Stented was being pursued at the end of the Passion Potion Rewrite Case.

I also feel like I deserved it when I said that, but he himself did almost nothing.

Gankpuffle A high-profile view of the Gorgeous Smarts in the small country by carriage, and the witches and their men stuck in the press, like other HR.

... Once things settled down, he started calling and gathering neighboring store managers and branch managers.

Whatever the case, the caller is a courageous caller of the rank of Seaheaven.

My men, the Challengers, must obey no matter how busy they are.

Everyone flew to Stented on a super express basis.

The brave men gathered stood alone in a room without a chair called the 'training room'.

Only Stented was swooping back into a leather chair.

"It took us an hour to get them all together! You know what this means!? It's like you dumped all the hourly rates on the dob! The last time I was late, you were the branch manager there!? Tell me why you dumped everyone's precious time on the dob!

Stented had found what would be 'subordinate snoring' as the new Usa Clear.

When he was a "fake brave man" of Koten's own rank, he was harassed by the brave men of various superiors.

That's why we're doing it now.

The opponents are all real brave men, bloodlines of Godsmile.

No matter how much Stented was the 'Temporary Brave' of exam promotion, the Braves couldn't resist.

Because the only people in the upper echelons, even within the brave organizations, know that the stented will eventually be cut.

The other end braves were terrified that they were going to be their bosses when this exam period was over.

Stented's men continue to snore.

"Wow, then I'll take another call! Don't just say the numbers from end to end!... number twelve was only a little late now! Do it again!... Now, I didn't feel motivated by number 58! Not again! I'll make you do it again and again until I get a convincing response!

"Yeah, your store has flat sales. Why can't you try harder? Still, it would be nice to tighten up the store on time! For a month from today as punishment, we're open at night!

"What? Are you trying your best during business hours? In your case, don't leave it empty! Like a rat in a cage!

Stented's subordinate snoring drew a line with the real Sole of the Brave.

He was obsessed with it and psychology, and he didn't like it with Netineti.

Because in Nukunuku and the snoring of the brave men who have grown up and in "Temporary Brave Men" who have been forced to have a hard and long descent, the amount of hates held in their bellies was different in the first place.

"When I was a clerk, 100 hours of overtime was normal! That's how much I've devoted to Gorgeous Smart!

And then, a light bulb flashed over his head.

"Bye! I came up with something good! Everyone here, 100 hours overtime! That would restore the sales that were falling! While I'm at it, what a name extraction! I'm sure Master Boncrano will compliment you too!

Exactly, there is also a voice of dissatisfaction from the brave men who were silently enduring this.

But it couldn't even work for Stented, who wouldn't listen to people.

"Yeah, who do you think I am! Master Stented, brave man of the Seating Class! If the eagle cares about it, it's easy to kick out one or two miscellaneous fish like you! Those who disobey the orders of the eagle seem to do so because I will make them 'Fallen Heaven' instantly!

Of course, he doesn't have that authority...

When they heard of Fallen Heaven, the brave men blued and fell down in unison.

"O... forgive me, Master Stented! We were wrong!

"I will never defy Master Stented again, so please, forgive me!

"The guy next to me, he said, 'It's the most time wasted to be summoned to you'!

"Oh, my God!? You're the one who said, 'You can just delude me into overtime and pretend I'm doing it'!

Watching the brave men who have been abused so far turn their palms back and flatter...

Stented's feelings were as refreshing as the autumnal sunny sky.

Stented fully indulges in brave snoring before taking a late lunch.

The "Pseudo-Brave" era was my wife's lunch box made for me.

Wanting me to hang in there for the afternoon job, my poor but wifely wrecked lunch box was a treat instead of making money......

Now I don't even look at "can you have such a cold meal" anymore.

Tongue-in-cheek for the finest lunch in a first-rate restaurant like the royal family in the Wang capital.

I'm not a colleague or a brave man who can't surround the table...

She was a beautiful young girl.

It seemed like the first time a girl such as Pure Poor had ever been born in such a fancy restaurant or something, she was restless and had her eyes open to everything she had spoken of.

"... it's delicious! I've never had such good food before in my life!

"Damn, ha-ha, well, well, well. But when you're as brave as I am, you're tired of eating!

"I can't believe I'm tired of eating food like this king... That's brave!

"Damn, ha, ha! He's not cute! Then it's time to do the right to accompany me to dinner!

"Yes, no, no! A woman like me is terrified of having dinner with Master Stented and so on! Even now, she says she feels incredible, like she was chosen by a goddess......!

"Damn, ha, ha! I wish I was honest and cute like you, all the women in the world! Even the same Virgin isn't the same as that Namiki woman!

"Is there a big one that defies Master Stented?

"And even though it's a felony for a woman to just defy a man, that woman doesn't listen to the brave man, Washi! I keep saying things that are out of perspective, and I keep failing! Thanks to that, he's being discreet at home! What he did this time would have been a big deal if it weren't for me!

"That's right, Master Stented! Dear Stented, You're alone, it's like 'Gorgeous Smart' has it!

Stented tricks the innocent girl into letting her get laid and back to work in a good mood.

Of course, I didn't pay for lunch because I'm going to make this shop look good in the future.

Says Gorgeous Smart is tough, but he enjoys one 'brave life', this no-good dude......

But he didn't know.

Where I don't know, the calculation that I will be truncated is secretly progressing...!