When Lady Fontine was literally washing her neck.

In a certain first-class mansion in the King's Capital of Gankpflu small country......

Stented was having a late breakfast.

As soon as he took the morning paper handed to his wife and saw the headline on one side......

With blue muscles floating around my forehead, I tore it apart to bits.

"What's wrong with you?" "Dad, what's wrong!?

At the next moment, the surprise of a wife or child increases even further.

...... Gashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Stented left it to anger and kicked down a table lined with breakfast......!

"Ha ha!?" "Wow!?

Stented busted out toward the families falling on the floor.

"Oops! I've become a brave man!? And yet you'll always have to take out this trashy morning mess! Isn't this the same as before you became a brave man!

"So, but you... I borrowed money and bought this mansion, so I need to save some money..."

"Who do you think I am!? You're not a brave man of the Seating Class!? I don't have the authority from exam promotion now, but if I become a true brave man, this house's debt, etc., in no time...! No, you won't even have to pay!

"Are you going to step down, under the authority of a brave man!?" "That sucks. Okay, Dad!

"Yeah, loud! Thanks to whom do you think you can live in such luxury? Tomorrow we'll have steaks! That's not a bloody guy, either!

"I can't believe it's steak in the morning...... HA!?" "Stop it, Dad! Don't kick me!

"It's the privilege of the brave to be able to hurt as many women and children as they like not to listen! If you find out, don't ever talk to me again! The only answer is' hi '!

Stanted leaving the messy dining room and the sickly crying wife and child and gently leaving the mansion.

Getting in the carriage I was waiting for at the front door, it should be noted that his anger did not subside.

- Damn it!

The press covered the "Joint New Product Presentation" on one side......!

I never thought I'd be able to look out for you in my predictions......!

Isn't this what that fucking busty Virgin said......!

If things keep going according to that Namaiki Virgin's plan...

Master Boncrano's right arm, he's got a face!

Do something, I need to get a handle on it too...!

... bye! I've come up with a good hand!

He turned to the throne and raised a big, stupid voice.

"Hey! In this neighborhood, go to the Biggest Wizard's School! I'm busy! Guzzle or let the horses fly!

Stented visits a certain school of witchcraft in the King's City.

Swing brave authority and jump into the dean's office without an appointment.

The opponent couldn't resist because he was a brave man, and the elderly woman dean had no choice but to deal with him.

"… about the 'Joint New Products Presentation' next month? Yeah, I know. Gorgeous Smart has asked me to attend all of our students."

"I didn't know we already knew, we'd be talking fast! So I want you to tell the students from you, the dean, so they can win Slumdog Mart!

…… Let Mr. Slumdog Mart win? Isn't Master Stented from 'Gorgeous Smart'?

"Sure, I'm a 'gorgeous smart' executive, but never mind! As I told you, you just have to let me win Slam Dog Mart!

Stented was in the carriage, coming up with an idea that wasn't even Locke.

At the Joint New Products Presentation, if Fontine is defeated, he says he can make trouble...!

But maybe Fontine will win, so I figured it would be certain if I acquired the Wizard Wizard beforehand.

However, if you were speaking to each and every one of them, it's not very much but you can't make it.

So what I came up with even more was the operation of attacking the School of Magic Instructors, where there are many young Magic Instructors.

If you tell them by morning salute or something from the dean's mouth, they will follow you as well, knowing all the students at the top.

Stented had already been stained with ideas to his heart.

Good luck with your strengths, not outrun your rivals......

Secretly turning the ruse around and kicking down competitors......

I was immersed in the idea of no good, spreading to the brave organization...!

Fontine's defeat is no longer in the unshakeable......!?

But heaven did not seem to forgive it.

...... dozbahhhhhhhh!

Momentum to be kicked through opened the dean's office door.

"Who the hell is that?!?

And, looking back, Stented saw...!

It was as if he had come aboard the evil deputy's mansion, and he became royal...

It was a hybrid lady......!

"Become!? Why are you here?

Stented stripping his yellow teeth off and angry like a boss monkey.

The lady's step indoors was also an elegant step.

"That's our dialogue. I was asked by the dean there to speak. And by chance, I saw Mr. Stetted enter the dean's office."

"Wow... I had a conversation with the dean! And yet, get out of my way!

"Mr. Stented's thoughts are very promising. You were asking me to give the Dean a bribe or something so he could win me at the Joint New Products Launch, right?

The lady's reasoning was half hit and half off.

Stented, with half a star poked, immediately denies it.

"Oh... that's why!

"So, what brings you here on business?

"Oh, that's...!

But I couldn't tell you the truth.

Because if what I was trying to pull Fontine's leg into Boncrano's ear, it would be a big deal.

That's why his pride didn't allow him to lie about 'trying to make Fontine win'.

He lies and overlays.

The dean who remains speechless, bah! pointing to

"Not the other way around! He called me and demanded a bribe! If you bribe me, at the Joint New Products Launch, when I let my students vote, I've turned them away!

This man, he sucks.

Finally realizing who it was, the dean said, "Mm-hmm!?," he gave an incredible look at things.

"No, Mr. Fontine. I negatively mention Mr. Fontine at the Joint New Product Presentation..."

...... Gas!!


The dean's words were suddenly blocked by flying iron fists.

Stented curses the dean for breaking his neck and losing his mind even more.

"Holy shit! He's been out of line for a long time! I can't even compare you to a brave man, a washi, or a mere dean, who is right in your words! Damn, just think about a creature called a woman, not even really Locke!

... loose.

Hot wind stroked the stented cheeks.

Hot air like being by the stove, from the entrance......

Just around the corner where Fontine was standing, it was drifting.

"... you did, didn't you?

That was just one word, but it made me feel so angry that there was no more.

When Talari and sweaty stented turned from his forehead, there......

The lady is about to explode, as if all the hair on her body was upside down...!

"Besides, get your lady...! That, too, makes you older......! I won't forgive you......! I will never forgive you......!