This was before Bonclano became an adult.

He lived at his parents' house at the time.

Even when it comes to my parents' house, it's not a house like the one in the idyllic mountains.

On the mountain is the difference, but it is a temple reminiscent of the gods who live on the ridge.

Yes, he only exists enough in the world to count fingers, he was a 'temple dweller'.

Only God Himself or those recognized as incarnations of God are allowed to stay in the temple in this world.

That only has to be a grip, even if it's a brave man.

Only the upper echelons, called 'Divine Row Officers' in the Brave Men's Organization.

His father made it his "Divine Row Officer," number two in the Brave Men's Organization.

And a quasi-god brave man, called 'Almost God'...

It was Buttaftotta Gorgeous...!

'Almost God' is naturally the subject of worship.

On the mountain where God dwelt, eight worship paths stretched radially, centered on the temple at the top, all of which were ruined by worshippers.

Everyone of them rides carriages, cowcars, etc., and brings loads of luggage with them.

The contents of the luggage are mostly food, and are shenzhen to the butafutta.

Non-food luggage consists of decorated vessels….

The dining landscape with this' vessel 'is the most unpleasant in the world, but no one can stand out and express their discomfort at it.

Anyway, they are 'almost gods'...!

It was Bonclano who grew up overlooking visitors like working ants, carrying sugar in the nest of queen ants.

Such was his hippopotamus, 'reading'.

There is a library of 30 million dusty books in the temple.

And it is surprising because it was aligned only for him.

Even so, only a very small portion of the space he was using was equipped with books for children called 'Kids Space'.

There were also about a thousand books there, but the other 29999,000 books are magnificent waste because they were never taken in any way.

All he read was a picture book, and let his entourage speak, and he only listened.

"... the evil monster, Moffmorph, has been attacked by the brave Master Buttaftotta. But Master Buttaftotta blew the moffmorph out of his nose and knocked him out."

A tannic bass, like sweet and bitter coffee, sounds quietly in the library just for the two of us.

I wonder, the indiscreet chatter sounds mix.

Bonclano was listening to his companion's readings while devouring sweets gathered from all over the world, served at Shinsen.

"Shit, shit, that's Bong's dad. Bong! Shit, shit, so, what happened Bon!?

I don't want to fool around with you, but my entourage keeps talking.

"Master Buttaftotta peeled the moffmorph, shredded the meat, and turned it into a steak to eat. But Moffmorph's meat was so bad, it wasn't eaten."

"Shit, shit, what the fuck, was Moffmorph's meat bad, Bon! You can just throw that in the trash, Bong!

"Poor Moffmorph couldn't get a mouthful from Master Buttaftotta and he was dumped in the trash. In the afterlife, Moffmorph is crying." Erm, uh, I don't think Master Buttaftotta could have eaten me. Mm-hmm. '"

"Damn you, Bong! I can't believe you're a bad meat monster, naturally bong when you're dumped! Cry, naturally, Bon!

"Master Buttaftotta ate warm meat for a mouthful, and said," I knew you had meat.

The words covered with ■ are those parts of the censorship that have been anointed.

The ochi of the picture book depicting the activity of Butaftotta is always the same, all the dialogues at said place have been modified.

So I won't stop worrying about Bonclano or the ambush.

But I made a hell of a point.

"Bon, too, fight Moffmorphs, Bon I want to try meat! Get ready for your adventure just now, Bon!

"Oh, no, I'm joking... Unlike regular monsters, Moffmorphs are monsters called Holy Beasts, right?

"It's not a holy beast, Bon! Evil Monster Bong! Bon, like his dad, wants to try and be a picture book Bon!

"Then why not crusade other monsters instead of the same moffmorph? Like goblins..."

This son of a bitch, I don't know how to say it.

I mean it again this time, and I'm going to have a monster crusade adventure.

But the entourage knew about it, too, so he made a suggestion to replace it with a subtle, weakest monster, rather than a suspension.

Moffmorph is a holy beast, so finding a place to be is itself the first difficulty.

And if it's going to be a crusade, we're going to have to get a lot of hands together.

Even if they were ready, it is more likely that the party will be wiped out, a powerful monster.

But if they're goblins, they're all over the place, and even in lower class parties, they don't lose their lives first if they don't fail to prepare.

But the son of a bitch didn't mind about the people involved.

"No, Bon! Take down Moffmorph, Bon! And eat meat, Bon!

"Dear Bonclano, why are you so obsessed with Moffmorphs? Didn't it say in the picture book that Moffmorph's meat was bad?"

"I want to be as active as my dad, Bon! You fight the same monster as your dad, you take him down with one snort, you eat the same meat as your dad, and you throw him in the trash just like your dad. Bong!

"I can't believe I killed a monster to throw it away, not even to eat it... Moffmorphs go mad when they get angry, but they are inherently gentle sacred beasts that do no harm to humans. Besides, if we get along, they'll honey us.... Oh, so what if we do this? If it is not a crusade, but a honey collection...... Moffmorph honey is so sweet and delicious."

"I couldn't. No, Bon! Bon decided to dump Moffmorph's meat in the trash, Bon! I'm getting ready for an adventure right now, Bong!

In the end, in the form of being pushed off......

The entourage was framed to accompany him as a spiritual soldier (Pointman) in the Moffmorph Crusade.