The red cloth was removed, it was on the wagon......


The finest perfume-like design bottle is crystal, not glass.

It receives downpouring sunlight and emits a seven-colored glow like a prism.

By a cork stopper with a wax, what was enclosed was a liquid that seemed to have a high concentration to see.

It was colouring the lady's blood, and as if she had taken out her passion.

'red', but it cannot be said in such incessant terms that it is precisely the

Scarlet Noble, a noble deep red......!

It's like her intense life has become wine as it is......

Champagne Tower No, by the wine tower, it was stacked...!

At the centre of the swirling consternation, the lady shouted softly.

"… this is a" passion potion "that I came up with after a country comic tour!

"Passion Potion" was just that look and made me feel like a shitty aura.

Needless to say, it was designed like a dressed lady.

Potions in this world are all simple packaging.

Because it's not something I'll keep for long, and if I use it, I'll throw away the empty bottle.

But "Passion Potion" made a luxurious creation that overshadowed all of its common sense.

A bottle that you will want to keep after you drink it in a way that makes you feel spared drinking it.

'This is the most aggressive and noblest thing in the world......! It's a potion over the potion.

What the hell is potion over potion like......!?

Everyone in the venue was drained of their liver and was not able to move slightly...

Fortunately, MC was deposited.

Glassstone stands next to a lady who doesn't break up in a challenging pose and asks just now.

'Dear Fontine, what effect does taking this potion have? You said you were aggressive earlier, so magical power would increase or something...?

"I thought I would make something of that magnitude!? Remember the first thing I said!

'Yes, but this potion is paired with a "passion robe," isn't it? If the robe is to be "Yin," then this potion is to be "Yang."

'Exactly! You know the concept of "Passion Robe" right?!?

"Yes," to the passage, stand out...! "Right? However, I remember that it has a gorgeous design in order to show it to the Hall of Might. '

'Great, you remember me well. But let me just correct one thing, and I don't know if the person I'm interested in is your lord! We have to change it!

'Excuse me. Well, it was a robe for those of you to see, wasn't it?'

'Yes! And it makes me say, too passive... What's more, it's just defensive behavior!

'I see, so, what effect does drinking this potion have...?

'So far, I don't know yet!?

The lady peeling her eyes off in a frivolous manner.

Glassstone, MC, is fairly obvious only to newspaper reporters.

But you couldn't even tell.

From "Extremely Outstanding Robes" to anticipating the effects of "Extremely Luxurious Potions" etc….

Too hard to figure out......!

As one person in this venue, there was no one who could understand.

So I just waited for how much, and the right answer doesn't come up from the venue.

At last the paralyzed lady turns her roar in all directions after twisting her body in such a way.

"" To the passage, fall in love...! "Drinking this potion......! I'm going to like that one more. Wow!

"Huh... Huh!?," a voice like a mishearing erupted everywhere.

That seemed to be the same for MC, and I'll ask him right back.

'Um, is that, in short, a "love pill" that you make them take?

Then the young lady shook her neck left and right to the point where the curly hair was so punctuated that it swirled.

Not at all. Wow! That, the opposite......! You're the one who drinks. When you drink this potion, you drink it with your mind in mind! Then you'll like him more and more!

And she speaks as if she were to make a confession of a generation of love.

... 'getting to like' them more and more...!

If you have any idea what that means, stay in this venue!?

If you were there, you'd be a lonely person who never really loved anyone!

Being one-sided is very painful......!

But more than that, I feel so happy. Wow...!

Why do you feel happy......

'Think of someone' is the most honorable of human emotions!

This potion amplifies that noble emotion!

If you like someone, a concurrent person is trying to turn them around against you...!

"Passion Robe" is exactly what it is!

But when it comes to liking people and being able to do it, that's not all!

You just have to like them more than trying to turn them around!

God only knows what they think of themselves!

That's why I work so hard, hiccup, grumble, screw up......!

Don't forget to like them!

Try to fall in love with that scorched and burnt out!

That way, that way I'm sure......!

Thoughts always, definitely, totally, inexplicably, come through......!

That's enough to see you again...!

Turn around, you give me that. Wow!!!

...... zdowwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Out of nowhere, the roar shook the venue.

That wasn't just a metaphor.

Those who are on the spot, without warning, will not...!

Heartbroken by the 'passion of love' like the King of Flowers, the lady who spreads her hands on stage......!

Even so, it was shaken so hard...!