'Gorgeous Smart' withdrew completely from the Gankpflu small country.

Typically, withdrawal occurs when sales have just dropped.

Because the outlook ahead is no longer promising, we're going to open the store before we increase our debt.

But this retreat was unusual.

Thanks to 'Passion Potion', even neighbouring countries boasted sales of Dantoz, this branch.

From the sales graph, it's still rising everywhere and everywhere, like a launch rocket.

It was exactly the state of Ikeike, but as if it had caused an aerial explosion, the graph came to an end.

It is ironic because it is also because of the 'passage potion' that we have had to make a retreat close to that mysterious disappearance.


Precisely because of someone, should I say?

Here, then, those figures......

Let's see what those whose fates have broken up so clearly are doing now.

First, the hound gunhound.

He had gone out of his way to continue his investigation in the land of Gankpuffle in order to grab the wild dog Cippo.

Along the way, we find out the fact that the gendarmerie bureau and brave men of Gankpufl are Zubuzub.

But he wasn't interested in that.

Adhesion with the brave is not uncommon in this world.

Besides, he didn't care about the brave guys or anything, and he wasn't in his sight except for the wild dogs.

But to the meatballs of unseen wild dogs, to be pushed on the back......

When I realized it, I was framed to look at Roborov, the queen of the Gankpflu small country.

So he can't help but accuse the Gendarmerie Bureau and the brave of corruption.

In the end, it wasn't the wild dog Shippo or anything else that led him to grab it...

"Heroes Saved the Gendarmerie Bureau of a Contaminated Gankpflu Small State", the seat of glory......!

He was awarded a medal by Roborov, and a great thank-you was also conveyed to the Queen of Halbury.

Basilis, Queen of Halbury, promotes the gunhound with a single voice of a crane.

If it is to be likened to the Japanese police of today, it is the birth of "Captain" to "Surveillance".

By the way, the chief authority of the Gendarmerie is the Minister of the Gendarmerie...

Already the gunhound had become so much a hop of expectation that it was whispered that its status was not a dream either.

This is also, in a way, ironic.

I don't even know that Gunhound is after Osama...

Osama Love The Toddler Queen was giving that dangerous person even more power...!

Now, after you've seen someone step forward on the birth road unconsciously......

Conversely, let's look at someone who rolls down the ramp unconsciously.

That, of course, is STENTED......!

He was in a detention facility in a Gankpflu small country.

In the world of the brave and powerful so far, it is common sense that 'brave men can never be put in detention'.

That is not the case if there is conclusive evidence, but it was normal that he could not be detained if he denied it.

However, the Gankpflu small country harbours the insanity of the world, the 'anti-valor'.

As a result, they were treated the same way as the general public, even the brave ones.

And by nature, it was also unusual for punishment to be imposed.

Because this is also common sense in the world, but the private sentencing of brave men's organizations is supposedly more just and more severe than the punishment imposed by the state.

With that in mind, at the time of the disposition of the third class withdrawal to Stented, it would be considered sufficient that the judgment was handed down….

The justice of the world's insanely superior Gankpfluous small nations did not rule that way.

"I'm not a brave man! Don't you have the courage to judge a brave man? Punishing me is the same thing as punishing Master Godsmile! What do you say, Your Honor? If you find out, give that seat to me now! I will judge you now!

and so on, as opposed to reflection on sin, repeat statements of unintelligible significance, to the accused….

The judgment handed down by the Chancellor is….

"Super/Heavy Exile" eh......!

This is a form of 'banishment'.

The 'sentence of exile' in the Gankpflu small countries is divided into four stages by its weight.

'Light exile', which forbids entry into the entire realm of the King's capital.

"Medium Exile", which forbids entry into the Wang capital and designated major cities.

'Heavy exile', which forbids access to all the cities and villages of the Wang capital.

And what is "super/heavy exile" even heavier than "heavy exile"......

Full exile from the country......!

It's indefinite, too...!

Stented's crimes included fraud, poison unlawful handling, injury, tax evasion, poaching, theft, and obscenity display.

I settled into this sin because there were just no dead.

Still, it was an unusual and heavy disposition if you think in the light of the justice of this country.

Because this also meant a message to the braves.

Brave men can stay in this country, but they don't give special treatment.

The hateful, in our righteousness, do their utmost to impose sanctions.

The Queen's "Proclamation of the Debrave" at the crowning ceremony...

Keep in mind that it's not just performance......!

We mean it...!

Stented, sentenced to "super/heavy expulsion," was given an immediate, deported certificate.

This is a measure to prevent readmission.

That, what is the proof….

From the person's side, magic burn marks around the right cheek......!

This is even hotter than a normal baking mark, something that leaves a trail for life.

What's more, you can't hide it with makeup or anything.

If you cover it with a mask or something, you can hide it, but if you're dressed like that, you'll soon find out you're suspicious.

Incidentally, the baking mark is the letter 'II'.

This comes from the story in the Gankpflu small country, 'The One who has no place in Gankpflu, has no place in the Second World'.

'Two Realms' refers to 'earth' and 'heaven'.

The Gankpflu small country is the paradise on earth, so those who have no place there will remain the 'first realm'......

That means we have to go to 'hell'.

In the execution of this burning sentence, Stented resisted to the end.

He was raging like a pig to be slaughtered, still screaming without breaking his strong posture.

"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Are you gonna do this to me and think it's free!? I'm not a brave man! If you get caught in the eagle, you can easily fly around the neck of a miscellaneous fish like you! Now I'm gonna forgive you just for being grounded! Come on, get down on your knees!

Woohoo (oh) …….

He is still unaware of this period...

To the fact that the authority 'brave' is no longer worth anything in this country......!

And he was still clinging...

Like a sandy cabinet, falling apart, in an organization called 'The Brave'......!

What he realized about it was the moment he felt the burning heat of the burning mark on his skin.

"Do it...! Stop. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Yes, no! Stop it, please! Oh, please! Whatever. Whatever! You want money, or a woman, status!? Hey, I'll give you anything! Yes, no, I'll do anything! I'll do anything!! Yum, forgive me! Forgive me!! Buh, if you tell me to imitate the pig's cry, look, look, this is it! Buh...! Buh-heh! Buh-heh! Buhi!! Duh, how about that!? You look just like me!? Funny, huh? What's wrong with you? So...!


"Buhi, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?