Instant brave, stented confession, it is......

Oh, my God, I changed 'Passion Potion' to 'Bonkla Love Potion'......!

Both Fontine and Srl Boncos stood up with enough momentum to kick the chair at the same time, peeling their eyes at a time with no different dimensions, screaming almost simultaneously

"" Become...!? Oh my god, you did (ooh!?) (kah!?)!?

But Stented won't move, not even on the sword curtain between the two of them.

Instead, he just said, "I don't know," and he was blushing his nose hair.

"Hmm! This isn't about looking ahead! Your crappy 'managed potion' just happened to hit me! It's selling now, so I'm adding more production, but I'm tired of it right away, and then it's a pile of inventory!

The lady trembled in anger. She couldn't even speak much.

A lot cooler than her, Srl Boncos asks instead.

"Squirrel, Mr. Stented, after rewriting the object of effect of the potion to Master Boncrano and giving it to the witches to drink... I was going to replace the image character with Bonclano... So?

Stented didn't think that far, but he sidelines it all with the ship on the crossing.

"Oh... oh, yeah! Didn't you get a little smarter when you read my thoughts with your missing head! This is also because he serves a competent human being named Washi! Using Master Bonclano as an image character, the Wizards push over to the store and spend money like hot water......! If you do, you'll earn even more!

"Shroom, shhroom. I understand what Mr. Stented thinks. But" Passion Potion "is a potion of charm…. If you let it drink to make certain people fall in love, and if you tricked them into buying it, it's a crime......! If it came out bright, the gendarmerie would not shut up......! Shroom, shhroom......!

Here finally, the lady opened her mouth.

"Before that, this is blasphemy against love......! Deceiving the Wizard Ladies, Convincing Thoughts, etc...! You can never forgive me for that!!

"What a blasphemy for love! A little girl like you talks about love a hundred years early! The love of a woman is only one eternity in the future...! It's not about making a man of himself! No, no, no, no, no!

"… we will immediately discontinue the production of the potion and communicate the collection!

If we don't talk, Fontine tries to tease her shoulders and leave the room.

But what stopped it was an unexpected person.

"Wait, Bon! Fontine!"

"Dear Bonclano......!?

"Bong liked the idea of Stented, Bong! Stented's idea brings further benefits to gorgeous smart...... The idea of a one-shot enema, known by Bon's name!

Bong misinterprets' One Stone Two Birds' as' One Shot Enema '.

It was so stupid that I just had a few good thoughts and was totally flushed.

"If you're talking about the gendarmerie, don't worry, Bon! Even if the system in this country changes, there are plenty of people in the Gendarmerie who breathed Dad's breath, Bonn! It's as easy as twisting if you have to, bong!

"I will never forgive such a disobedient way!

"... what if I don't forgive you, Bon? If you don't want to, can I fire you right now, Bon? Then you'll never be able to go back to Pujeto again Bon...!


Fontine stiffens her clenching fist with her back turned

"If you know what I mean, I'm gonna chill my head a little outside, but good bong! In the meantime, Bon, keep talking about new image characters!

"That's Master Boncrano! So think about how you're going to open the crotch of the Wizards of this country! Then a dumb woman would better pull out the crap called love and such! Hihi, hihi...!

Judgment of evil deputies and laughing like Echigoya riding on it, Bonclano and Stented.

Fontine remained silent, leaving the General Manager's office behind.

...... then the 'gorgeous smart' of the Gankpflu small country goes backwards the original route.

Surrender Fontine from the image character of the same store….

Instead, he pushes out Bonclano, who is not a warrior or an idol, just a fucking boy.

And that determines the smash hit.


Because the Wizards, planted with false favors by "Passion Potion," arrived and scattered.

At the same store, for every 100,000 yuan (ender) of product purchases,

"A lottery ticket that can be vetted to be placed in Master Boncrano's harem"

I attached something that would.

It is the Harlem Certificate Commercial Code, which is not commonly known as the Handshake Certificate Commercial Code.

It also only gets the 'right to be judged', and I can't even hold hands with the longing Bonclano.

But the Wizards changed the color of their eyes exactly, pinking their eyes and buying and fishing for the product.

Of course there were moves to make it suspicious.

The gendarmerie bureau had a number of talking points......

The gendarmes had decided not to know.

This is because, as Bonclano said, the upper echelons of the Gendarmerie did so.

Gorgeous Smart was finally regaining its share until it almost took away Slumdog Mart's customers.

When this happens, it can no longer be helped by Primla's efforts.

Then we can break this situation….

The only one left is Osama...

Osama had made it clear to Primla that he would support him if he had to.

Exactly if I got here, I would have had to move it out......

But that (●) Osama...

Still, watch it...!

Instead, I was instructing Primla to do something extraordinary...!

"It's okay, the battle is already on. More than that, there should be many customers coming back from now on. Expand your previously partial store expansion to all of Gankpuffle at once."