"Gorgeous Smart" should have caught up to the point of "Slam Dogmart" being just one step away.

Even though the wild dog standing on the cliff was in one push and upside down to the bottom of Naruto...

Just for a moment, because you've shown so many gaps as blinks...

Position, reverse......!

At the front gate of the brave man, Gold shakes the meatballs like a pushed sumo.

And at the rear gate, like the screams of those at the bottom rise, the puffy wind blows up, cliffs...!

What were the extinct brave men of the day doing around that time...

It was a mansion's own room in the Seven-Lux kingdom, rampaging around like a wasting child.

By the way, this mansion is a newly built one.

Previous mansions were not even close because they were scared because they had Demon King followers (Sanitasts).

Crying Bonclano, buried in a brand new carpet.

"Wow! Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! The Gankpuffle store is in a hell of a deficit, Bong! Why, Bon! Why, Bon! Why, Bourne! Bon didn't do anything wrong. Bon!

The only person in the room was his right arm, Srl Boncos.

Stented is being pursued by the 'Potion Rewrite Case' response at the Gunkpfr branch, because the young lady had stopped coming to work in shock.

"Shroom, shhroom. Please calm down, Master Bonclano. We need to take early action on what we're going to do more than that."

"It's decided, Bong! From here on out, the Gankpuffle store is set to make money. Bong!

"Fushiyuru, that's the best you can do. But it doesn't seem to work any more."

"That's not true, Bong! That's right! Bon selling out 'Passion Potion' again! Now you can sell him who hasn't rewritten it. Bong! When it comes to new products that have been powered up and sold for double the price, it won't be long!

"Fushiru, fushiru. The consumer image of 'Passion Potion' currently sucks. Wiping it away would be nearly impossible now."

"Then what would you do, Bong?!? You're telling me to keep drooling my deficit like this, Bong!?

"Fushiyuru...... So here we are, advancing the 'gorgeous smart' temporary retreat from the Gankpflu small states."

"Eh, retreat!? There's no way I'm allowed to do that. Bong! If you do that, Bon will be punished. Bon! That's all, I absolutely don't like it, Bong! There must still be a chance, Bong!

"Fushiru, fushiru... Yes, there was also a hand in hiding the deficit in the upper brave to keep the business going and roll it back from here... it doesn't seem to work either"

"Why, Bong!?

"Fushiru, fushiru. There are still a few, albeit painfully, members of the gendarmerie who breathed Boncrano. According to their information, there seems to be a simultaneous" gorgeous smart "investigation not too far away."

"Yikes... simultaneous investigation!? Bong's shop will have an investigation. Bong!? I'll never forgive you for that, Bong!

"Shrug. Yes, until now, in brave authority, all the care of that species had been stopped. But the Passion Potion Rewrite case gave the Gendarmerie a pretext for the investigation."

"Gu......! Oh, can't you handle that, Bon!?

"Fushiyuru. I don't think I can do more than the Minister of the Gendarmerie has been replaced. If a Gendarmerie Bureau investigation now comes in, further scandals may come to light. If you do poorly, you may be offered permanent deportation in the Gunkpfr small country"

"Eh, permanent exile......!? I don't like that, Bong!

"Shroom, shhroom. Yes, if that happens, 'Gorgeous Smart' will be unable to do business in Gankpuffle until the current queen is replaced. But if we take the form of a retreat, we can escape the hand of a forced investigation. Still, the damage is huge, but you can re-land almost where it's cooled."

"Ugh...! Ugh! Yes, I don't like it, Bong! Bong was born and never failed. Bong! Wow!

Lie down depressed, come on and cry Bonclano.

The way a good old man cried on the ground was lame on top of this.

That's Srl Boncos' forehead, too, with slight blues.

- This, you fucking kid!

I would have been so full of failures!

Even if you stop around, you don't have ears to listen to, you can do whatever you want with Wagamama Sanya......!

I guess I just didn't come out in the light because I've been wiping my ass with all the shiru!

And yet, and yet...!

For once, thank you for your hard work!?

"Wow, whoa, whoa! You're useless! With guys like you, Bon is the first time he's failed. Bon!

"... Shh shh shh shh, maybe so. But bad coincidences overlapped too much this time. There's no other way to accept failure."

Srl Boncos said 'coincidence', but as mentioned, this time it's not 'coincidence' or anything else.

Actually, Srl Boncos himself noticed that something was moving behind his back...

Explaining to you retarded son of a bitch didn't give a mouthful of that idea because the conversation just gets messed up.

"Fushiyuru. Now more than anything else, we should consider minimizing the damage. Because Master Boncrano is the General Manager who oversees the 'Evantaille countries' …. There are still 'Killyland Small States' and 'Rondcrow Kingdom'. If we stick to 'Gankpflu Small States' here and deepen the wounds, then the seat of the General Manager could be in jeopardy too."

"Ugh......! Yikes, if we retreat now, Bon can still be the Director General Bon......!?

"Fushiru, fushiru. Yes, but in order to do that, you have to hit one more hand."

"What is that, Bon?

"It was the beginning of this retreat, the 'Passion Potion Rewrite Case' …. It is at this stage that we name and dispose of the mastermind. Only then will Boncrano be questioned in terms of poor supervision"

"I see...! Then if you dispose of Fontine, who has developed the 'Passion Potion'......!

"Fushiyuru. No, Mr. Fontine decides that he is a very helpful person in the future. If you dispose of it now, it will affect your future battle against 'Slumdog Mart'. Besides, have you forgotten? I made that system for a time like this...!

"Damn......! That's right, Bon! Speaking of which, he shouldn't have it all, Bon! He's not for free, Bong!

Bonclano suddenly squirts.

Exactly fucking boy. Though Srl Boncos shrugged at his simplicity......

Inside, for a moment, he was lowering his chest.

- Oh man, I didn't know if I didn't direct him this far, I wouldn't get to that guy's disposal...

This fucking kid is more fucking than I ever imagined......

But now, checkmates aren't going to get away with it.

It's been painful enough to lose Luke......

There are still queens left here......!

Shroom, shhroom......!