Preemptive punch, announced by the lady, to sink 'Slumdog Mart' into the mat......!


"Make Quest a success! It also achieves greatness, like searching for legendary monsters and mythical treasures!

Then, as if it were an enemy party, a spinal reflex yaj flies in.

"You idiot! I don't know what you're doing! How can a successful quest be good for Gorgeous Smart!

"Fushiru, fushiru. I see what Fontine thinks. So you'll accomplish that quest using a Gorgeous Smart weapon. That way, the press will make a scene..."

"Asshole! Just because the press is making a scene doesn't mean what! Adventurers, and dumb warriors, should read newspapers and more!

Stented denied it without a head, but this is not a mistake.

A common adventurer only reads newspapers to the extent of hippopotamus.

Because an adventurer is spending most of the day outdoors and in caves.

That's why I read a newspaper that deals mainly with city events, etc., and it doesn't really matter.

Of course, there are many exceptions.

The lady laughed niggly, as if to bruise her ignorance.

"If you were an adventurer in another country, you might be. But did you know that newspaper articles in this country always decorate one side? That's sightings, like new monsters and treasures...! Adventurers in this country are doing their daily work on the Tavern Quest Board, reading newspapers, and dreaming of grabbing a thousand dollars!


In this country, exceptions…!

Monster information is most valuable in a land where minerals are famous and pitchers are adventurers.

The newspaper knew that, so it put the monster's whereabouts, like a weather forecast.

At the same time, information on the emergence of rare monsters is treated to a large extent, among other things.

Furthermore, the article about defeating Rare Monsters was a top scoop, regardless of what.

By analogy, would this be like introducing a first class winner of a lottery?

It's more realistic to be informed with a true photograph than to hear a rumor of the wind that someone has hit it.

If I could be like this one day, I could feel a thousand bucks closer...!

So, what if the adventurer who defeated Rare Monster, in an interview, said this?

"I was able to defeat the monster because I had a Gorgeous Smart weapon!" and......!

I would say that any further publicity no longer exists in this country.

And the lady who looked at this point, after all, was not the only one.

When Primla drips the fishing rod and the fish doesn't eat it, while she leans her neck......

She was digging deeper into the fish than that.

Yet, dressed in submersible clothes, to the depths of the water where the fish are, as if diving….

Deep, deeper......!

That, just as Srl Boncos roared for the brilliant maneuver that pierced Masaru.

"Fushi, fushi, fushi...! I see......! So all you have to do is gather the skilled adventurers and give them the finest equipment of the gorgeous smart......!

But the lady goes even further than she imagined.

"That's good too, but with our hands, we'll accomplish it...!

"Fushirururururu!? Are you saying that the four of us here are going on a quest!? Whatever that is......!

"But I'll think about it. Adventurers who accomplish great things can also be hired as' Gorgeous Smart 'image characters after this. Then it would be better for the people involved than the unidentified."

"Fushiyuru. That is indeed what you said......"

"Bye! The woman sucks..."

The men on this occasion were most likely to be in opposite positions.

But there's only one thing that screams Eureka.

"Oh... that's good bong! Bong wanted to be a warrior when he was a kid, Bong! If you crusade Rare Monsters, you can show your dad that Bong is capable as a warrior!

"Fushiyuru, please calm down, Master Bonclano. Adventure is a very dangerous act. If that is also to be an epic rare monster, just heading there can be harsh. If anything happens to Boncrano, I can't face him."

But Bonclano didn't have ears to listen to, like a kid who got a new toy.

That was more deafening than usual, but there was a reason for that.

"It's okay, Bong! Bong used to kill the Holy Beast 'Moffmorph' when he was a kid and bake and eat that meat. Bong!

Fucking boy, are you kidding me Giant Killing......!?

That was an amazing confession, but I couldn't believe it.

Anyway, when it comes to 'moffmorphs', it is precisely because it is a legendary sacred beast, whose strength was unparalleled.

Those who are heard do not believe as one.

Srl Boncos and others who have served the motherfucker for years, when they hear "Moffmorph," they spot him as a lying moff without a lying pine.

The lying martial arts tradition of this hand, if always, ends with a flush of "yes yes"......

This time, I thought that if I exposed that lie to him, I would be able to quell your fucking wagamama.

"Shrew, shrug, shrug. I had no idea that Mr. Bonclano had ever been crusaded with 'Moffmorph'. If you don't mind, could you tell me what happened then?

Bonclano, prompted to go on, said, "Of course you do, Bon!," he began to speak intently.

"That was before Srl Boncos served Bon...... As Bon's companion, it was when Osama was here, Bon."