This time it broke out, The Passion Potion Rewrite Incident.

As you've already seen Gdagda plenty on the gorgeous smart side, but in the meantime, what was Slumdog Mart up to......

I just wasn't holding my finger and watching them fall.

So let's just say we're going to look at that.

Time returns a little.

Primla went to report an incident at the Joint New Product Presentation to Goldwolf.

The report was said to be unnecessary, but because it was initially expected that the expected deficit would be over and enormous, it was decided that it needed to be explained.

The following is a complete part of that interaction:

"... that's why. Uncle, I'm so sorry."

"You don't have to apologize. There is nothing to be said from me about avoiding excessive cost cuts and daring to accept the deficit, as it is Mr Primla's decision. However, I don't think a way to bridge the deficit is just to review the manufacturing costs of 'overreach' anything"

"What? Are you saying there are other things you can do besides review manufacturing costs? Then we'll review administrative costs, sales costs, transportation costs, etc. …?

"No. For the discount portion of the 20,000 set sold at the Joint New Products Presentation, it's accounted for as the promotion cost of Overreach, right? Then why don't we try to get this discount in the same line of sight?

"What? Are you saying that additional discounts can also be accounted for in promotional expenses?

"Yes, but I'm going to try to change my mind. If a customer presents a souvenir handed out at the Joint New Products Presentation at the store, they will get the same discount as they did at the presentation, right? If so, don't you think there is no more effective promotion for you to come to the store?

"Oh, I see...! If you consider it to be a promotion for the whole 'Slumdog Mart' instead of a promotion for 'Overreach'......!

"That's right. 'Slumdog Mart' is still not so well known in the Gankpflu small countries. This discount will be an attraction to a fairly powerful store. Customers who receive souvenirs will undoubtedly take you to the 'Slam Dog Mart' first"

"Wah...... ok! I would recommend other products to the customer!

"Right. But that could just be the end of a one-time shopping trip. What do you think we should do to make sure customers who come to the store even once want to come back?

"The kind of customer who comes here once will come back again, …? Would you like to build a store that would make the Wizard Ladies happy?

"Yes, that too. But it doesn't have enough impact. Think about more impact."


"Mmmm......" a cute roaring and long-tested primula.

Your uncle gave a hint because he didn't seem to get an answer after waiting for a while.

"A customer has the law that when you go to the same store three times, you become a 'regular'. What do you think I should do to do that? Think about the damage."

So finally Primla guessed.

"Ah...! Continue to receive discounts…!

"That's right. For example, in the first souvenir presentation, we give three discounted tickets to customers who purchase" Overreach "for their next visit. Now customers have a reason to come to the store after buying 'Overreach'"

This method of your uncle is now commonplace.

A good example would be a "free boiled egg voucher", which you can get at the ramen store at accounting time.

"I see...! That's right, Uncle! Just arrange a discount ticket......!

"Wait. I said earlier that going to the same store three times would make me a 'regular', but that's not enough. Is that why you know? The tip is' Regular '. What do you think it takes to be a' regular '?

"... uh, how would you like 'Slumdog Mart', is it? Try changing the image character of the store, Gordo, so that the witches can get acquainted...?

"That's good, too. But that's how I messed with the store, and if the key store wasn't nearby, it wouldn't tell either."

"Ah...! Wow, I get it! While you get the discount, come even if the store is far away, but if you can't take it, your feet will be far away!

"That's right. So what do you think we should do to do something about it?

"Ma... no way... Do you mean more shops?

"Yes, that's not true."

"What!? But now in Gankpuffle, 'Passion Potion' is a huge boom, and all the Wizard Ladies are in 'Gorgeous Smart'! Nobody, come to 'Slumdog Mart'! And yet I can't believe we're opening a new store...!

That is true, but the additional investment in this hand is often reversed, even inside Gorgeous Smart.

But that's only for kicking down other brave men.

I have my head in debt, when I find my fellow braves, I sneak up like a hyena,

"If we give up here now, only the deficit will remain! I'm sure it'll work, so you're gonna have to put more money in it! I'm rooting for you!

Whisper, etc., the journey to Naruto, a powerful push......!

Plus, it's a bad tach because it can be your boss.

And when you get to the irrevocable stage,

"Did I direct you to invest extra? You know what? You're the one responsible for the waste money, aren't you?

And, of the duck's hand, which is falling on the fallen and is desperately grabbed by the cliff, stomping and crushing......!

Of course your uncle wouldn't do that.

Even if it looks less than or equal to a hyena, even a wild dog.

He said with stern but warm eyes, like a parent wolf bordering a wolf.

"The boom in 'Passion Potion' won't last long. If you're going to get ready down there, now is the time."

"... Your uncle says you're ready to roll over the deficit and go into battle at once, right?

"It's okay, the battle is already on. More than that, there should be many customers coming back from now on. Expand your previously partial store expansion to all of Gankpuffle at once."

Primla still seemed anxious.

I can't help it.

Because the expansion of stores here was like trying new drugs to treat difficult diseases.

Besides, it's unlikely he'll heal. And if he fails, he dies...!

But my uncle said it was such a major surgery that he wasn't moving as if he were a dentist pulling out his grassy baby teeth.

And this is what I said to Primla, who is anxious to puff her mouth like a carp that doesn't have enough oxygen.

"Don't worry about the deficit or anything, do it thoughtfully. If you have any other measures in mind, you might want to try this out for a period. If I have to, I will take all responsibility."