A mysterious figure putting together a dark robe, who was in the garden of Boncrano's mansion.

If I catch him and pull the robe, he's, what...!

... stranger, man...!?

Of skinny cheeks on a blue-white face, I'm only going to describe it as creepy, the man.

If I were to analogize, would I look like this if I put just a little flesh and skin on the skull of Reaper?

The man keeps his eyes closed all the time.

The lid is painted white, and the eyeball-like mark is painted black.

"Become... what the heck Bon!? Who the hell are you, Bong?

When Bonclano asks, the man answers with his lid closed.

I haven't even opened my thin eyes, but I'm looking closely at Bonclano.

"Hihihi......! That voice, my dear, Dear Bonclano...! Earlier screaming, very heartbreaking......!

"I knew it was you who killed Bon's beloved horse, Bon!? Why did you do this, Bong?!?

"Because... Isn't this all decided by the thought of Master Boncrano...!

"Think Bon......!? Bullshit, Bong! Could it be that some rival brave guy asked me to bong!?

Then the man opened his eyes cuttingly, as if to release the second binocular.

"Someone asked me to, etc., and it's outrageous......! I just want Master Bonclano to be happy, with purity......!

It kind of doesn't engage the story.

The words were supposed to be well understood, but it was as if they were talking to exotic people.

Unexpectedly, the man grabs Bonclano's shoulder and brings his face much closer.

His gaze hit him directly from the front, and Bonclano screamed again.

"Ugh!? Whoa, whoa!? Oh, you, no way......!?

Yes, that was no way.

Bonclano saw something behind a man's eyes.



Obviously, the man seemed to be under the effect of 'Passion Potion'.

That is not a strange thing in itself.

Because although "Passion Potion" is a product directed at witches, it does not restrict purchases due to gender.

And there's nothing strange about this guy who drank 'Passion Potion' favoring Bonclano.

The problem is the output of that feeling (output) …….

Wanting to please Bonclano, why, after the tragic murder of Bonclano's beloved horse...

Weird behavior about putting that raw neck in bed......!?

But Boncrano couldn't afford to think about it anymore.

"Ugggggggggggggggg......! Goddamn it, kill him! I'll kill him, Bong!

Even if the man is offered a maximum sentence, it should also be noted that while he is being taken to be dragged by the guard of the mansion, "Hihihi...!" He laughed.

The man was executed instantly for killing Bonclano's beloved horse.

Bonclano said he was freed from 'Nightmare Hill' because of...

On that first day, I saw horrible things, as if a nightmare that was supposed to have disappeared had eroded into reality.

"Phew...... Thanks to" Passion Potion, "Bon became beloved by all sorts of people. But I've never seen such distorted love before, Bon."

Bonclano ordered his servants to strengthen the security of the mansion.

And although this is an instant, I also thought I would restrict the sale of 'Passion Potion'.

But "Passion Potion" is the earner of today's gorgeous smart dants.

Recently, there has been a rampant buyout of even organizations, and the general witch says it is completely unavailable.

As long as it increases production, it sells so that the smoke disappears.

Thanks to this, the difference with Slumdog Mart was opened, while it was just one step away from retreating.

Such a fold, Srl Boncos has grabbed some information.

Slumdog Mart is on the offensive and expanding nationwide into a small Gankpuffle country.

All I can say is that the slum dog mart in the entire store deficit is crazy shabby, such as scaling up.

If the store retreats now, it should have a shallow wound (with Asa) to the extent that an arrow stabbed him in the shoulder...

Let's go out of our way to pull that arrow out and do something stupid that will re-give it to our own heart...!

If so, Bonclano could not loosen the hands of the 'Passion Potion' more.

"Bong! Switch all potion workshops to manufacture" Passion Potion "in order to eliminate" Passion Potion "out of stock. Bong!

But Bonclano's neighborhood becomes suspicious, as if proportional to the good performance of "Passion Potion".

Bonclano began to feel someone's gaze all the time.

Looking around, if it's crowded, if it's far away, if it's at home or in the office, out the window......

Someone in a black robe began to hide himself...!

Bonclano gets semi-frequent each time and calls people.

Only the incarnated ones of Reaper, who look just like the man who tragically murdered his beloved horse, can be caught that way.

One person at best, such as such a disgusting thinker......

Many of them would be about two of them, if they were messing around...

So much so that I wondered where I'd been hiding, I came out boiling later...!

Whilst, I stuck it stunning behind the fridge, like a cockroach......!

And at last, the cockroach once again also visits the land of rest.

When he woke up in his home bed, Bonclano's heart was about to be crushed by the things that popped into his eyes.

For a moment, is this a reality or a dream......

Or is it a bad reality or a bad dream......

My head was confused and I didn't even scream.

"Ugh... Ugh!?," said Bonclano, leaking a voice like a crushed lung.

On the ceiling of the bedroom, there were letters like those written in a brush, which were big.

"I Love You"


It's red, it's like paint...

No, obviously it was' blood '.

And it hasn't been long since I wrote it, as if it were blood, puffy, puffy...

All over the room, it falls...!

"Ugh...... wow!?!?

Nightmares, three times...!

Totally insane, Bonclano jumps out of bed with momentum like a fire on his ass.


...... Gasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Feel something cold in your ankle,

...... zhhhhhhhhh!!

I fell so I could be dragged down to the floor.

The feeling of clumping still doesn't go away.

It was supposed to be around my legs, but it felt like my heart was being grabbed with cold hands, and my blood was freezing too.

I gave him a rough face, beyond that......

A black robe shadow lurks under the bed......!

Reach out like a bone and take Bonclano's ankle......

I was grabbing it, dragging it into the abyss...!

"Ugh...... wow!?!?

Nightmare, comeback (REMEMBER) Huh...!