'Slumdog Mart' was temporarily closed and had an alien party on Greysky Island, back then......

The boulevard, said to be the busiest in the country, in the king's capital of the Gankpflu small country, had a high laugh.

"Ooh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! For me, I spend today in this country, the last day...... I'm going to give you all a lot of my love for a souvenir to put away!!

A lady laying a decorated carriage in her own face at the crossroads of a carriage that hits a modern driveway.

He was royal on the roof of the carriage and, like Guerrilla Street Proclamation, proclaimed high toward the people on the road.

But she's not the charismatic witch or anything in this country anymore.

As one of the accomplices in the 'Passion Potion Rewrite Case' that tormented people, its name had fallen to the ground.

Officials of 'Gorgeous Smart' are now unable to walk decently through the country.

She was at the top of it all the more so even though the stone seemed to fly if she found out she was an employee.

The streets became noisy because someone who could also be called the enemy of such a people appeared grandiose during the day without even hiding his face.

"Don't be ridiculous! What is love! I know what you did!

"Yes! You know what you did!? What a hybrid Virgin!

"Even for a moment I admired selling ink products. I was stupid!

"I'm sure the great magic could be used was also an inkling!

"You're not a witch, you're not a saint!

"Guys, do it!

The lady flies a flying stone.

In the middle of it, as soon as I found what happened in the corners of both my right and left eyes and both my sights with a thousand eyelids,

... Gash, Gash!

Grab the stone with both hands,

... Bishhh, shhh!

and in a wind-cut pose, each threw in a different direction.

The stone to the right headed ahead,

"Oh, they took my bag! Somebody get him!

And I was running in front of someone screaming, a clean hit to the head.

The stone on the left turned toward the

"Ah, my wallet!? They even did!

and a critical hit on the head of the man by his side, the witch who is noticing and mourning the sleeve of the torn robe.

The fallen man was smashing a ton of purses on the ground that he had missed.

"Ah, this, my purse!?

"He's sleazy! Get him!"

Two catches, on the lady's right and left hand side, happen simultaneously.

But people who are obsessed with throwing stones don't notice.

"Get out of the way. Eh! Get out of the way or I'll kill you!

A carriage like a rampage horse passes right in front of you.

The carriage was overrun, trying to penetrate the children on the sidewalk,

faster than that, the lady put her hands together,


...... Pisci Pisci Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Ice magic creates ice walls and protects children from runaway carriages.

The carriage crashed against the ice wall and was falling apart.

"Ugh, ugh! The sickness...!

Unexpectedly, a well-dressed old woman, who was throwing stones, pressed her chest and nodded.

The lady quickly punches her fingers at her.

"It hurts. It hurts. It hurts!

...... paaaaaaaa......!

Then the old woman, wrapped in the light of healing.

"Ugh, you're lying!? Yes, even the doctor couldn't cure you so far......!? Oh, thank you, thank you...!

She is thrilled to take the bundle of bills out of the handdog she had.

Instead of a stone, he threw it like a coin at the lady.

The lady squeezes her hand against the impending bundle of bills.


Then a gust of wind broke out, and the bundle of bills fell apart and danced like a leaf of wood.

The young lady manipulated the wind with stones, and threw the bills in front of the cathedral, which was by her side, over a pot of solicitation for donations.

The remaining bills are given to the homeless in the alley, one for each.

In the meantime, just a minute.

What a lady let you do six kinds of good deeds in just a few hours than a couple ramen could...!

I was shown this early work, and no one could throw stones at me anymore.

Until earlier, she was hated more than anyone on this street corner...

I was taking back more than the charisma I had already lost...!

The anger turns to applause.

The lady was smiling back with the same smile.

"Well, good day......! I wish you all a good day! See you sometime......! Ooh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

Signalling high laughter, the carriage driven by Burnap, the Fountain of Love, runs out.

And everywhere in the Gankpflu small country that day, her activities played out fuzzy to call her lady unobtrusive.

To the east, if there is an orphanage abandoned by its parents for infirmity, stand before it,

"It hurts. It hurts. It's hard to keep it together!

and scream and make the children healthy.

To the west, if a mother on the verge of stillbirth, stand before her,

"In humans, the most entitled to receive love are babies and old people downstream......! Happy and natural beings will never let this me loose, even if Reaper forgives them, such as leaving the world before they receive love!

The doctor who was on the spot, the midwife, brilliantly saves the life that everyone had given up.

To the south, if any homeless old man is going to die alone,

"It's okay, I'm not afraid to die. I will accompany you to heaven."

Together we close our eyelids, and with the soul of the old man, we go into the afterlife......

"This old man has lived so splendidly! That's all, that's a good deed! I don't know if you're an Enma or a Memma, but if you're not going to let this other guy go to heaven... I will take you to hell!!

I'll really drop you off to heaven......

In the north, if there is a bandit's territorial feud,

"Stop being so boring. Wow!... What is it? How dare you talk to a woman like that? If you don't want me to be enslaved, just hang on...? Premium! Even a goddess is impossible, such as someone who can obey me. For this I am the only one, the Fountain of Love......! Because it's a Fontine Passion Flower. Wow!

He had smashed both armies, and both armies were under his command.

Running towards the sunset, the lady's carriage.

All the people of this country were chasing that long stretching shadow.

"Yes, don't go, Master Fontine!

"We were wrong! After all, you are the best archdeacon and the best archdeacon!

"This country needs someone like you! Please, please - whoa!!

To the people who kneel and cry too hard, the lady says.

On the roof of the carriage, he remains as royal as he was in the morning.

Like a blister that sprays up, soothes your hair...

Years of evening falling from the hot water boiling with love.

"When you see the sunset, you remind me! That this hot light is love from me! Me and you are connected by the light of love through this red sky! Always, everywhere...... as long as there is love, we are one......! Because this world is nothing more than a Holy Fountain (Fontine), a flowing water of extreme light (Aurora) named" Love "! Ooh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!