Jumped out of the queue, one girl.

If you describe the state at that time, 'I jumped out of the herd, Ikiri Impala'.

No, if you know to be rude to the lady and describe it as it is......

Just, 'equilibrium pig' eh......!

The girl...

No, for convenience, I call it 'girl', but my age is unknown.

On the contrary, it was suspicious whether it was a woman.

Wrap your fat body in a patzn patzn dress and cover your bulb face with a bright white makeup like your fat husband's.

I have long blonde hair, but the momentum of running makes me uneven.

The figure was a rude ugliness to pigs to call them pigs.

In view of the differences in its appearance and behaviour, if it were to be given a new name….

"Strange Species" eh......!

… Now, if you are a good person, you will already know who this odd species is.

She rippled the fat off and was already out of breath when she said she had just run a little.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

Slumdog Mart queues......!

Originally, the slam dog mart momentum should have been overjoyed here.

Anyway, if she buys me a new product, I can call it a victory confirmation at that point.

But the two primulas and runs on stage, Big Bang Love, had a really subtle look.

"Oh, that one, what the hell...?

"Hey, what? That disgusting bastard...!?

"Wow, that's impossible. No!?

"Hmm, you're a complete man"

Completely an uninvited guest reaction.

But it is still a customer, so I have to sell it.

When he reached the Slam Dog Mart sales booth, he (●) stood while banging the table.

"Whoa! Give me the garbage-like robe there, 100... no, give me 1000!

It was the first voice that made me wonder if I really wanted to come.

... Now, if we get this far, even those who are not good will no longer be obvious who he is.

Yes, the identity of this eccentric species is STENTED......!

He was diving into this event until he dressed as a woman to defeat the lady...!

By the way, he was letting about a hundred witches speak up and dive in as Sakura.

I was telling those witches to buy Slam Dog Mart products...

But at the end of the presentation of both stores, all the breathtaking Wizards lined up in the queue for 'Buy Both'.

It is this man, the bottomless man of hope, who is betrayed by all 100.

Having been alone, the women's clothing stained held her head in the queue.

- Shit!

Always betrayed him!

Then let Slumdog Mart win by an overwhelming margin and not ruin his manoeuvre to kick that damn busty Virgin out!

Always with the greed of the moment!

It's like a pig!

After all, a woman is a creature if you don't trust her!

And flicker with his own name proposal.

- That's right!

A hundred people should probably buy it!

Even if you don't rely on the female pigs, this can make a big difference!

I don't have a hundred clothes to wear, but hey, I'm a brave man, I'll figure it out!


And to this day.

... His manoeuvres weren't basically bad.

Only one thing, if not his' don't listen to people ', even faults......

No, one more thing...

If you don't have the same depth of desire that doesn't fit your height...

Because all he wants to buy is Slumdog Mart's 'Overreach', one point I'm glad......!

That alone makes a difference that won't be filled forever......!

All you have to do is keep an eye on Yuki and 'Slumdog Mart' will be a victory......

The lady said, "Geez!" I would have said......!

But he didn't know.

The fact that one product can be purchased per store…!

No, even if I knew, I could have gobbled it.

Now he didn't want to back down when the clerk refused to say "up to one point per person".

"What!? The eagle... No, the eagle is a customer! Besides, I'm dressed like this now, brave man...! No, no, I know a lot of brave people... they're such great people. Yikes!

Pretending to be a woman, as I suddenly remembered, was angry to watch.

And for some reason, lady, the tone......!

Fontine had not noticed the identity of the eccentric species, but had an extremely unpleasant look on her face.

Stented finally rumbled and tried to pull the witches who were in line for 'both purchases'.

"Whoa! Female pig there! Come here and line up. Wow! Can't you hear what the wax is saying?!?

"Hey, what the fuck is that?!? Don't pull it!?

"If you take a good look at him, you're not a man!?

"Oh, really! You're a total pervert!

"He said there was going to be a hectic Osama around the Wizarding Girls School recently, but it's not him!?

"Disgusting, let's do it!

Stented surrounded by the Wizarding Ladies.

Regardless of one or two opponents, many of them were passive, and quickly, as female enemies, they were in a slap.

The guard rushes up and drags the worn out stented cheats.

Its pathetic appearance was precisely that of an 'evicted eccentric species'.

... Now, although there was such trouble and there was a temporary interruption, the sale went well after that.

And after that, odd species never showed up, so in the end......

The new products Slam Dogmart and Gorgeous Smart are both….

Totally, perfectly, completely, without the madness of the dimensions......

At the same time, sold out......!!

In the end, this Joint New Product Presentation resulted in a 'draw'.

On the contrary, there was not one person who made the choice of 'neither buying', which leads to an anomaly in which many spectators would be tempted to buy it.

"What, I don't know! Sold out already!?

"I lined up because of you, and there's no such thing!

"Yeah, I told you not to panic because we have a good number!

"I couldn't wait to see what you could do!

The audience begins to boost.

Finally the end of getting out to the stuffed ones.

Primla was completely back to her usual weakness after the presentation and from the loosening of her mind that only defeat was spared.

'Oh, uh, gentlemen, calm down...! I'm so sorry! I just made an extra suggestion...!

On stage, towards the audience, he's lowered his head, over and over again, which is never cheap.

But the lady wasn't.

Unlike Primla, he stares at the audience without apologizing and remaining Jen Royal.

She seemed to be thinking something.

And she hadn't distracted herself yet.

Because she knew.

The game is over...

The battle is that it's going to be real...!