The Joint New Product Presentation finally became a presentation on the Slam Dogmart side.

Primla, who was completely relieved of nervousness thanks to the run, carefully raises her head toward the guest seat.

'Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to this new Slam Dog Mart product, my name is Primla Hollydoll. This is the first time we have made an announcement in such a big place, so there may be inappropriate or something, but we will try our best to introduce you'

Human beings who do not know Primla are no longer in the Dog Leg countries.

When it comes to visibility, it's more than Fontine, but around not skipping introductions, good parenting appears.

And during the greeting, the two Big Bang Loves were exiting the stage.

That's why......

'Oh, it looks like you two have finished dressing. Now, let me introduce you. Slumdog Mart's new product, "Overreach."

Primla's presentation has no absurdity of voice, no performance by the orchestra.

Not to mention I didn't put it on and it looked lightly on stage.

'Overreach' and crowned it......

It was a robe for witches, like playing against Fontine's "Passion Robe"......!

That's more like a business suit for women than a robe.

Sewing along the body, highlighting the beautiful body line.

Burning Love exposes a rounded glamorous body, while Blizzard Love exposes a shrewd, slender body at all costs.

But it didn't start to feel unpleasant, it rather felt like a 'big woman' on one rank.

What made me think that was the chic coloured fabric of the luxury brand….

Because the design of the primula was still elegant.

A robe for witches is generally shaped like a cape.

The inners are free, and if they are female students, they wear school uniforms, etc...

This robe was a total coordinated one.

That's a fresh reflection on the Wizards.

"Wow...... nice!

"I've never seen such a Magic Lady robe before...!

"I don't know, the colors are plain, but they're so stylish...!

As the two Big Bang Loves walked around on stage, like a fashion show catwalk, there were woot sighs leaking everywhere.

Primla begins her explanation.

It was a comfortable narration for the ears, targeted at Fontine.

… The concept of this robe is "back stretch".

Uncle...... one of you whom I admire very much said:

Gear is the best way to wear what was on your height.

But if you have a definite goal, it's better to wear something better, even if it's called backstretching.

Because Gear just makes you a one-ranked adventurer by wearing good things.

Besides, this isn't just about the performance of the equipment.

It is the woman who wears the dress from time to time that can make the dress look really good on her.

Conversely, a woman like you usually wear a worn out becomes a woman who looks good in a worn out.

The uncle... No, the admirer's words have been a hint of this robe.

And there's another one… Here's Mr. Lan's words that have driven me.

This is what Mr. Lang said to me.

"I stretched my back, you can walk Yochiyochi. Let me see your back stretch"...!

... Your uncle's words were not different word for word, but a primula I clearly remembered.

But after Lan's words had been translated a lot, he was subtly wrong.

The run I was hearing up close wanted to go in and wuss, but I can hang on for a long time.

Primla continued with her dreamy eyes, looking around at the guest seat.

Girls are always stretching their backs, not just mine.

I wanted to help, and I thought about this robe.

Goals are always high ground.

I want to be myself, an admirer...... Someone I like very much......

That could be the presence on a cloud out of reach.

But still...

I want you all to stretch your backs.

Because... the longer you stretch out, the higher you reach...!

Thoughts, everything......!

If you wear this, "Backstretch (Overreach)" ….

You must be able to stretch out more...!

Your favorite...

Knock... even on my lips...!

I'm sure it will arrive...!

The last crunch took so much thought from the primularly fresh water stage that I made a bungee jump without strings.

Primla that lowers the dust so as to delude the bright red face.

The venue remained quiet with Shin......

Then, on the overhead monitor, the face of a person is shown with a throat up.

That's, what...!

Stretch your back and kiss your face, lady......!

Momentary rotation, all over the venue! and boiled.

So Fontine, who returned it to me, rushes to fix it.

"Holy crap... this is it! Puppy, I didn't imagine where Primla would turn her lips when she heard her presentation. Shit!

It's unusual for a lady to be disturbed, and that's all it took to induce a blast.

The venue is surrounded by a soothing mood at once.

"Hahaha! That Fontine lady wants to stretch her back, too!

"Surprise! Even Dear Perfect Fontine, I can't believe there was something out of my reach...!

"I stretched my back, too. Go!

"Me too! I want that robe!

"Yeah! Plus, the robe the adult witch wears is badass, but that one is sooo stylish!

"Yes, yes! The two Big Bang Loves, unlike always, are a grown woman in a kanji!

Feels good for the young wizards.

I was avoiding "Passion Robe," the reaction of the adult witches......

"That, that! What I wanted was a robe like that!

"Yes, yes! There were only two robes for witch guidance, flashy for young kids or plain for Obasan...!

"That's right in the middle of it! I claim it properly even though it's plain, and I don't hate it even though it's flashy!

"Nice......! Big Bang Luv, you're not like a witch who belongs to the kingdom!?

"Me, I'll buy that robe! Sounds expensive, but I would definitely buy it even if it was expensive!

"Me too! Like Master Primla said, I've always worn a dress and become the right woman for a dress - go!

And it happens roll, buy buy call......!

The lady's "passion for love" made me wonder if the atmosphere of the place was a gorgeous smart advantage......

The Saint Girl's 'Loving Backstretch' hasn't lost either......!

The stage event is finally about to go to the 'merchandising' that determines the female male......!

Which one wins......!?