Primla walks down the hallway leaving the president's office of the 'Gunkpfr Small Country Branch' of 'Slumdog Mart'......

Something was going on outside.

I went by the entrance and there was a run surrounded by many press forces.

Run notices a primula peeking across the hallway,

"Ah!? He's finally back! Hey, kid! Come here and say something to me, too!

"What? Mr. Run, what the hell is this...!?

Running over to Primla, Lan grabbed his hand and dragged it, sticking it out in front of the press.

As soon as Primla appears, the flash of the True Photograph machine is burned simultaneously, causing Primla to shrink herself.

The Holly Doll family often had press visits, but the responses were all the work of Mother, the parent.

For this reason, being stood on the arrow like this was the first experience for a girl.

Primla trembling like a lamb surrounded by herds of beasts.

The reporters were relentless and barked exactly like wolves.

"Dear Primla! A challenging letter has been tapped by the Passion Flower family, but how do you feel now!?

"Naturally, you take it!?

"You seem to have a profound connection with the Passion Flower family, albeit deeply intimate!

"Master Fontine seems to want a direct confrontation with Master Primla in an attempt to clear it up!

But all of a sudden, Primla was kind of refreshed about something.

"What? A challenging letter? Direct confrontation?"

I blink my eyes and see the primula that makes my mouth awake, and the run comes forward again.

"Of course you're determined to take it! Hey reporters, here's the headline on one side!" Primla Revenge "!" Atai takes anyone's challenge "!" Wash your dirty neck and wait. Oh, no, you Fontine bastard "! 'Last time I got hit by accident, but if you're going head-on, Zette, you can't lose'! How are you doing? Fontine bastards are gonna turn bright red, for Christ's sake!

"What, Mr. Run!? What!? What? What!? What, what, what!?

While Primla is wasting time, I finish the interview while Run says whatever he likes and says goodbye.

It was not until after the media returned that Primla read the "challenging letter" and the others in the matter.

Challenge Letter

Mr. DEAR PRIMURA Jiang (to)

"Slumdog Mart" is going to have a new product presentation next month, right?

Oddly enough, so is' gorgeous smart 'at home.

Because of this, let's go to the Joint New Product Presentation.

In the form of a stage event that brings together the Wizarding Ladies, we are presenting new products from Gorgeous Smart and Slam Dog Mart.

And on the spot, an impromptu meeting will be held for the audience's witches...

It's better to sell out more numbers, it's a victory.

If you lose, among the many witches and reporters, you will be grounded on the winner.

In that dungeon, which is the truly wonderful Virgin family will be widely known throughout the Gankpflu small country.

I look forward to hearing back from you in good colour.



How was the use of the town I gave you?

Because of that, I would also like to enclose the tea that I did at that time.

The challenging letter also contained exotic tea previously served when visiting the Fontine mansion in a takeover celebration.

Even so, it was for one whole crate, so the challenging letter felt more like an omelet than an enclosure.

And Primla has a personality that doesn't like to fight, so I don't usually gamble or gamble...

There was nothing I could do in front of a lot of press already, because Run got it and stood up.

On the contrary, it will be dealt with on one side in tomorrow's newspaper, so there will be no need for a fulfilling reply.

But Primla has a disciplined personality, so I wrote a proper reply letter, even though I knew she was.

I don't know if this is Fontine's next ploy...


The hybrid lady unveils a new product to be taken at the Joint New Product Presentation….

Win an overwhelming difference in front of many witches and the press......

I was totally trying to take away the place of Slumdog Mart from "Gankpful Small States"......!

Fontine knows a lot about Primla, so she also woven that she would be turned down in the normal way.

Fontine was in touch with the press at the same time as she shipped the 'fulfillment letter' to Primla.

"The Passion Flower family finally settles for the cause with the Holly Doll family," he said...!

Then what will the media do?

As for the contents of the fulfillment letter, it is a dispute between the two shops….

As for the article, I decided that it would be more interesting to make it a dispute over the Virgin's prestige......

On the basis of Primla, it would push over to the interview......!

Then Primla cannot secretly refuse the fulfillment.

Because at the time I said no, the press wrote it down a lot......

At that point, 'Gorgeous Smart', and the Passion Flower family's undefeated win, because it will be confirmed......!

Fontine knew all about Primla's character.

And I took that personality backwards, in a brilliant way......

I always refrained behind my oldest daughter, flowers blooming in the shade...

I dragged him into the sun...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next day, Primla wakes up as usual in the temple's own room on the island of Greyskay.

In the sink in the room, rinse your beautiful face like a flower that just blossomed in the morning with water like morning dew.

I left the room, as usual, to help me prepare my breakfast...

As soon as she...

He was about to blow a honey-like snout of his poor nose like a bud.

In the hallway, what...!

Like a wallpaper......!

No, the poor longhouse is also in such a way...

On one side of the wall, there was a newspaper this morning...!

There, a flashy headline was leaping.

"Primla Revenge!"

"Atai takes anyone's challenge!

"Wash your dirty neck and wait. Oh, no, you Fontine bastard!

"Last time I got hit by accident, but if you're going head-on, Zette, you can't lose!

Such, under headlines like the Strong Language trade fair......

I am so frightened that even a pully tremor is likely to be transmitted, like a Chihuahua who is going to kill himself now......

Primla's true photo...

Like a morning face out of blue, a crisp blue primula.

A little further away,

"Ugh! Finally, Primla did it! I did it!"


I dance and sprinkle newspapers like a bunch of bills, my sister and I...!

"Oh, sister!? Pine!?

Primla called me and I realized that the two of them had just jumped at me.

"Congratulations, Primla! You finally debuted the newspaper by yourself! Mom was so happy, I picked up a bunch of newspapers all over Gunkpfr Small Country!

"Plump, I'll give you this!

My sister was cheeky all over the true photograph of the newspaper, with a dying face of primula shifting on her cheek, like a facial sore.

Still, I can't get tired of it and get cheeky gliding at the real primula.

My sister just woke that dying face to a sketch and gave it to me.

"Oh, thank you, thank you..."

Primla was in an indescribable mood, receiving the blessings of her sisters.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, in the Halbury small country, in the Fontine mansion......

The landlord's daughter, the Virgin, jumped into the bathroom when she saw the morning paper and showered all the time.


And he was echoing indoors, screaming like he scratched the blackboard with his fingernails all the time.

"No way, I can't believe Mr. Primla is such a filthy, cursing me. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?

That's about the headlines in the paper, not Primla's own statement, of course.

But for a lady who didn't know what was going on, she was so shocked that heaven and earth were reversed.

The lady is pure in appearance of self-esteem, and she is outwitted and weak.

She kept screaming kicky and semi-crying, pressing soap against her neck muscles to foam and mocking around her neck.

Why are you so, so much washing in certain places......


It seemed so shocking that the headline said 'dirty neck'.

The lady's eyes rushing through angry hair heaven were burning with melameras.

"Look at that, Mr. Primla! What will happen to those who behave like that to me...! No more forgiveness. Shit! On the occasion of the Joint New Products Presentation, I can never stand up again......! Kechon, Kechon!

The seriousness of "The Hybrid Virgin" finally liberates......!?

Holy Girl Primla, here comes the biggest pinch ever......!?