colored witch robe that burned in deep red.

Not "Lady Virgin," Fontine, transformed into "Lady Magic Wizard," soars her voice in the venue.


If you're wearing such a plain robe, you'll be left out of the world. Whoa!

There are only robes that Primla has in mind that are good at running and hiding!

But this robe I've been thinking about is different.

"To the passage, stand out......!

That's the concept. Wow!

I think it's best to stand out in the battle, not to fuck around with the witches!

Because the Wizard is the Battlefield!

Hua is inconspicuous, what are you going to do?!?

Nature's animals, for example, insects, have the same body color as trees and leaves, making them harder to find from the foreign enemy, the birds, and so on!

They also sell protective colored robes that apply it!

The 'Slumdog Mart' robe is arguably one that combines its' inconspicuousness' with 'stylishness'!

But such things, let me tell you, are the shallow wisdom of the weak......!

I, the mighty, am so sorry!

I'd rather find it!

I want you to attack me like a raptor and enjoy it!

Intentional, to that one......!

Those gathered here, for what, are witches!?

Isn't it for the brave man you admire to find!? It's not for you to eat!?

Then stop robing like that protective color and wear this robe together so sooo!

I'm sure the brave ones will be blind to you!!

The presentation of The Lady's Wizard had shaken the hearts of those on the spot tremendously.

Burning Love and others say they are enemies.

"Ah... if I wore that, uh, Mr. Goldwolf, I was wondering if you could eat it...?

And so on, the end of saying......!

"Barr, what are you talking about? They're the Virgin. And what do you do when you say it?"

"Ah...! Oh, yes, I did! You say" Fontine "? Pritchy told me! Even if the Virgin who can't use magic says that, Zenzen means nothing!?

In one word, the audience's swings subside.

"Oh my God, it's that one Virgin..."

"It's not convincing to be advised by someone who's not a Wizard of Wisdom to robe a Wizard..."

"I mean, why are you dressed like that when the Virgin sucks?

Everyone thought so, it was an arrowhead.

An incredible word came out of the lady's mouth...!

"... O Lord Spirit of the Blaze, who sleeps in the Red Lotus, blast the flames, on my arm (Epi)..."

of the spell, chanting......!?

That wasn't just imitating the wording.

Something like an upward airflow occurs from the foot, which is a sign of magical activation......

A deep red robe rose with springy curly hair...!

"What!? Mr. Fontine, are you kidding me?

"Mr. Primla, no way! Hit the flame! Burning Barrage Drum Solo!!

Fontine bravely wrestles her hands toward an empty plot of land.

Wrapped in a crisp red fever, the sound of all sounds, like a recital (drum solo), was emitted.


It was as if the magical demonstration of Burning Love had come back.

"Ugh... lying!? Ahhh I can't believe you manages Shin's" Burning Barrage Drum Solo "......!?

The appearance of the Grand Virgin unleashing great magic was heterogeneous.

And there was a great impact upon the hepatic strength of all.

And the young lady cries out unto those who are despised.

"This is the new Gorgeous Smart product, Passion Robe! If you wear this robe, like me, it's a contract to blossom a great deal on the battlefield!

Say, bah......! Remove the deep red robe.

Then from below, a waking silver blue robe appeared......!

"Ma... no way..." said Breathtaking Blizzard Love.

Yes, that was no way......!

"............... the icing solution, pierce the one! Blizzard Blitz Pentatonic!......" Passion Robe "comes in two colors! Flame Red and Froze Blue!

Finally, show off the great magic while advertising, even the artistic......!

Blizzard Love and the same ice columns, one after the other...!