"Burning Barrage Drum Solo" and "Blizzard Blitz Pentatonic".

Great Magic, which was the exclusive patent for "Big Bang Love," a charismatic witch model unit.

I also showed that move at this "Slam Dogmart New Product Presentation" and it attracted a lot of attention......

But the stock was lightly taken away.

"Lady Virgin" intruded into the venue in a carriage, what the same great magic as it is.

Besides, I'm alone......!

"Burning Barrage Drum Solo" and "Blizzard Blitz Pentatonic" are great magic whose attributes are the opposite.

They are called 'anti-attributes' and at the same time are considered difficult to master even first-class witches.

For this reason, a common witch masters only the magic of one attribute or one attribute that has an affinity for it.

Being able to manipulate 'anti-attributes' means, conversely, 'if you care about it, you can manipulate the magic of all attributes'.

This is' talented ', ahead of effort and training….

Of all the witches, I also admire them...!

Many of the witches who were shown their 'admiration' in front of them are stunned with their eyes and mouths open.

The venue air is no longer entirely, everywhere, and belongs to the Lady Virgin.

From the right hand of the Lady Virgin tells the story of the feverish heat, and from the left hand, smoke like dry ice, and the sights of earlier are not illusions, etc.

One hand was placed on his hip and the other on his mouth.

It's commonly referred to as "lady pose," and the high laughter sounds.

Ooh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

"Passion robe" that I am now wearing...!

Today on Gorgeous Smart, it's very popular!

Now you have my signature on your robe!

I embroidered it myself, it's a 1,000 dollar limited edition!

The lady's voice rang all over the venue, even though she didn't use loud magic either.

Everyone is completely distracted so that they can listen to the Queen.

Primla, Big Bang Love, and the audience......

But just one,

"Heh... just kidding!

Someone jumped out of the side of the stage on the 'Slumdog Mart' side.

As Primla's assistant, this time he was on the back, a run of tungtung hair.

"All of a sudden you're punching me into people's events, who the hell are you, Teme! I don't know who wants his autographed robe!

But the young lady has a nose with a hoof.

"You're late. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself because you have shaken it. My name is Fontine Passion Flower. She is the great Virgin of the righteous Virgin Gate, originating in Puget. … No, she was the Grand Virgin."

... bah!

and Fontine with one hand hair up.

It was too graceful a trick, as if an invisible rose petal had been scattered.

"As you can see, I will exercise not only the power of the goddess by prayer, but also the power of magic. A being that combines the two forces...... It's called 'Hybrid Virgin'. Wow!!

"Ha, hybrid Virgin OOOOOOOOOOOO!?!?

The audience squirms.

The hybrid Virgin raised her hair hands high...

I glanced at a certain person.

... Have a look!? Mr. Primla!!

This is the fruit of my training in national comics…!

I traveled through hundreds of kingdoms, learned a thousand things, and gained the power of ten thousand!!

The great magic I showed you earlier is only one of them!!

This and everything, everything......

To crush the Holly Dolls!!

But it doesn't seem necessary to use that power either!!

Because it's been a long time since I hatched from an egg, and I'm not trying to fly...

I live with Nukunuku in the nest forever, with Mr. Primura......!

Because there is already as much difference between heaven and earth as I am already feathered in the sky!!

Fontine waves down the lifting hand with lightning momentum and pierces the primula with her fingertips.


As soon as possible, to the body of the girl who was pierced,

...... zgahhhhhhhhh!

A lightning strike ran.

Primla already burned out white and no longer wordless.

Just that the battle has been decided, Fontine commands you to depart the carriage.

Finally, towards the audience,

"Saah! Everyone! It follows me! If you don't hurry, you'll lose my signed robe. Yikes!? Ooh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

A carriage that leaves a high laugh and runs out.

The witches who were in the guest seat run out with us like runners who heard the start artillery.

"Yes, I have to go! Gotta go gorgeous smart!

"Lady Fontine's robe is what we, the Wizard of Magic, wanted!

"The Wizard Guide is a battlefield hua......! What a lovely word!

"At any rate, I need to get my autographed robe!

"Ah, wait! Dear Fontine, ahhh!

... dododododododododododododododododo...!

An earth-smoking venue.

All that was left was a cough with the geese, primulas and runs, and Big Bang Love, with 'Slumdog Mart' officials......

It was a pile of robes of new products that were to be sold in the following merchandise sales.