"Hih......!? Hino, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

He flies out of the hospital room with his visitors, Gunhound and Sauccan.

Momentum, as if his butt had caught fire, led him to the headquarters of Gorgeous Smart, where he ordered the recovery of the 'Passion Potion' located throughout the Gunkpfr small country and the discontinuation of production.

But it was his second brains who waited for it.

"Shroom, shhroom...... Please wait, Master Bonclano. That is very dangerous. Because from the Wizards, who were the original customers, the identity of 'Passion Potion' has been found out and has already been lovingly fulfilled. Still, thanks to the" Passion Potion "selling, we are in a position to earn our share of Gankpuffle"

Srl Boncos keeps talking hot, but logically, like a military teacher who encourages a caught up warlord.

"Shrew. The liver of this operation may continue to sell 'Passion Potion' and withdraw 'Slumdog Mart' even if it loses the trust of the Magic Ladies. That way, the adventurer's shop will be gone but 'gorgeous smart', and the Wizards will have to use it irrevocably... Speaking of which, 'Operation Scorched Earth'. But if you refuse to supply 'Passion Potion' before it becomes scorched earth, you may end up rolling back into 'Slumdog Mart'"

In short, Srl Boncos would like to say that even if Boncrano is tormented by the Devil King's Believers (Sanitasts), be patient in a few moments.

But that was an impossible story to tell the brave little boy who would be raging to hit one injection.

"Bon doesn't like to feel bitter anymore, Bon! No more sales, no more hotties. Bong! The image characters go down, too. Bong!

"Shh shh shh shh shh... But, Master Bonclano, are you sure? If we cancel the launch of 'Passion Potion', the current 'Gorgeous Smart' of Gunkpfr will be devastated. If you do poorly..."

"Oh, shut up, Bong! You just have to say Bon is good, Bon!

"Right, right, right! Master Boncrano's decision is always the right one! You're not a brave man. You're a hundred years early!

In the end, thanks to my selfish little shit and its drumming......

"Passion Potion" was recovered from all the stores in Gankpuffle.

Even so, there was always a suspicious man at the Gorgeous Smart stores, who bought it all up when "Passion Potion" arrived, so they never recovered a bottle.

Their presence was also a factor in keeping the original customers, the Wizards, away.

Even in the workshop, production of 'Passion Potion' was cut off.

But I was running a full Gankpflu workshop, so I get a massive pile of inventory.

They were to sleep in the warehouse until they were periodically disposed of, without being shipped.

And... something happens that I was afraid of.

From around the fucking boy, the black-robed ones disappeared and although in private the peace returned......

At work instead, idle birds push over, like the crow of Reaper's use...!

From Gorgeous Smart, even the looks of the suspicious men disappear......

Not if you're gorgeous smart, turn it into ghost smart......!

I can't help it.

The Wizard Guides were in "Passion Potion," and they were making me like a piece of shit I didn't even like.

Fucking boy is a brave guy and a bong, so he's not a bad person to like.

But if you like it and get paid anyway......

They wound up the gold, not the accumulated one......!

The recoil was immeasurable.

"Something. Come on, 'Passion Potion', isn't it what you thought?

"Yeah, I thought too! You're not talking about the brave man you're looking for, you're filling your head with Boncrano!

"Wow, that doesn't suck?

"Master Bonclano is fascinating if you see him as a brave man, but seriously, if you see him as a man, give him a break!

"If you mean to put me in Harlem, I don't even have to think about it..."

"Oh? I don't even like Harlem, you father-boy!

Bonclano was not originally the type of brave man to be told by the wicked so far.

But when I struck out as an image character, there was plenty of misguided narcissism that ignited the disgust of the Wizards.

And in a series of noises, the most affected were….

Needless to say, it is' Slumdog Mart '.

The deficit in "Overreach" and the "Passion Potion" offense nearly killed him, the same store......

But Primla's, albeit plain, honest and solid business came here to tie itself up...

The Wizards had won a great deal of trust...!

Besides, the national expansion to Gankpuffle, who was prepared to be fatally wounded, also helps......

Sales recovered super-V...!

That goes without saying, a bright white carp climbs the waterfall in an uninhabited, hiccups...

Fall or fall, crawl up as many times as you want......

And finally, it became a white dragon, like Tianxiang (Amakake)...

It was a great resurrection, even a miracle......!

But the white dragon was never proud.

This reversal play was only a factor in the suicide bombing on the 'gorgeous smart' side.

I had broken my heart more than once, but thanks to the encouragement of those around me, I could bear it.

I was able to climb through the waterfall because, by the hands of many adults, I have been soaked up......!

Yes, even though she was a dragon, she never forgot.

that I am still immature, a carp in love......!

But that's not why she didn't have the power herself.

Even when she was damaged by the 'overreach' discount, she never only lowered the quality.

There were also proposals to use cheap materials, save the process and lower the cost, but she did not accept.

"If you do that, you're going to fool your customers. Make sure there is no difference between what you announced at the Joint New Products Presentation and what you sell at the store. For cost cuts, keep it to a level that has no impact on quality. It is all up to me to decide the discount. I'll explain the deficit to your uncle."