Bonclano was immediately admitted to a hospital dedicated to the brave in the Kingdom of Sevenlux.

In front of the private room, he was allowed to stand watch and apologize for the visit, wearing a futon, turning bright blue and trembling.

"Why...! Why, why, what!? Thanks to" Passion Potion, "Bon was supposed to be hot on the Magic Ladies, and then he could make a mess of money and get his dad to compliment him Bon......! Why did this happen, Bon......!?

also to the sound of the door of the hospital room that opened properly: "HI YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!?" and a frightening beginning and end.

And standing at the entrance were two strange men, neither doctors nor nurses.

But he wasn't in a black robe, so Bonclano regains his strength immediately.

"Ki... who are you guys? Bong!? Bon is absolutely at rest, I apologize for the visit, Bon!

One of the two men was a hat knoppo in a mourning suit and the other was a good big guy from Gatai.

"Instead, you look fine, all the time."

Knoppo rehats instead of the meeting and comes closer to the bed.

"Come on, don't come, Bong! Mi, what are the lookouts doing Bon!? I'm gonna get rid of them right now. Bong!

"Ah, if you're the ones outside the hospital room, you seem to be asleep right now, dude. I guess I got full for lunch and I got sleepy."


Bonclano grabbed the short sword that was by the bed and immediately pulled the knife out.

But the disrespectful man merely shrugged his shoulders, even when he was pointed at a gleaming cut.

"Please calm down, Master Boncrano. We're not suspicious, are we? I'm late, I'm a gunhound from the gendarmerie bureau in a small Halbury country. The big one over here is my guy Sauccan, dude."

Sauccan said, "Welcome first, Master Bonclano!" I salute you most.

"So why is the gendarmerie of the Hurlbury small country in such a place? Bong!? In other words, Sevenlux and Halberry should be in a state of national disconnection!

"No, a gendarme conducting a criminal investigation can come and go with privilege. Especially the demon king followers (sanitarists) that we're chasing, because it's normal for them to move around the country."

"Sa... Demon King Believers (Sanitast)...!? Are you saying this Bong is a Demon King Believer (Sanitast)? Bong!?

"No, you don't, dude. We just wanted to ask you something, Master Boncrano."

Gunhound takes the vial out of his nostalgia.

That was familiar to Bonclano, but now it was a silo thing I didn't even want to see.

Regardless of Bonclano, who looks bitter, the gunhound continues.

"Master Bonclano sells this' Passion Potion 'at Gorgeous Smart in Gunkpflu Small States, right?

"What's wrong with that, Bon?... Oh, okay, Bon! Illegal potion, so I've come to get Bong!? That's no use, Bong! The gendarmerie bureau in the Gankpflu small country is full of people my dad knows. Bong!

"Really? Ever. But the illegality of the potion is outside our jurisdiction, so I don't care. What we want to hear is who we sold it to."

"Who I sold it to...?

"Yeah. Apparently, this' Passion Potion 'is now a pandemic among Demon King followers (sanitasts) in Gankpflu small countries,"

"'Passion Potion' is a bong made for the Wizards! Why do demon king followers (sanitasts) need to use it Bon!?

"Did you know that demon king followers (sanitasts) sacrifice human beings? Their devout demon kings make their fellow human beings sacrifice themselves to test the loyalty of their faithful. It also seems that the closer you get, the higher the point..."

"The closer people are, the higher point......?

"Yes. For example, your own parents, children, wives and lovers. Maybe this is more right than 'I love you' people. The more they sacrifice their beloved human beings, the closer they are to the devil. And the higher its beloved human status, the more delightful the Demon King seems to be..."

"Kuh, crazy bong!

"No, not at all. Demon King followers (Sanitasts) make lovers to sacrifice, they marry and have children, they build happy families, they sacrifice everyone but themselves... And I repeat," Start a new love. "

"Oh, nasty bong......! But what does that have to do with passion potion, Bon?

"Explain this far, don't you know yet? The Sacrifice of a Demon King Believer (Sanitast) may be heterosexual or same-sex, but it may be a child or an old man. The important thing is in terms of 'how much you love that person'. But loving people from the bottom of your heart is an out-of-the-box big deal. What do you think they would do if, at that time, they had a potion to like someone just because they drank it?

"No way...... no way!?

"Yes, that's not true, ever."

"Sa... What happens when a Demon King Believer (Sanitast) loves you? Bong!?

"That's right, they first do the act of tormenting the person they're after as a sacrifice. So it's an expression of their love, all the time. It's, for example, beloved's beloved, killing pets miserably, etc......!

Behind Bonclano's brain, an unusual horse figure flashes back.

"Before I got here, let me do a little research, and he said that suspicious people have recently appeared around Master Boncrano, right?

"Damn... it is, Bon! They must definitely be Demon King followers (Sanitasts). Bong! Ha, come on, we'll get them all. Bong!

"Yeah, so I came to talk to you, all the time. Catching the miscellaneous fish around you doesn't have the chili, so that means you're looking for a boss. I know what the boss did this time."

"Boss......!? Who the hell is Soitz, Bon?

"I haven't got a clear idea who this one is yet, either, duh. However, when I tightened up the demon king followers (sanitasts) with the" Passion Potion ", I threw up, and my boss instructed me to make a purchase from them because the object of the effect of the" Passion Potion "became Boncrano..."

"Become, how come the boss, knowing about that......!? Yes, no, nothing. Bong!

"The boss seems like a hell of a wicked working guy, and he won't let us grab Shippo at all, either. But he's got a good eye for it, too. If you are as good as Boncrano, your sacrifice is worth too much. Besides, if you drink potion, you can easily make it your favorite...... Demon King Believers (Sanitasts), such a delicious prey, I guess not, all the time."

"Hih... Hih...!

"They don't kill such a shitty prey right away, ever. You will try to suffer for a long and long time by taking away the beloved of Lord Boncrano and his precious things. To make cows and pigs taste so good meat that they feel fear and pain...... Slowly, slowly, plenty, twitch, and…. I guess I'm going to break my heart so I can snuff it off with Yasuri......!

"Hih......!? Hino, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.