The new "Gorgeous Smart" product was a drug named "Passion Potion".

Finally, it is a potion with a 'charm' effect.

There are two types of potions that have an attractive (charm) effect.

"Made Usually by Formulation" and "Made By Magic Formulation"

The former was made by combining herbs, and the subject of making them fall in love cannot be specified arbitrarily.

A human being who is made to take it is fascinated by the first person he sees when the effect of the medicine is activated.

For this potion, it is possible that you did not see yourself when the effect was activated, although it is good that you gave it to the person you want to make you fall in love with.

In that case, the expected effect ends without being exerted, sometimes making people like the worst, unintentional.

It is the enchanting (charm) potion of "Magic Formula" that solved the problem.

This information is magically injected into the drug solution in preparation for a subject who likes it in advance.

For this reason, you can certainly attract yourself even if you are not present, as long as you can make the subject drink it.

The downside is that it becomes quite expensive because it will be made to order, and because the person you like will be limited to the person you input, it lacks versatility.

And this "Passion Potion" falls on the latter...

The magic of a new technology developed by your daughter, which succeeds in blanking the object you like.

When I think about them when I take them, it has the effect of liking them.

Incidentally, a potion with a charming (charm) effect is legally treated the same as a poison.

It is normally sold in adventurer stores because adventurers use it to attract and capture monsters and such.

Because of this, you will not be punished for simple possession, but if you use it against a human, not a monster, you will be guilty of the same crime for which you served poison.

Unlike the poison, it may seem difficult to discern because it does not die, but it is obvious.

Because the heart mark rises in the eyes of a person hung by charm.

And this "Passion Potion" is arguably perfectly legal.

Because I drink at my will and like them at my will......!

The inverse version of this' love pill ', the great invention born of Columbus' eggy ideas.

That, coupled with the dragon roaring lady's presentation, had been taken in great shock.

The wizards in the guest seat whisper in their mouths.

"Drugs that make you like them more......!

"That's not nice!?

"Yeah! 'Cause you're gonna like someone you like more!?

"I've just been thinking about how someone I like can turn around..."

"But I was wrong! You just have to like yourself rather than make them like you......!

"If I like that guy more... I could be honest in front of that guy too!

"Ah, how passionate! You deserve this deep red passion robe, you're going to have a burning love!

"I've made up my mind! I'll buy that potion!

The kind of voice that decides to buy springs up everywhere.

"Passion Potion," which is aggressive and passionate.

It was an unprecedented effect, but more than ever in the Passion Robe, it had the support of the Wizards.

It extends not only to the wizards in the guest seat, but also to the wizards on stage.

"Oh, if you drink that potion, I like Mr. Goldwolf more......!?

Burning Love, of course, even Blizzard Love, which was usually a disincentive.

"Phew... Phew... I want it, then......!

Like a maiden in love, with hot eyes, nailed to the example potion......!

And I was on their front line, Primla said...

Moreover, it remained solidified.

But this is not due to tension.

By Fontine's presentation, it came from the shock.

Like a tree struck by lightning, a primula that stands up.

- Mr. Fontine has thought of this potion......

Same as your sister...!

I told your sister before.

"If you're a sister, always hold on to your uncle so... Don't you think it's bothering your uncle?

Then your sister, with her usual smile,

"My mom likes Gol, so she's skimming about Gol. If you don't skim, you won't be able to convey your thoughts, will you?

"But... if your uncle hates you, what are you going to do?

"If Gol hates me, my mom will cry... But my mom liked Gol all the time. Even if you are betrayed, your thoughts don't have to come true...... Mom skimmed a lot about Gol, that's all you need, right? That's all my mom's ever been happy about."

I will not forget your sister's untrustworthy face at this time.

Mr. Fontine's conceived potion is close to the way your sister thinks.

Being fond of someone isn't about you being rewarded...

I just think about them and don't ask for anything in return......!

This is what is considered an ultimate, grand principle in the Virgin......


"Free Love"......!

I am thinking of your uncle so much that I cannot beat your sister.

But, but...

Whatever you do, I think about how your uncle feels...!

If I lean in, won't they look disgusting...

If I hold hands, they will pay me off...!

Both your sister and Mr. Fontine......

Already, out of my reach, at the height of love......!


After all, I am still immature...!

...... Zdbahhhhhhhhh!!!

Accidentally struck by a shock like a back explosion, Primla jumps up like Tanuki on Mount Katikachi.


When I interrupted my thought and turned around, there was a run there.

"Oh, come on, kid! How long do you think you're gonna stand there and get cancer? You can't hear me from earlier when the MC bastard says it's the kid's turn!

"What!? Oh, su, excuse me! I thought about it!

Then Lan grabbed Primla's hand, not saying whether or not he had, and drew him to his power.

Primla again, with a scream, jumps into the chest of the run.

"Ahhh! Ra, Mr. Run......!?

The words he continued to whisper in his ear were surprisingly gentle voices.

"... kid. You were cuddling with what the Fontine bastard said again because of what you did, right? What's" free love "?"

So Primla realizes she was putting her thoughts in her mouth and blushes.

"Don't worry about what he says. He's him, you're you. You gave your answer, so you made this new product, right? Then trust me on Soytz!

Run grabbed Primla's shoulder and stared straight at her.

"We've come this far already, it's time to get hungry! Zugaan, bump it... no, Pyon jump up and slap that tall, chronic Fontine bastard off! That much power is in your new product!!

Lan was "The Soul Fighting Girl," close to Fontine.

From the burning eyes, from the hand grabbed on my shoulder...

The 'will to fight' is injected, which could not exist in the primula.

A small fishing fire dwells in the serene sea-like eyes of the Holy Girl.

"Ha... Ha! I will do everything in my power to jump up! Mr. Run!"

"Oh, and that's the intention! I'm so busy!!

Run thought about binning to the finish, but I thought that if I did binta to Primla, the world might perish, etc., and it wasn't even in the gala, and I thought about it on the brink.