Suddenly, Osama, dressed like a homeless man, began to show off his famous reasoning, so the people around him were stunned.

"'Poisonous (terrible)' is a poison that can be collected from minerals and can cause poisoning symptoms if consumed too much. Symptoms include spasms and stiffness with fever, abdominal pain or diarrhoea or vomiting. And in a way, the most familiar poison in our lives. Normally, when it comes to poison, it is only used by adventurers or assassins, but what contains this' inferior poison 'is usually available in pharmacies, etc."

Beech had also forgotten the words to poke at, but Eight was roaring as impressed.

"Well, Lone Wolf, you're familiar with poisons, by the looks of them."

Lone Wolf nods back.

"Yes, because I used to work with drugs before I was in this position"

"So in what form is that 'inferior poison' sold in pharmacies?

"It's as a potion killer."

"... it doesn't seem to be a lie that I originally worked on drugs. The question now is, I tried you. But you haven't cleared your suspicions yet, so please accompany us. From now on, we will visit the pharmacy."

"That's okay, but if you're going to think about it, at least all families in this king's capital should be under investigation. Because the antiseptic is in every home."

"You want to tell me that the killer is not a pharmacist?

"Yes, there are other reasons for that. In the case of 'inferior poison', the lethality to the human body is assumed to be 50 grams. The killer, for example, attempts to poison a visitor to the store by selling 'inferior poison' disguised as medicine. The common powder dose is then assumed to be 2 grams per dose, so even if you take it three times a day, it takes as long as eight days to get you to take 50 grams. Although" inferior poison "has the properties to accumulate in the body, it will be hopeful to reach lethal levels."

Eight then opened his eyes in detail, as if a bean bulb had flashed on his head.

"I flashed. So you want to tell me that the restaurant is the killer? If you mix it with a meal, it's easy to get 50 grams."

"Sa... that's right, a man who knows a hundred and knows a thousand, Eight's husband! Asi just hit the victim's destination restaurant......!

"Wait, Mr. Beech. I don't think so either."

"Oh, my God, Lone Wolf! Is Temei trying to get a kick out of Eight's husband's name reasoning?

"Think about it, if the person in the restaurant is the killer, why are all the victims women? If you're a killer, you're supposed to kill men indiscriminately."

"Oh well, isn't that a wild dog hobby?!?

"No, I don't think so. Because 'inferior poison' also has the nickname 'poison of the fool', which is also a very easy poison to understand that it was poisoned. If a restaurant where even food poisoning is suspected to be the first to kill indiscriminately using poison so easy to understand, it will soon have legs on it."

"You just messed up! Then who the hell is Temei? If you're going to deny Eight's husband's reasoning, you already have a star on you!? Ooh!?

When Osama nodded, "Of course."

...... Thank you.

Yaji Horse All throats rang.

"First of all, can you tell us the scene of all the previous killings of the victims? And I want you to look at the nearby stores that apply to the conditions. There is only one condition…"

Are you dealing with 'OO (Peep)' or...!

By the way, 'inferior poison' is a major poison outside the world where Goldwolf is.

If the times were times, they would have been mixed up in curries and such.

Okay, here, I want you all to think about it.

The culprit in this case, what the hell is' how many houses'...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Then, after a while...

Around noon, a certain man was in the Gendarmerie Bureau's investigation room.

The man is named 'Moscos' and covers both eyes with bandages.

I had three men in front of me with a critical tooth bite.

"... how did you know 'Wild Dog' was me...!?

The bee that got himself out, Dan! And I slapped my desk and said.

"If it's the best gendarmerie in this country, it's one shot at Killeen's husband! I didn't know you were selling 'cosmetics' mixed with poison......! The victim's supposed to be a woman!

"Guru...! If it's 'inferior poison', I just thought I'd suspect a pharmacy or a restaurant, but I didn't expect it to tie to cosmetics......! What a man not to be caught in my yang move either......! That's right, I take the alias' Kamisori Eight ', only the Min Arm Gendarmerie......!

Eight, who was looking out the window at the blinds in the room, says without incident.

"My knowledge is extensive. I often deal with the ladies, so I became more familiar with their preferences. Aside from that, let me hear it. Why did you do this?

Then the cosmetologist man, Moscos, leaks a dry laugh.

"Huh, Mr. 'Kamisori Eight'...! If you were as human as you are, you'd already see it. Why did I do this...!

"... right. But this is a place for investigation, not a place to show off reasoning. Your sins won't go away where you hid them, so why don't you stop boring the mystery and confess to the adult?

"Huh, that's what I want to do, I don't know... I still don't want to die. So you guys can give me whatever motive you want."

"Really? If that's the case, I'll have to."

Taking his gaze off Moscos, Eight suddenly shook the subject to Osama, who was standing in the corner of the room.

"Mr. Lone Wolf. You're just like me, and you should already be guessing about motives. Let me ask you that."

"... ok"

Osama took over later and was framed to show off his reasoning again.

"You did not intend to kill, nor did you intend to kill, the woman of the victim...... no?

To Osama's word, an elephant and total furry Moscos.

He began to press his chest, as if he had been forced to open the thoughts he had kept within him in a bar.

"Uggh...! Sooo......! That's right...! That and this and everything......! That's because of Osama! A voice very similar to yours, Osama......! That's what made me so...!