When the Temple of Grey Sky Island was showing a lot of buzz......

"Gorgeous Smart Evantaille National Headquarters," its General Manager's Office, had the same festivities.

"Ooh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! My operation was a great win! Look, take this sale!

The store's sales graph on the wall is exactly V-shaped recovery.

On the contrary, it is pushing through the highest value of the graph, sticking out to the wall.

The men reacted differently.

"Shroom, shhroom. No, I'm sorry, Master Fontine. No," Passion Robe "is so widespread that it can be called the standard equipment for the witches of Gankpuffle. Again, in Shiru's eyes, there was no madness. Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

"That's right, Bon! I knew I was right to leave it to Fontine, Bon! Bon believed it from the beginning, Bon! Bon, too, gets compliments from the upper management. Bon! I'm sure my dad's happy for you, Bon!

Srl Boncos and Bonclano, who completely returned their palms.

But only about one of them had a teeth bite.

"... Gurgh...! To the woman's cunt......! It just so happens! You didn't just happen to have a lucky punch hit! I just happened to hit them because they were stupid women......! But the world of commerce isn't sweet enough to be overcome by luck alone! Once I figure it out, then I'll go to this washi who is a business professional......!

Of course you're not the lady who says that and pulls back "yes is it".

"No, Mr. Stented! This is just the first jab! The next hand is my special punch......! So you can sink Slam Dog Mart into the mat. Wow!

"Shroom, shhroom. And when you say...... So you're already thinking about the next strategy."

Srl Boncos feels inside, with a yelling face on his face.

- This, the Virgin named Fontine...

More than I thought, you seem to do it.

I was thinking of several means to kick out Shiru 'Slumdog Mart', all of which disparage the other...

It was all so called, 'The Evil Way'.

But the way this Virgin does it is like walking under the heavenly Pacific, the 'straight way'......

This has never been in 'Gorgeous Smart' before, it's a new way to do it.

Shiru's "Evil Way" and this Virgin's "Right Way"......

If the two go hand in hand, they won't be enemies, such as' Slumdog Mart '.

But now, it seems better to stay still.

If you get your hands on Shiru badly, you may get confused about the 'right way'.

This has been an unexpected pick up.

... but in comparison...

Srl Boncos glanced sideways and watched the stented flying mouth corner bubbles.

"Huh! What a punch! With that slender arm, there's no way you can defeat a mouse instead of a wild dog! Just shut the fuck up and punch her!

The blushing face is obviously cloudy.

- Contrary to that, this stented thing called, 'Pseudo-Brave'......

Block people's stories along the way, open your mouth and all the criticism of others......

Then on its own, it shows nothing concrete….

No matter how much stone you throw away, it would be too harsh......

It was a failure to leave the sorting of 'false braves' to the executive officers......

If I had even bitten it with my mouth, I could have chosen someone a little better......

In the future, ignore this person as much as possible......

It would be a good idea to proceed with the Fontine….

… Do you know what is most important to the 'organization'?

It is' cohesive '.

Let's assume here that there are two types of cohesion.

One is the binding power of 'interest'. This is the connection of fellow fighters who fight together towards the same end.

About those gathered to make higher profits, such as sports teams, armies, and swarms of bandits.

The other is the binding power of the Mind. This is an interest-bearing connection.

Family, brothers, lovers and children, best friends and allies, etc.

'Slumdog Mart' and 'Gorgeous Smart' are so-called 'companies', so they require the former's cohesion.

Of course, it would be better if the latter were cohesive......

Mistaken managers and bosses call it 'in-house recreation' or something like that, which is bad because they intend to hold sports and barbecue competitions and create a binding force until they have their employees back on holiday.

Besides, why did we talk about this...

Because this' cohesion 'is what will make a big difference between the forthcoming wild dog store and the brave one.

The upper layers of "Gorgeous Smart", including Bonclano, look quite "connected".

Because now it's 'successful'.

Stented headed to Bonclano, where he was just rubbing sesame seeds.

"The actor in this victory is still Dear Bonclano! With the guidance of Master Boncrano, we were able to be one! Conversely, the slam dog mart of great failure would fall apart! The president must be calling the man in charge of this one and yelling at him! Their remorse seems to come to my attention! No, no, no, no, no!

... really, is it?

And do they realize that?

The cohesive nature of the organization means rather….

That it's only when you fail that you show up.

Now, let's take a look at true cohesion.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In "Slam Dog Mart Gunk Pflu Small Country Headquarters," in the Office of the President......

Goldwolf, sitting at a qualitative office desk, was listening to stories from Primla.

Recently, Goldwolf operated on his own, so he was less in the office instead of in the store......

Primla was finally caught and reporting on the progress made so far.

And from earlier on, she kept her head down.

"… so the new product continues to not sell refreshingly. This is all my responsibility, too. I'm really, really sorry..."

But Goldwolf was a light one.

"Really? Okay, please continue. And as for the reports, I have looked through the daily reports that are being received from various stores, so these individual reports are fine."

"… you tell me to continue to take command?

"Yeah. I left that to Mr. Primla with my intention. I'm not going to let you down on the way down."

"So, but... I failed..."

"What's that?

"What, because of me, sales have dropped!?

"That's not a lot of a problem. Because failure is just an exercise to fly."

"To fly, practice...?

"Yeah. Any bird, nesting starts with falling. Over and over again, it falls countless times. But if you don't, you'll never be able to fly in the sky."

In that one word of Osama, in Primla's head, another flashes back.

Because it's been a long time since I hatched from an egg, and I'm not trying to fly...

I live with Nukunuku in the nest forever, with Mr. Primura......!

Because there is already as much difference between heaven and earth as I am already feathered in the sky!!

Does Osama know or not about the change in Primla's expression...

Spin more words, like a parent bird watching over her daughter.

"So, Mr. Primla, don't be afraid to fall, either. Where I'm flying, you've seen it when I'm secretary, haven't you? So now it's Mr. Primla's turn. Try jumping out of the nest as you wish and winging yourself full. Sometimes you'll get caught in a branch leaf and get caught up in it. But I don't disappoint or let go of Mr. Primla like that. And I'll take it right when I have to."

"Continue, thank you," he said, and Primla nodded soundly, "Yes."

Anxiety still seemed to remain, but to some extent it seemed to have blown out.

"Yes, I did. All I thought about was protecting my uncle's shop, and I seemed timid. Next time I would like to try winging big, without fear of failure......!

When Goldwolf scolded his men for their failures, there was only one reason for that.

That's if you 'fail' for fear of 'failing'......!

This method was the opposite of 'gorgeous smart'.

Because the corporate structure of 'gorgeous smart' is' subtractive formula '.

Failure is only a negative factor to be kicked down by rivals.

That's why the brave tuners laugh at the challenge with their noses and are obsessed with the crude search for their rivals.

Conversely, 'Slumdog Mart' is' additive formula '.

If nothing is done, it will not be appreciated, and vice versa, the blame for the failure to try will not be questioned in any way.

Meaningless, such as a crude search for a competitor......!

Would you have understood?

That the difference between these two stores is therefore the difference between 'binding'.

It employs excellent parts, even on planes......

Once the other parts have pulled their legs, they can't perform as they should......

Worst case scenario is that it breaks apart in the air...!

In earnest, let's see...!