When the brave brand that should have been in decline was breathing back in the Gankpflu small country.

It's important in Slumdog Mart, but Osama, the company's president, said what he was doing...

I was still in the Seven-Lux Kingdom.

After completing the process of registering residents in Wangdu, I slept alone in the twilight river plain and thought of things.

'Safe, I was able to be a citizen of Sevenlux. What will remain is how do we get out of this country?'

In Osama's sight, the fairy girls floated like flying mosquitoes.

The red light plunges in, and the two white and black dresses are colored to burn.

Speaking of which, Sevenlux is restricted from leaving the country.

Says the white fairy.

"With the wings of the pulls, I wish I could fly out"

and the black fairy takes over the aftermath.

Osama replied.

'That's a last resort, isn't it? Now you should still consider the means to leave the country in a regular way. And you'll be entering this country in the future, so ideally you'll get something like a free pass'

"Right now, the only people who are free to go to this country and the Evantailles... are the brave men and some gendarmes who are investigating crimes, etc."

'Right. The former is impossible, so tomorrow morning, let's hit the latter. And if you can, you want to leave this country all tomorrow.'

'Yeah! Pull, I want to go home soon! I want to go home and have dinner!

'Damn, if you pull... Speaking of which, my lord, when it comes to dinner, is it okay?

'I was worried about that, too. I hope you hold on......'

Osama infiltrated the Sevenlux kingdom with a bold maneuver that would shake his life on a stick if he made one mistake: becoming a slave.

But even that was' planned harmony 'for Osama......

Just one thing, I had some worries.

It is the existence of 'Unexpected to Live (Irregular)'.

Osama is currently in the Kingdom of Sevenlux, but that is a fact no one knows.

I'm still canned into my own room in the temple on Greyskay Island to come up with ideas for the Seven-Lux Kingdom offense.

On the face of it, that's what I'm supposed to do...

In front of that Osama room, it's been sticking around all morning.

Mother Reincarnation...!

"Hey, Gol, don't even have breakfast. What's up? Are you Onem? Or does it hurt to pound? My mom's gonna be tight and I'm gonna see you! So please, open up here!

She was only soaked up once for breakfast, a family routine.

On the contrary, I rested all the way to the sacrament, and it was at this rate the whole time.

If there had not been a response from inside the room, she would have assembled the total force of power she could have and butched through the door.

But it didn't.

"Mother. I want to focus on my work, so breakfast is fine. Food is available for purchase. Leave me alone now."

From the inside, I was getting a creepy response.

But she's not the one who pulls back on that.

"That's what I thought, I brought you dinner! If you don't eat, Gol will die! Please, open up here and have your mom's dinner! And just for a little while, show your mom that pretty face! That's all... that's all I need!

He just says he won't look at his face for a few hours, and treats him like a son who's been pulling off for decades.

Finally, I cry and lead to the door.

"Yikes... not yet, we'll make it...! Oh, please...! Please...!

But what I really want to cry about would have been the person in the room.

"Oh, Mr. Goldwolf...! come back soon no! In my monomane, I can't be deluded anymore! Oh, and... I've never seen anything so heartbreaking!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The real Goldwolf had begun his activities early the next morning.

Wander the streets of King Sevenlux's capital pretending to be homeless looking for breakfast and clamming trash.

Then, in a park, I found a crowd.

In the Wang capital, the morning park is busy enough to leave the stall because there are people walking and commuting to take streets...

Still, it's rare that people get together in one place.

Osama wondered what was going on and took a peek...

On the lawn, a woman in a white robe who fell through her body.

A distressed look on the eyes that never close with a cool look open.

With one eye she could see that she was no longer in the world.

The body has one gendarmerie-like man and a guard-like man crouching in a combination.

After the man in the inferior guard altered the body, he said to the man in the gendarmerie.

"Eight's husband! Looks like 'Wild Dog' did it after all!

"Now you're the fifth. Wild dogs are targeting only women since the first murder herald in the newspaper."

"Besides, this Virgin is the same as her previous victims, vomiting! Sounds like the same M.O. to me!

"Being vomiting would mean beating your stomach to death."

"But, sir, why not? I can't believe you just killed five women in a row...?

"There are two possible reasons for that. The first is that if you are a woman with weak abs, you can beat her belly and kill her."

"I see, that was a blind spot! That's my husband! So, another reason?

"Another reason would be a challenge to us, by wild dogs. Wild dogs must be laughing at us somewhere with a difficult serial homicide and wriggling hands."

The gendarmerie, called Eight, looked hazy at the words he uttered.

And when I stood up, I shouted at the Yazi horse.

"Yazi Horses, don't move there! Now I'm flashing!" Wild Dog, "a serial killer who is making a scene in this king's capital, is in here!

Eight continues toward the screaming yaj horses.

"Yes! Wild dogs have repeatedly killed like slapping a challenging letter of justice in this country. That means you should be wondering how we react when we receive a challenging letter! I'm sure the wild dogs are here! He's back on the scene again and asking how we are......!

Too much fear, the Yazi horse tried to escape, but Eight wouldn't allow it.

"Wait! Apparently, you caught it in my hand! If you're trying to escape now, even if you're a wild dog, you've confessed! Beech! Arrest everyone here!

"Heh! I'm disappointed. Come on!

The hand of captivity extends to all Yazi horses and, naturally, to Osama, who was among them.

A guard named Beech tried to rope him, but Osama blocked his hand.

"Wait a minute. There's no such thing as a serial killer wild dog."

Then the bees stuck around like crappy chimps.

The bee was small and small fat in body and a man with a face like Tanuki.

"What, is Temei homeless? That's the coolest thing about a wild dog I've ever seen!

Then, Eight goes into a stop.

Eight was tall, smart, and a guy with a fox-like face.

"Wait, Mr. Beech. Who are you, homeless man?

"I am Lone Wolf."

"Really, Mr. Lone Wolf? Why did you think there were no wild dogs here?

"That's because you don't know when the person you're after dies."

"What the fuck!? How could Temei know that!? I knew Temei was the killer!

"Please calm down, Mr. Beech. I'm talking to you right now, so keep your mouth shut. Mr. Lone Wolf, why did you think you didn't know when the person you were after was going to die?

Lone Wolf drops his gaze and glances at Eight's hips.

"You have a good dagger. Looks like silver, to see the pattern head. Hey, I need you to lend it to me."

"Temee! With Eight's husband's dagger, what are you going to do!? I knew Temei would......!

Beech was a momentum that just jumped, but he was silenced by Eight, controlled by his gaze.

When Eight pulled out his hip-dagger, he held a mirror-polished torso and pointed the pattern at Lone Wolf.

"Go ahead."

"Hi," said Goldwolf, who received it.

Approaching the Virgin's body and crouching......

In the meantime, I put a dagger in her mouth with it open.

"Hih......!?," he rises up slowly as he screams.

And when I turned around, what he was holding was...

The tip was black, it was a dagger......!

"The reason I don't have a 'serial killer wild dog' in this is because I thought the murder weapon was caused by a slow-acting poison because of the victim's symptoms. What's more, this is due to 'inferior poison (terrible)'. It's also known as" the poison of silver, "and this is how you discolor silver."

Yes, there really wasn't a 'killer wild dog' there.

But the Wild Dog was there.

"The Wild Dog of a Famous Detective" is...!