Slam Dogmart and Gorgeous Smart's "Joint New Product Presentation" is finally in the voting phase, moving on to "Merchandising".

Its temperament was also unusual.

Events involving brave and civil organizations are basically the extremes of Gudagda.

For those involved will sell their charm to the brave, and they will be a streak of excessive brave magpies and obstinate civilian sage.

In this event, however, unnecessary brave colors had been eliminated as far as possible at Fontine's discretion.

It was because the customer was a woman, but it worked in the right direction.

Until just before, by the way, Stented was trying to screw Ride Boy, an idol brave man, but he had ended up failing.

The event is a faint announcement of the MC and proceeds solemnly.

'Then we'll do more merchandising than this. Just in case, I'll explain exactly what we're going to do with the merchandise. "

The rules of merchandising are simple and clear, and the audience will now make a choice between the following three.

Shop new products at Slumdog Mart's merchandising booth.

Shop new products at the Gorgeous Smart merchandising booth.

I don't buy either.

The settlement of the battle will result in more sales of this new product.

Both "Overreach" on the Slam Dogmart side and "Passion Potion" on the Gorgeous Smart side are available in an equal number of 20,000 sets.

I was wondering if that number would make it, but thanks to the great success of the announcement of the event, the venue is packed with more than 20,000 spectators.

Worst case scenario, no. Hopefully, both stores could be sold out.

In that case, it is the rule that selling out first would be the winner.

Plus, this time it comes with the service that you can buy 20% off the normal price, after the advance sale of the new product.

Sold out will be a must, but both products are 'up to one point at a time' in order to get more audiences to buy them.

By the way, whether I bought the product or not, I was able to get memorabilia for this event only.

Glassstone was explaining these rules, and I was hearing screams from all over the guest seat.

"Oh, what am I supposed to do now?! Which one should I choose!?

"I want both robes and potions!"

"I was just going to watch it today, and I can't believe it's going to bother me so much!

Primla was blurring her ears against the deliberate blurring.

Then I also heard the two gals behind me, whispering.

"Hey, Brittle, which one do you want to buy?

"Barr, if we're not guests,"

"I know and I know! He said he was going to buy it!

"Phew, you're worried, to be honest. Which one is Barr?

"Uh, I can't make up my mind, so I said I asked the burrito! It's not uncommon for a cafe menu or anything to bother me so much.

"Bar is instant on everything, but you'll regret it later and want someone else's."

At that time, Primla was holding out her hand because Glassstone's explanation of the rules had just come to an end.

"Oh, um, excuse me! Mr. Glassstone!

'What is it? Dear Primla'

Glassstone walks up to Primla and points at the loud stick.

'Um, I think it's annoying to suggest something like this now... Why not increase the choice that you can buy both products?

Then the passenger seat said, "Wow!" and cheers.

Of course, the two gals in the example,

"Ahhh, that's seriously not good enough. No!? Pritch, seriously, not genius. No!?

"Hmm, that's good."

It was a sudden descent and gushing suggestion, but Glassstone takes it calmly.

However, the realisation of this proposal seemed difficult.

Because we have to increase the number of wires that have already been installed.

In this case, if it is a normal MC......

I'm in a position to deceive the originator and make him give up...

But the MC was different this time.

'Okay. In that case, you'll need two confirmations. One is whether the gorgeous smart side accepts the rule change, and whether the change in the conductor is realistic. Staff, can you estimate the time for additional conductors?

Glassstone speaks out to the operational staff who are just on stage sleeves.

And the next thing I know, I confirmed my intentions to Fontine.

"One thing or the other is the same thing for me to wake up in the morning and open the curtains in my bedroom."

'What does that mean?

"Passion Potion" wins means it's more obvious than watching Yang (Tue). With me, even victory can be casual as a result of everyday behavior. '

'Does that mean against the addition of conductors?

'No, I'm not.... It's kind of crazy talking to you. That means yes. I guess Mr. Primla is trying to get a little spill out of it, knowing that he can't beat my "passion potion". If that's how it's done, it's cheap.'

It was a rhetoric I took around, but as a result the lady's consent was obtained.

The change in the conductor was an estimate that it would take about an hour.

Towards the guest seat, once you've made sure you're willing to wait, all spectators will say, "Wait -!" He replied.

As a result, one option is added abruptly.

Shop new products at Slumdog Mart's merchandising booth.

Shop new products at the Gorgeous Smart merchandising booth.

I don't buy either.

Buy both............!

After a short hour or so of waiting, the event resumed.

'Ladies and gentlemen, we have been waiting for a very long time. We would like to move on to merchandising now that the changeover of the conductors is complete. Spectators, follow the attendant's instructions and follow the lead.'

And it begins, at the time of destiny.

The number of sales is counted in real time and is displayed on the transmission (den-e) device installed on the stage.

If it had been a quicker sellout win, it would have been a minute by second feud.

But that big anticipation will collapse all at once.


All the audience, only to one conductor, headed...!

It's like there's one beautiful girl in a thousand years, like an idol group......

I don't even look out for anything but your girlfriend, like a fan......!

It's like a sight that embodies the harshness of reality......

At the end of that line is the Holy Girl or, lady, the Virgin......!?


It was both and neither......!

The queue is, 'Buy Both'...!


What was there was the harshness of reality and so on.

For both idols, fans say nickel......

Gentle world......!

They said they built a mechanism for this event that shows how many sold in real time......

It ended uselessly.

Because instead of every minute and every second, there is no difference of every millisecond, exactly at the same time......

Both products count up…!

Where the count reached 10,000, I stopped measuring myself.

But here, one audience jumps out of the queue.

She ran toward Dosdos and the gala-empty merchandising booth.

Suddenly, Fontine and Primla face each other.

Because which product she chooses will be the key, beyond sales being equal.

The product she chose will lead by one point….

That lead will not be buried forever more than the subsequent audience is in the 'both purchases' line......!

Suddenly appeared like a comet, a mysterious girl......

Which way did it go?