The Rondowl small country is a mountainous country ruled by the new Queen Gold Bear.

Considered the least plain land in the Dog Leg countries, the Royal Castle has become a natural fortress using mountains.

Today, when it comes to residence, wooden or brick and other buildings dominate in any country, but there are still so many cavemen in Rondcrow.

As many mountains and caves as that, the main industries are minerals and monsters.

Although the former was due to the large number of mines, it was also a land inhabited by nature and a wide variety of monsters, as monsters and the like lived there easily.

Many adventurers also visit from other countries, as there may occasionally be rare examples of monster sightings.

Even so, the adventurers who sit back in the land are 'warriors' who prefer iron and blood.

The reason for this is still derived from mines.

The men who were formerly pitchers become adventurers as they defeat the monsters that appear in the mines where they work.

That's why Primla had a thorough review of product displays and more during the opening of the 'Slam Dog Mart' in the country.

In normal stores, when it comes to melee weapons, one-handed weapons (one-handed wepons) are commonly sold.

But the warriors in this country improved their range of two-handed weapons (two-handed wappons) because they were men who had the original Tsuruhashi.

In addition, the warrior would move well in the avant-garde and sweat, introducing 'fukifuki'.

This is to wipe the faces of the guests who came to the store after the adventure with a squeeze.

It was a well-received service in the Hurlberry small country, but, incidentally, in the Gankpflu small country.

The Gankpful witches hated sweating in the first place.

Because the makeup will fall off.

Then it would also be a convincing story that "Fukifuki" is repugnant.

Let's get back to it.

As a result, this' fukifuki 'service was well received in Rondcrow.

But that virtue was never conveyed.

Adventurers from other countries stop by the 'Adventurer's Store' to sell loot at the end of their day's adventure.

At that time, the Fukifuki service will show its true value….

Adventurers in this country were different.

After their adventure, they go to the liquor store first......!

Drinking first rather than selling loot......!

Anything but booze, it's almost tomorrow...!

Primla's first measure was thus skulking.

The next thing she did was distribute 'Discount Tickets'.

It was an operation called 'Ask them to come three times and become regular', which also achieved results in the Gankpflu small countries earlier.

But this, too, fails......!

Because the warriors, who are this customer, and the witches, who are the last customer, are the same human beings...

No, because it's the same adventurer but a completely different race......!

Both the warrior and the witch were the same, if they gave them discount tickets, until they were glad to receive them.

But from here on out, very different......!

The Wizard Guide puts a ticket in her pocket wallet, while she takes care of it......

The warrior, in the back pocket of his pants, doesn't mind being sneezy, screw it......!

You'll see.

The wallet has the opportunity to open several times a day, so I have the opportunity to remind you of the existence of discount tickets….

Tickets in the back pocket, like paper scum, will be forgotten......!

And it would have been time to see it.

Both "Fukifuki" and "Discount Tickets," Primla has only introduced past success stories based on them.

Having succeeded in Halbury and Gankpful, I thought it would be acceptable in this country.

But both failed.

The cause was different, but for one reason.


Primla failed to take into account the customer's behavior patterns…!

No, it was indeed a measure I adopted after researching something called 'Warrior' as her.

It's not wrong at all. I wasn't wrong.

But shallow......!

I needed to be more in their sight, more tight and customize the measures......!

If this is an analogy, the fisherman knows what kind of fish are in the lake...

I even prepared that fish for my favorite bait and drooped the fishing line......

Same thing you haven't received the feed to the water depth where the fish you're after...!

Deeper, deeper...!

Drop the yarn deeper, it should have been in and out......!

The fisherman (Primla) gave up...!

If I can't catch it with this trick, I gave him a pole early......!

After that, she passed on the problem of not having guests to the absence of an image character.

In the Gankpflu small country, there was a 'Big Bang Love' popular with the Wizarding Ladies, so I was able to call a lot of customers from the beginning of the store.

But in this small Rondowl country, image characters have yet to be determined.

Because there was no Ate.

More importantly, there are few famous warriors in the world.

When it comes to names in the "Adventurer" category, the warrior (Seiyusha) is first named.

After all, 'The Brave Brand' is strong in the world, because when it works in adventure, it's exactly what the press takes up.

I must say to the brave that the Virgin and the Wizard will follow them, so those two positions will also be blessed with the opportunity to name their names every second time.

Warriors and spirits (pointmen) may accompany them, but they are usually men, so the good places are mostly taken to the brave.

For this reason, there are many patterns of Virgin and Wizard Wizard on both sides, always centered on the brave.

Because it looks better as an article.

As Osama once was, where the Spirit Soldier (Pointman) worked, he would never look into the day.

It's like the bottom part of a bunk rocket, when you're done with your role, you're disconnected, and that's it...

Only the 'Brave Rocket' above will be honored and adorned and cherished by the museum...!