Primla was also pushed back.

But it was not the path to the bottom of Naruto, which many brave men trace.

As a single woman, it was a great first step as a help for wings...!

Primla, backed by Goldwolf, just arranged for additional measures for 'discount tickets'.

This is handed out to customers who bought 'Overreach'.

It was to help the girls who wanted to stretch their backs further.

After I buy a good robe, I also want a good wand.

The jewelry of rings and pendants that bottoms up magic also makes me want one ranked one.

Those items are usually rarely discounted, but they were deliberately targeted.

At the same time, we will embark on expanding the store.

"Slumdog Mart", which was the only major city in the Gankpflu small country, was rolled out nationwide at once.

At the moment, the same store in Gankpuffle was everywhere idle, so we turned the excess personnel to the new store.

But in anticipation of more customers from now on, we will also recruit large-scale new jobs.

From the side it looked like an act that was building a jetty in the desert.

Together, hopefully, it doesn't look like this Virgin's dangerous play.

Some employees disagreed with Primula's decision.

"Even discount tickets!? Even though you have a huge deficit in 'Overreach' you still sell cheap!?

"And I can't believe it's a national expansion...! You're going to have a hell of a deficit!

"Are you going to put on a huge debt and be thorough!?

"We stopped being 'gorgeous smart' and came to this store, that's why we can't go back!

"That's right! How will you take responsibility if we get lost on the street!?

"You're not kidding me that I can make you lose your job on the Virgin's road trip!

Primla even bowed her head and persuaded the employees.

"I know very well how anxious you all feel. But don't worry. No matter how much debt you have, we will never do anything to dismiss you all for it. So just a little more, could you help me with this?

In that calm and hiccups attitude, I suspect the employees are not attached to the road.

"Atai believes me! 'Cause look at that! The High Virgin is asking you to bow your head! Besides, were you guys such bad bastards that you couldn't even fulfill these little wishes!?

Run's, the hot mouthfeel of what is a bump.

"Oh, well. Guys, help him out about Primura. 'Cause the moms are already family, so when you're in trouble, it's something to help you, isn't it? Besides, we can all live in Mom's house if we have to."

And even my mom's sweet mouthfeel, and none of the employees ever quit.

Rather, the temper to come together and get through this winter sprouted.

All these subloads were plain and inconspicuous, like flowers growing in the shade.

But one day, it was supposed to be a big circle of flowers.


"Passion Potion Rewrite Case" in "Gorgeous Smart"......!

This came at once to the brightness of the world after Bonclano ordered the discontinuation of the sale of 'Passion Potion'.

Why, this was at a time like I measured, a certain ooh... famous for the big story, because Roborov, the queen of the Gankpflu small country, embarked on the reform of the gendarmerie bureau.

The kick-ass was brought from Gunhound, a gendarmerie famous for being so handsome that oops......

Gunhound tried to make the facts of the rewrite public, but the upper levels of the gendarmerie bureau in the Gunkpflu small country tried to wipe this out.

So Gunhound made a direct complaint to the Queen.

Originally, there can't be a king or anything like that who hears the accusations of the gendarmes of other countries......

Coincidentally coincidences overlapped, leading to Queen Roborov's ear.

The Queen replaces the Gendarmerie minister on the basis of evidence that Gunhound has grabbed, 'Passion Potion Rewrite', and that the Gendarmerie has been obliterated knowing it.

All this time, he set up a minister of the 'anti-valiant' and carried out a major reform of putting out pus within the same bureau at once.

At the same time, the facts of the 'Passion Potion Rewrite' were made known to the whole country, using the public relations agencies held by the Kingdom.

The Kingdom's public relations agency is commonly referred to as' touching 'and is the media for informing the public of important communication matters relating to the survival of the country.

Even though it was a large global company, it was unusual to hustle and tell about the scandals of the shops.

Newspapers within Gankpuffle, who have so far kept silent, will also be forced to move to this.

Anyway, I've been reluctant to Bonclano until now, and I couldn't make it into an article......

Because it has become a fact that there is no stranger in the country than it has become a 'touch'.

In that case, it would be better to turn poorly to quench the fire than to be eyed by the queen......

I'd rather be together and freshly make noise around the fire, I have something to gain......!

I might be able to keep it in the spill so I can get a roasted imo with me...!

At the same time, the media companies wrote this scandal.

"A critical flaw has been discovered in the passage potion, which is very popular with witches!

"The Wizards I bought criticized Master Bonclano at the same time as" we were deceived "!

"The naughty heart of the hot brave, Master Boncrano, has developed to a great scandal!

"Master Boncrano totally denies this fact! I just couldn't even say," There's a black robe guy, Bon! ♪ And I just cry out things that don't make sense!

As if the chessboard that was completely surrounding the other King had been flipped 180 degrees......

In an instant, everything became an enemy of 'Gorgeous Smart'.

If this happens, the actions of the Wizards, the consumers, will no longer have to be explained.

They are going to push to the 'Slam Dog Mart' across the country with newly issued discount tickets......!

... This is the whole story of this Passion Potion Rewrite case.

Suicide bombings on the 'gorgeous smart' side alone would not have been a big fireworks so far.

Lower preparations on the "Slumdog Mart" side, and cooperation from all concerned, led to the launch of a todome like a bunk rocket.

Make it just a rage tao counterattack and a complete big reversal......!

At once, 'Stuffed (Checkmate)' …!