The 'Slam Dogmart' and 'Gorgeous Smart' share feud in the Dog Leg countries.

This battle can also be described as "Saint Girl Primla vs Lady Saint Fontine".

If I were to compare that to boxing, would it have been at this rate?

It's the first game, a commercial battle in the 'Gankpflu Small States'.

It was the predominance of Fontine from the beginning.

Primla is on the defensive side before the special 'Lady Rush'.

There have been several phases where they might be pushed off like this.

The Gorgeous Smart faction, the athlete, Fontine, had a perfect finish and the losing element had no fine dust.

But there was a big, hard hole.

It's a second......!

Not to mention Bonclano's plethora of bonclaws, but more than that, the presence of Stented had cast a great shadow on the same camp.

Stented, the most problematic child, tries to throw in a towel during the round, even though he is dominant, and repeats the foolishness, if skittish, that poisons the water of the interval.

Even with the only mattomo second named Srl Boncos, he takes care of Bonkla braves like kindergartners, so best of all.

That's why we couldn't prevent Stented from going wild.

Fontine at the interval, unable to rest on Loc.

But Primla was different.

Her second includes her sister and sister, Big Bang Love......

And rough as an eye belt trainer, Run......!

Run said when Primla went down, each time he said, "Get up! Stand up, Primla!" and inspired.

It was an old gut theory, but its muckiness was fresh to the Holy Girl in reverse.

Every time Primla comes back to life in a crisp way, like after a mud pack......!

Still, Fontine didn't give up.

If you're going to get up as many times as you want, just knock you down as many times as you want, you didn't let go of your pursuit hand.

But such an event comes at the end of the game when her hair turns white.

If that's an analogy, one of her second sneaks in from behind......

The moment she turns around, with a gong-butting hammer, it's like punching me in the head, an impossible thing......!


"Passion Potion Rewrite Case" eh......!


Fontine said she barely got her opponent's punch...

With a second blow, knock down......!

To the harshness of too many games, angry audiences.

Moreover, the subsequent responses of the Seconds were also the worst.

They fear the riots of the audience, leave the fallen players in the ring and escape from the match venue at the beginning and end......!

It goes without saying that this line (like this) will never again be able to play in that venue.

But this is not the end of the card 'Saint Girl Primla vs Lady Saint Fontine'.

When it comes to totals scores, so to speak, the share of both dog leg countries, is half (Fifty Fifty).

The Slumdog Mart faction is known as the 'Hurlberry Small States' and the 'Gunkpfr Small States'.

The Gorgeous Smart Faction is a 'Killeland Small Country' and 'Rondowl Small Country'.

Two countries each, with a 100% share.

Nevertheless, the stream would be in the Slumdog Mart faction.

Because the store was in a winning, no-linoli situation.

It is the normal idea to use this momentum to attack the next country at once….

Then again, this is the time, the Mecca of the Virgin, 'The Little Killyland Country' …?

But Primla chose to be the chief of this one….

Oh, my God, it can also be called reverse tension, 'Rondcrow Small Country'......!

Even though she did, she avoided direct confrontation...!

The thought of that stone bridge beating seemed even stronger after the first game.

I can't help it.

I thought he was a competent Grand Virgin, but he was also a competent Grand Mage.

When Fontine named her as an image character in "The Gankpflu Small Country"......

Her visibility as a Magic Wizard was based on zero and could not be extended to the two Big Bang Loves......

But the lady had a flashy performance that made her a jump charisma even as a witch......!

There's no way you can see this incredible potential and not be a coward.

There's no way you can defame Primla's judgment as a coward.

In any case, the venue for the second match was determined.

Warrior Country, 'Rondcrow Small Country'......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Slumdog Mart" began to expand stores in the Rondowski small countries.

However, unlike at the time of the "Gankpflu Small Country", customers did not attract so much at the beginning of the opening, and their feet did not grow since the opening of the business.

The reason for this would also be the difference between the customer base.

First of all, Primla herself doesn't really know what a warrior is.

Of course, she has been in contact with many warriors through customer service...

I didn't come to a grasp of their preferences.

Primla has only had adventures about twice, and when it comes to people in the intimate warrior category, it's just two people, Kulalalaka and Charles Lunlot.

And here's another thing, there was a problem.

Primla didn't know 'man'......!

Most of Rondowl's customer base is' Warrior 'and' Man '......!

That, too, doesn't care about sweaty bodies, laughs that even returning blood is a medal, liquor-like 'rough guy'......!

For Primla, known as the Holy Girl, everything may be the opposite......!

Primla, by the way, never touched a man until Osama resided in the mansion, which is his residence.

From the familiar brave, I've been nearly touched many times...

All the servants of the Mansion were women, so that was Osama's 'first man'.

And to tell the truth, the "first time" at that time had a lot of influence on the personality formation of the girl.

Nowadays, I sometimes serve customers at the store, so sometimes my hands touch me when I give them a change….

Still, it's just a work thing.

In private, no fine dust, such as signs of a young man......

There is, uncle, 100%......!

Girls like such freshly squished fruit grasp the demand for a man warrior etc......

It was another dream act, like traveling in pursuit of the end of a rainbow...!