Fontine gets loud cheered and gets off the stage.

The outfit is a deep red passion robe by way of example, but it caught my eye more than that...

It was a bird-winged device that was leading her into the sky.

Glassstone, MC, interviews just now.

"Dear Fontine, what is this wing-like thing?

"This is the vehicle that I have found in the exotic sky, the glider. It's hard to get on and it doesn't seem to be popular, but if it's on me, it's a foot replacement. '

Above the stage is an eight-sided projection (Den Yee) monitor, where the lady is shown up.

For this reason, Huhun, and a laughing expression in his nose, were also conveyed throughout the guest seat.

'I am the one who shines like a star... That's why I'm sorry if my body doesn't fly through the sky, not just my mind. There you are, unlike Mr. Primura, who is like a chick.'

And I won't forget to shoot my rival Primla in the mouth.

If the listener's MC had been a brave side person, we would have come together here to mock Primla.

But Glassstone, who's going to have a good fight with Slumdog's famous redneck,


and flushed it in a nutshell, pointing the microphone toward Primla equally.

"Then let's ask Master Primura what he meant."

Primla, though not as good as her sister, is a person with a soft waist and form.

But going up to the stage, she was hardened to the cock, as per the two-door refrigeration.

Still managed to squeeze my courage and try to say something......

When Run, who was next door, took Mike in a puff,

"Whoa! Kid...... No, Primla says this! Hey, Fontine bastard, if you're a star, Atai is the moon! Be shiny around Atai at best, man!


'And I'm telling you this! I'm gonna nag you around your neck today and drag you around to death, so be prepared! Holy shit!'

"Nmaa!? My neck doesn't stink. Took me about two hours to clean it up this morning. Wow!

Mike, in exchange for performance, as if mines had burst all over the place, duh! and boiling guest seats.

Primla tried to stop, but her body was dull and unable to move.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After that, a rule explanation was given by Glassstone.

From now on, Slam Dogmart and Gorgeous Smart will each alternate to present new products.

After both presentations, the audience moves according to the conductors.

Make one of the following choices:

Shop new products at Slumdog Mart's merchandising booth.

Shop new products at the Gorgeous Smart merchandising booth.

I don't buy either.

In order to avoid confusion, audiences who do not wish to buy also move once.

And at the end of the move, it would be a better victory if more goods were sold in both stores.

The presenter of the losing will be the victorious presenter in the midst of what these Magic Ladies of the King's Capital Ju will be watching, the dungeon...!

The press seats under the stage, don't push, don't push. Big day.

Tomorrow morning's newspaper will feature today's victory and defeat in a hustle and bustle by Gankpuffle Small States.

In that case, the reputation of the loser's stores will be a gutter drop......!

If Gorgeous Smart, which operates stores throughout Gankpuffle, is defeated, sales will be significantly reduced in all stores.

If Slumdog Mart, which is still a local development, is defeated, it may be forced to withdraw.

In any case, for both of them, the formation of the leeward......!

It was an "unbeatable battle"......!

The ending to be welcomed was exactly turbulent, but MC progresses pale, like the tranquility before the storm.

'Now I would like to decide which product to announce first, with a scratch'

It proceeded as scripted, but the lady, full of adrifts, waited here as well.

'That's not true. I can get ahead of you. Because at the last "New Product Presentation," Slumdog Mart announced the product first'

'I guess that's because Temei's been intruding!' and Run

'Either way, every battle is more advantageous to put out later. Junken would be a good example. But when you're as human as I am, that's trivial. Even if it's a backward junket, you can win it magnificently!

The audience is amazed at everyone for this confident proclamation.


But only one, a bareback maniac.

"Ah! I know that! Ahhh, put some brie leftover treats on it. I'm sorry, but if you brie it, Ahhh even if you serve it later, you win!? Seriously, not without awesome!?

"Bar. That, Barr's just a snake '

Surprise, move! Turns into a laugh.

MC, which was not even crunchy, nodded cocoon.

'Okay. Now, if there's no difference from the Slam Dogmart side, I'd like to stay ahead of the Gorgeous Smart.'

There were no objections, so the decision was made to the lady ahead of time.

From the stage sleeve, the wagon is transported.

The wagon was covered with a red cloth and made a pyramid-like triangular silhouette.

Fontine grins at the audience challenging as she grabs one end of the cloth.

"The last time I preached to you was the" Passion Robe "that I am now wearing... You were an innovative robe that could single-minded the gaze of the man you admired. '

When she does, the overhead monitor also reflects the guest seats.

The camera moves to lick the witches nailed to the stage.

'Looks like more than a majority of you are wearing a passion robe in your guest seat today, too. What I have prepared this time is a "pair" of passion robes. By analogy, if the passion robe is to be "Yin," this time the product is "Yang"......! If the Passion Robe is "Defensive," this time the item is "Attack"......!

Not all the guest seats for this, but also the slum dog mart momentum I was watching beside the lady.


Anyway, even 'Passion Robe' is unlikely to be offensive, if you think in the light of common sense.

Because I couldn't imagine it being 'shady' and 'defensive'.

At that moment the lady was here, in possession of the hearts of all.

"What the hell is beyond that cloth...!?

"I'm sure there's a hell of a lot of stuff...!

"Quickly......! Let me see it...!

Growing expectations.

It's too expensive. The seats are quiet.

This was also some kind of dangerous bet.

Because even gambling and the more tense you are, the bigger your losses are when you lose.

In other words, when expectations fall short, there will be no reversal.

But the lady was the type to just raise the hurdle.

What's even more horrible about her is that she can call it the sky, the sole that went up......

'Raise it up, raise it up, raise it up...! Attack, attack, attack...! To the boundary, to the limit, to the critical...! Until it reaches the stars, the moon, the sun......! And, and...!


"Lightly, cross over...!!

The red cloth that was finally removed, what was there......

No one's imagination can be reached......

It was exactly what could be called a 'frontier'.