After fulfilling the promotion, the gunhound given up to the medal and the stented given up to the baking mark after being deported from the country on top of the demotion.

There was no such contact between the two, but throughout this case, the men with great light and darkness are divided.

So, what the hell happened to 'women with contacts'?

"Slumdog Mart" achieved a 100% share in the Gankpflu small country, leading to Halbury followed by a second country in its grasp.

Speaking of its useful actors, of course, make it the company's number two, Primla, the Holy Girl......!

She has survived all sorts of difficulties and has finally successfully accomplished some of your uncle's missions...!

To celebrate the great success in the Gankpflu small country, a party gathered together all the parties involved was held at the temple on the island of Greyskay.

Everyone praised Primla, but she was never proud.

In front of the employees, a profound bow, arguably the most salutary,

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to the party today. 'Slumdog Mart' in the Gankpflu small country was also finally able to get it on track. And for one thing, your help is everything."

Primla looked up and saw the faces lined up beside her.

"The two of you at Big Bang Love have been great performers and humans, and please cheer them up as image characters. Mr. Lan encouraged me many times, no matter how many times I frustrated him, to help me. And my sister, Mother..."

So, uh, I realize there's no sign of my sister.

"I was there just now..." I looked around but I wasn't, so Primla skips her sister and keeps saying hello.

And so far, I was fluent, but as soon as I was close to someone, I suddenly began to seep.

"And, um... My love... yes, no, my love... yes, no, my esteemed uncle...! This time, when you said that I could barely do my secretary's job, and I couldn't make you tea... Oh, no, I didn't, and you didn't have to come to report me, I missed you so much, I managed, I made an excuse... Oh, yes, no! Wow, even when I fail, your uncle never forsakes me, and this can no longer be called a de facto marriage... Ah, yes, no, no, no!

Primla waves patterned with an apple-like face and strikes out words over and over again.

Exactly. I'm starting to get all around this.

"Something primal, isn't it weird? Your face is bright red."

"Hmm, but it's always the same."

"Yes, but you're kidding me more than usual..."

"To tell you the truth, I was nervous before I said hello, so I mixed the liquor with that little kid's juice. Kind of, but I didn't expect it to work that well!

"Eh, so you mean Primley is drunk!?

There, a person from Bulbaburu comes in.

Because of the huge breasts, the person, who is a syrup but a thousand feet, has the best opening.

"... Where's Gol?!?

That was the harsh tone that never happened, so those around us get bickly stiff.

The red-faced primula went into a stop.

"Duh, what's wrong, sister, look so scared..."

"I really didn't even do this! Mom, Gol was fooling me!

"What, what is that...!?

And, Primla noticed the vial in her sister's hand.

"Oh, sister, did you drink 'Passion Potion'?!?

"Yes! Because if you drink this, you will like someone you like more!?

"That potion, I bought it for research, but the object of the effect is to be a brave man! 'Don't drink it because it's dangerous', I think there was a sticker......!?

"But Primla, thanks to this potion, Mom, I finally realized it! I don't know who my mom really likes...! And do what Gol's been fooling you about!

"Oh, sister!? Cheer up! That is the false emotion planted by the potion! Who you think you are right now, you're not really my favorite person! Besides, your uncle wasn't fooling your sister!

"Yeah, I was fooling you! 'Cause, Mom, I never changed Gol's amusement!?


"I've never given Gol boobs, and as a breastfeeder, I've never let Gol eat his rice by mouth! I've never had a hug or a bump, and when Gol caught a cold, I've never painted him!

"Oh, sister...?

"So really, my mom can be Gol's mom!? My mom is Gol's mom! Not only is my mom declaring that, but I don't like the relationship if it doesn't! Otherwise you have to!

"Oh, um... As a precaution, what do you think of the brave Boncrano?

"... blurry? Is that it? More than that, it's Gol! I need to find Gol quickly and give her boobs!

"Could Mother be in a physical shape that 'Passion Potion' doesn't stop working...?

"Yeah, I think it's probably working. But in my mother, my feelings for Mr. Goldwolf are stronger. I think I'm overwriting the charm effect object in my mind."

"Eh, it's impossible to rewrite the magic effect object of charm!?

"Goll-chan!? Where are you going? Titty time CHYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!? For what I couldn't give you so far, I couldn't give you the plump. - Huh! After I drank it, my mom held my legs, and I let her do it. After that, it's in the bed, and you're hiccup! I'm gonna read you a picture book till Gol turns out to be a dick. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Gol doesn't have to do anything anymore!? From what my mom did to what she did, I made fun of you all the time!

Soon Osama had disappeared from the party venue.

Mother diligently calls Osama to look for a missing child.

That, sometime desperate sister figure finally moves her sister as well.

Run stopped as Primla interrupted the party greeting and was about to head somewhere with Tsukatsuka.

"Hey kid, where are you going?!?

"I, too, drink 'Passion Potion'......!

"What!? What are you thinking?

"Looks like your sister drank 'Passion Potion' and realized she really loves your uncle. That figure truly seeks my child, the figure of the mother......! If so, if I drink...!

Just how I feel about 'true daughter-in-law'......!

"Ha!? I don't know what you're talking about! You, you're still drunk!? Hey, stop being stupid! Where are you guys going?!?

"Let's hurry, Barr! Ah Shiragana" Passion Potion, "I just have to drink it! Then you might think 'Mr. Goldwolf is the manager' just because you feel like it!

"Hmm, you admire me"

"Oh, wait, hey, hey, hey, hey! I didn't know they had such dangerous ideas! Leaving them alone like monsters like this, where the fuck is the jerk gone!?... Ah!? So... what do you expect to happen?

Osama, by the way, was around the exit of the temple.

Like a crew escaping alien dominated spacecraft, just one step away, I could almost say escape......

From the shadow of things, he said, "Olivia!" He was being facehugged by a tiny alien, who popped up.