That's more than 100 million copies of 'Passion Potion' sold….

It was the next morning, when the commemorative party was celebrated.

Bonclano gets drunk and asks the fan witches to send him to his room......

And it was carried into the bedroom by the hand of the wizards that had made them dwell again.

And when he wakes up with a hangover head, he's going to have a turn from the best night, the worst morning ever.

"Ugh... I was kind of dreaming about Bon..."

Bonclano waving a pale face.

I was not in a very good position to go to work, so I decided to take care of myself and rest today.

I wish I'd slept in bed like that, but in a series of nightmares I've never experienced in my life before.


It was a terrible dream: to be subjected to all kinds of torture equipment and inflict endless suffering.

Moreover, on the way, consciousness continues to be extended as if it were reality, without awakening.

By the time I finally woke up after about eight hours, my whole body was sweating as if I had bathed in water.

That went on for a few days.

Whether I'm at work or at home, I get furiously sleepy, but when I go to sleep, nightmares await me.

I tried to wake up for a cup of coffee or a slap on the cheek, but when I realized it, I got caught on fire and the days went on like I was sitting rather on a needle.

Finally, he came spiritually and began to cross his hair, which was dark, with gray hair.

I saw Srl Boncos recommend the doctor, so I went to see him......

"Maybe you're eaten by 'Nightmare Hill'"

"Nightmare Hill," he said, sucks the blood of those who ate it and literally gives them nightmares.

Bonclano was naked and even tested for body blemishes, but there was no Hill anywhere.

Just in case, and applying the "record ball" technique, see a special examination.

This is like 'Lentgen' in modern times, something that can be shot through the body.

Then there he is...!

As if squirrels had implanted in the bark, countless indulgences......

No, I can't let such a fancy metaphor fool you...!

It's like a Namekuji gathered under the house on a rainy day, surprised......!

Hill was stuck on the stomach wall...!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!?

Unexpectedly, both the doctor and Boncrano screamed out loud.

"hey...... why bong!? Why is this disgusting thing in Bon's body? Bon!?

"'Nightmare Hill' is a kind of monster, so if you're not an adventurer, you won't be eaten. Besides, being in the stomach means...... didn't Master Boncrano go on an adventure and eat something weird there?

"That's not what I'm gonna do, Bong! I used to be an adventurer when I was a kid, but now I'm a brave guy!

"Really? If you haven't been on an adventure lately... maybe you were mixed up in a meal."

"Oh no, Bong hasn't eaten anything weird. Bong!?

"'Nightmare Hill' exists only in the secret realm, so it's not something that mixes in by mistake. So only that someone intentionally mixed it into a meal..."

"Ugh...! Who the hell would do that...! But we'll see about that later, Bong! I'm gonna do something worse than that, Bong! I'm gonna kick you out of Bong's body right now. Bong!

"Treating 'Nightmare Hill' isn't that hard. You just have to take your medicine and put it down. But the medication has tough side effects and is very hard and painful while you are taking it..."

"Or... I don't mind, Bon! There's no such thing as a bong compared to being made to have nightmares! Come on, I'll give you that medicine. Bong!

But the pill brought distress far beyond the imagination of a fucking boy.

It was as if the nightmare when I was asleep had extended to reality… it was hard to exhaust to such a brush tongue.

"Gu...! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Ouch, Bong! Awful bong! Who...! Bon, help me, Bon!

Bonclano wandering around in his own bed.

Usually I just rinsed my knees and the witch I keep at home changes her blood phase and rushes......

For some reason, when they all came to Bonclano's room,

"Poor Bonclano. But apparently we had bad dreams, too. I had stopped drinking because 'Passion Potion' had been out of stock lately, but that seemed good. That's why I'll give you some time. Master Boncrano's bad.

I hope your dreams soon. "

The Magic Ladies have always taken 'Passion Potion', so it has always been a betta love......

I was out of stock and didn't get it, so I went back to sanity......!

Finally, the Wizards have lost none of them from Boncrano's mansion.

By that time Bonclano was a side effect of the medicine, his hair was turning bright white and, on the contrary, he was starting to fall out worn out.

But still, 'Nightmare Hill' was able to kick everything out of his body.

"Ya......! Yay, Bong! Now we're finally done having nightmares, Bon!

Fucking boy finally managed to get his first peaceful sleep in days.

Of course I never had a bad dream or anything and it was a refreshing wake-up call......

As soon as I saw what I was sleeping with on the bed......

"Ugh...... wow!?!?

Just another nightmare, screaming...!

What was next to him, what...!

It's just my neck, my horse...!

"Wow!? Whoa, whoa! Wahhhhhhhhhh!?!?

The unusual appearance of a horse, presented to me by my father as a child and raised like a brother......

Bonclano went half frenzied.

"Why, Bon!? Why, Bon!? Why do you do such a terrible thing Bon!? Who the hell is that, Bon!? Who the hell is that, Bon!? I do this terrible thing...... WHERE WHERE WHAT BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?!?

Bonclano felt a gaze, plugged in from outside the futon window.

When I opened it with the momentum to break it, the black shadow overcame the fence and was in the middle of escape.

"To... I won't let you get away with it Bon! Guards! Get Soitz, Bong!

The shadows were seized by the hands of guards stationed at the mansion.

That person covering his whole body with exactly a shadowy robe.

When I peel it off and see who it is, what the...!