Fontine pierces her silence with her lids closed, with her primla peppering her ass like a water-drinking bird.

After pondering like a dragon king, she opened her eyes and opened them up ghoulishly.

And best of all,

"Everyone who gathers here only feels like wanting my" passion potion "… it's so painfully conveyed! So here I am, determined!

The lady's 'determination', is that...?

"My" Passion Potion "will be available at all Gorgeous Smart stores in Gunkpfr, skinning this event! So I made up my mind! If you have a souvenir handed out at this event, you will be able to ask for a" Passion Potion "at 20% discount in each store as well!

Lady's 'determination'......

That was a tireless attitude to stick to the battle, even after the game......!

Naturally, the noisy audience rejoiced in this.

"Wow! That's Mr. Fontine!

"I can't believe you're selling it for the same price as the event...!

"I don't think you're gorgeous smart, you're generous!

"Yes, gorgeous smart events are always an increment when it comes to event prices and stuff......!

"Gorgeous smart since Master Fontine became an image character is sooo good!

"Yeah! I hated it for a time because of the brave man's scandal... but I think I'll like it again!

Fontine responds well to the audience.

The lady, with just this one decision, turned the bad impression of out of stock all at once.

But her turn isn't over yet.

Laughing huffy, I glanced at Primla by the way,

"Now, what is Mr. Primla going to do? You don't think you can just keep your head down to annoying people, do you?

The suddenly shaken primula gets stuck in words for a long time.

But when the run that was next to it,

"Naturally! I'm not gonna do it with a kid's head or anything. Hey! This one's 20% off, too!

Then he said, "Wow!" Cheers and applause happened.

Primla has a blue face and whispers to the run.

"Mr. Run! 'Overreach' is priced at critical cost! 20,000 sets for this event have been woven as a cost of promotion, but if you sell any more than 20%, you'll be in deficit!

"Ugh! That's why if we pull back here, it's a customer credit rattle drop!

Fontine giggles, looking at the two disputing girls.

- "Passion Potion" is a potion of fascination (charm) when it comes to the original......

I just applied that, so it's usually not costly.

Rather, it sets a high price to add a brand image.

So I just deducted the 20% value and it doesn't hurt or itch.

But 'Overreach' is, no......!

From the material and sewing, it should be about a ton at that price......

That's what I thought and set you up, you hit me brilliantly......!

Now Slumdog Mart, the more you sell 'Overreach', the more you will be in deficit......!

Although the quantity is limited, the damage should work like a body blow......!

Win the match and win the battle too......!

That's my way......!

This time the game was a draw, but that's why we make a huge difference in the battle to win. Wow!

Apparently, this battle is yours, too!


… Thus, the "Joint New Product Presentation" closed the curtain.

However, there was no grounder, so it is the contents of an empty statement in the media.

The media took a great deal of the perverts who made the merchandising noise because they couldn't help it.

Though the pervert was pulled by the guard, he saw Suki and escaped, apparently.

And Slam Dogmart and Gorgeous Smart......

The two stores were divided again, light and dark.

Slumdog Mart sold 'Overreach' for sale.

But the 20% discount hurts, and the situation is a storewide deficit.

Conversely, the 'passage potion', with low cost rates and prospective repeat purchases, was bringing so much revenue to gorgeous smarts that laughter could not stop.

The momentum of the lady's bamboo never stops...... it should have been.

The combination of "Passion Potion" and "Passion Robe" meant to take the hegemony of the Gankpflu small nation at once......

But Fontine, for one thing, was misseen.

The presence of an odd species...!

Stented was completely losing his place, even in the upper layers of Gorgeous Smart.

He was in a hell of a lot of action.

That's, what...!

I'm in the 'Passion Potion' workshop, threatening the craftsmen...!

It's supposed to be blank, 'thinkers'...

I was letting someone rewrite it...!

The person is someone...


Bonclano Gorgestis......!

Stented was alone, giggling damned.

- That'll change from tomorrow's shipment.

The Wizard Ladies who bought and drank potions, so that they would like Master Minna Bonclano......!

If Master Boncrano becomes a hottie, we can sell all sorts of more products to those women...!

Master Bonclano is a know-how, the store is a know-how......!

And the eagle who instructed it, what happens...

Super, uhhhhhh......!

That fucking busty Virgin has no clue, it will be just a small one......!

This is what makes Boncrano so trustworthy...!

At the end of the day, just as justice will always prevail….

I knew it was up to you to win last...!

The woman shuts up and crawls behind the man...

Even an ass hole, you just have to lick it......!

Then Bonclano's routine suddenly began to glamorize.

If you walk down the road, you will be surrounded by the Wizard Ladies, and you will make a scene with Ka Ka.

Wherever you go, hotties, restaurants and taverns, the Wizard Ladies come by without a scratch.

"Ahem! Master Bonclano!

"I've always admired you!

"Master Bonclano is so cute! As much as I want to eat it!

"Please! Put me in Master Boncrano's harem, please. No, no!

Bonclano was quite hot because he was the son of Buttaftotta and a high brave man.

But every woman was clearly destined for wealth and status, and Boncrano was hungry for true love.

Of course, this love is also the extremes of the niceties......

All the women who come by were abnegated, so that's a fresh reflection on Bonclano.

"Ohh... Ohh! Finally, a world has come to realize the true charm of Bon. Bon!

Bonclano has been filled with kissmarks all over his body and has been attending the Director-General's office with pleasure.

So I waited with Fontine and Srl Boncos......

And the actors just said they were all here, making a full announcement, it was stented......!

"Looks like you're a lot hottie! To tell you the truth, I ordered the artisans to rewrite the effects of Passion Potion! So that the object of the favor becomes Master Boncrano!

of that moment, the expression of Fontine and Srl Boncos......

Whatever word I exhausted, he said, was not something I could describe.

If you insist, it's like witnessing a mushroom cloud in front of you...

Such, he said, was an end-of-century face.