Failure of initial measures and absence of image characters.

'Slumdog Mart', which expanded into a small Rondowl country, had a difficult future.

The intercepting kings, the upper management of 'Gorgeous Smart', said what they thought of the situation of their rivals......

Based on my reflections when I lost the first game, I thought I was tightening my helmet thread even tighter, and I wasn't.

The location is in the Kingdom of Sevenlux, "Gorgeous Smart Evantaille National Headquarters".

In its headquarters director's office, there were two silly laughs overlapping.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slumdog Mart is a big struggle in Rondowl, Bon! He said he left the store because of it, but sales continue to crawl through the ground!

"No, no, no, no! No, not at all! I guess I just happened to be in good shape with a series of lucky punches!

Not to mention the identity of the voice, Bonclano and Stented.

In the battle in the Gankpflu small country, I've pulled a lot of legs, two brave men.

Both should have been in terrible shape, but the storm was already a marginal reaction as if it had left.

By the way, Stented has been branded a criminal before being demoted.

The branding is hidden by wearing a larger mask, but the fact is already well known.

For this reason, I shouldn't be able to be on this occasion where only the upper echelons are allowed...

Stented himself was mistaken that his abilities were recognized by Bonclano.

But the truth is, thanks to Srl Boncos' shady mouthfeel, he was able to stay.

Srl Boncos himself doesn't admit anything about Stented.

On the contrary, so much so that he wants to corrupt it quickly.

Then why did you suggest the residue...?

It will become apparent after this.

The sur boncos looked bitter.

Fontine, next door, also looked bitter.

Fontine was temporarily on the verge of surrendering her producer, but she is also one of those saved by Srl Boncos.

I had stopped attending work with dismay in The Passion Potion Rewrite Case, but with a steel mental in front of me, I returned immediately.

That's why the gorgeous smart side, though all that had happened, was able to come to the second game without missing a single one.

Is that happiness or unhappiness......

No longer, needless to say.

This time again, the lady, who is an athlete, coughs with a cohon,

"Just because they're sluggish, you can't be alarmed! They pick them out of the buds before they root on the land of the Rondowl!

Then Stented roared like a sputum spitting foretaste.

"Ahhh! Well, shut up! Because of you, I decided to withdraw Gunkpfr, but do you understand?!? I didn't know you were unconscious after being useless! What a job a woman can do, like tea! If you know what I mean, why don't you just bring me some tea!

And whispering it was already in the role of Srl Boncos.

"Shroom, shhroom... Well, Master Fontine seems to have some ideas, so why don't we ask. Dear Fontine, what do you have in mind to pick up the slam dog mart?

Fontine slapped Dan as he stood in front of a graph of sales comparisons on the wall.

"From the sales of Gorgeous Smarts at Rondowl, it's definitely a fact that our customers, the Warriors, are choosing by the erasure method!

"Squirrel, why, did they think so?

"Since I took up my duties in this country, I've done quests with some adventurer parties! They're more into drinking than opening up new adventurer stores!

"Hmm! I knew all along about that! That's why I kept it static! The adventurers will never leave their familiar stores, so Slumdog Mart won't take guests!

"Oh, my God, you don't have to do anything about that, Bon!

"Fushiyuru. No, what Lady Fontine would like to say is that they are not using it because they are attached to gorgeous smarts. If you find the value of using Slam Dog Mart, you can change the saddle immediately. And if you change the store, it won't be easy to get it back..."

"You're right! So in the meantime, we need to plant an impact that just makes our customers' warriors think there's only a gorgeous smart one! Before Slumdog Mart does that to me!

"Well, then it won't be easy! All you have to do is put the warrior (Seiyusha) in an image character and appeal to him! I can't believe I can't even think of this kind of thing. Otsum is the perfect proof! Wouldn't there be zero existential value, such as a woman with all the opinions and no head!

The lady never got clean, even if she told me to be good to a jerk with zero existential value.

Still, they thought they would ignore it as much as they would, but argue with discipline.

"That's counterproductive! Because I'm in this country, man warrior......! They hate brave men more than anyone!

"Don't hate the brave!? I was allowed to do that. It's like! As a sin of disrespect, I'm going to kill you!

"Shirururu. Calm down, Mr. Stented. The crime of valiant disrespect does not apply in this Sevenlux but in the new Queen's ruling Rondcrow"

"First of all, I don't like it there! How can a female child be king! This eagle is so much better...!

When the stented is involved, the story goes so far as to be like a runaway express dominated by terrorists.

Every time he does, he tries to take the talking joystick and even derail it.

And finally, the sound of a crane enters.

"Shut up Bon, Stented! So, Fontine, what are you thinking, Bon?

So Fontine finally managed to get to the point.

"Yes, it appeals to 'gorgeous smarts' by means other than image characters. Specifically......!

Announced from her mouth are measures on the 'gorgeous smart' side, part one, in the Rondowl small states......!

That, by way of example, was outrageous......!